I noticed you the moment I entered the room, and from the twinkle I detected in your eye when you saw me I knew you felt something. The question is how long we would wait to act. There was no need for second glances or thoughts...the decision had been made with that one look. We both fought through our dinners with our "dates"....but I felt your eyes upon me the whole time as you tried to make idle conversation with your "girl". Yea, she was cute...but she wasn't me. Sitting there in her best outfit...trying to look all grown up and girly. Don't get me wrong now....I'm not a hater...she just wasn't doing it for you, and I could tell. My date was no better. I mean she was a handsome kind of way {when I opened my door and saw clit did not stand on end like it did the moment I laid eyes on you}.
Unable to contain myself and feeling the puddle between my legs continue to grow, I decided to excuse myself to the ladies room to tend to things. I didn't have to look your way to know that you would follow. I purposely chose a stall at the end...and waited. Less than 1 minute later you appeared {just as I knew you would}. I knew it was you...cause I could smell your cologne....hhmmmm...intoxicating. You stopped at my stall and knocked just once....but before I could reply you just walked on in. It was electric, in an instant you had my leg on the on the floor. I felt your fingers enter me slowly...getting acclimated to their new surroundings....I could hear the moan emanating from the back of your I must be to your liking. We went at it like animals...grunting and panting...sweat dripping from our every pore...and as quickly as it started it was finished. You licked my juices from your fingers and proceeded to walk stopped, turned, and handed me a slip of paper which contained what I assumed to be your number. And with that you were gone. I straightened myself out, splashed a lil water on my face...and left the ladies room. The extra time I spent in there with you provided me with an excellent excuse to end the evening early and go home {without company}.
I was in the house for less than 10 minutes when I gave you a call. You answered quickly...and in a voice that instantly made me tingle with desire.
Conversation was brief...after hello...all that followed was "what’s the address"....and..."I'll be there in 20 minutes." I made myself busy with the task of straightening up {though I doubt that you'll even see the rest of the house} candles...putting on music...etc.
After 15 minutes...the doorbell rang...I answered and as you stood there with your mouth gapping open {oh yeah...I was completely naked}...all you could say was...damn! We took inventory of each other...and I could see that "oh so familiar" bulge in your this time my head was spinning. I led you silently to the bedroom, and began to undress you. Taking my time to get to your pants. After the shirt...I sat you down on the bed and got on my knees to remove your stood...and the pants followed in quick there in front of me...standing erect in all its majesty...was what I knew I had to have.
Taking you in my mouth deeply and let out a gasp, threw you head back and moaned. "No!!"..I said..."open those eyes.....I like to be watched" for what seemed to be an eternity...we held each others gaze while I sucked you into submission. You lifted me to the bed and positioned me on my knees and got behind me.....before I knew it you had entered my sacred valley. I could hear your moans of approval as we rocked in unison with each other...bucking we tried to fuck each other into oblivion. With a fast turn I was on my back and you still inside of me with my legs spread into a wide arc. Picking up the pace, I felt my orgasm building deep in the pit of my stomach and I could tell you were almost there too. We climaxed together and you rolled over panting...but that was not all I had to offer.
Standing up...I moved to the top of the bed and straddled your face...lowering my pussy down onto your were receptive and began lapping at it hungrily. At the same time I maneuvered myself towards your feet and began removing your was all I could do to keep my concentration because the feel of your tongue on my clit sent my head spinning. I managed to get it off and dove straight into your "promised land".... sucking and fucking you with my tongue. MMMMMM....your moans and screams of excitement sent chills throughout my entire body. Your juices flowed freely upon my lips and I made a strong effort not to miss a drop. Two bodies intertwined for just a moment can feel like an eternity. You came first and flooded my mouth with your cream.....mine was soon to follow and with the same level of intensity.....we busied ourselves partaking of the nectar of each other's fruits and then fell off side by side totally exhausted.
"Wow...that was great."
"Yes, it was."
"We’ll have to do this again sometime."
"Maybe we will...maybe we won't."
As we dressed, we played...and you commented on how laid back and nonchalant I seemed to be. As I led you to the stopped and said, "Since we haven't been formally name is Rachel...and you are?"
I simply replied, "Who needs introductions.....I've already had you."
You were dumbfounded...and speechless.
This all began with a look......and with that same look...I closed the door.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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