__________by MsAllison67

No one knew as you walked in the party how our eyes met and spoke to each other.
No one knew how wet I became or how hard my nipples got while we spoke to each other.
No one knew when we slipped away into another room to "talk" so you said.
No one knew how you pulled me close to you. Kissed me deeply. Our tongues dancing.
How you palmed and massaged my ass.
No one knew when I raised you shirt and pulled up your skirt.
No one heard your sigh as I wrapped my mouth around your breast.
Sucking tenderly on your nipples
No one heard your gasp, as my fingers entered you. Working you causing you to become wetter than you already where.
No one knew as I licked down your body and replaces my fingers with my tongue. Going deep inside you. Sucking and licking your clit.
No one knew how you grabbed my head and pushed it deeper into you.
How your hips danced in rhythm to my tongue and lips.
No one heard the beautiful sound you made as you explode with pleasure.
No one knew how sweet you tasted as your essence flowed into my waiting mouth, Sucking and licking so not to miss a drop.
No one knew as I buried my face into your diamond while your body trembled and shook.
No one knew how you bent me over. Raised up my skirt and licked up my calf to your gift.
No one knew how your tongue felt as it entered me from the back. My hips responding to your tongue. To the pleasure you where giving me.
No one knew how I came so hard my body trembled and shock from pure pleasure.

As we returned to the party thinking no one knew. They all knew. They could see it in our eyes, smell our scent on each other. Stop playing, women always know. Hell we where gone for a while.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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