You always said
that my eyes were the
windows of my mind.
That there you had
seen all there was of me.
You spoke of covered hurt
and attempts to overcompensate.
You said you had seen smiles
framed in tears and heartaches
like gilded swords.
You have said that the sparkles
in my eyes highlighted the losses
behind my lids and that my gaze
could pierce the heart
and wound the soul.
You have seen my needs through
milky whites and swollen lids filled
with desperation, seen fear and
doubt like sleep in the
corners of my eyes.
You have looked below raised brows
and seen anger seething like volcanic
lava and into reddened eyes weary with
the realization of foolish endeavors.
And you have sat and watched
agony and defeat take the
animation from my eyes.
And now I too
have seen my world
through porcelain spheres
and I am glad that
I am blind.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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