__________by Scorpianesque
Although the touch of a man
Sends a shiver down my spine,
I fantasize as I visualize
An essence that is similar to mine.
It is Exciting and yet I am fighting
My feelings from deep within.
How can something so enticing
Be frowned upon…a sin?
Is it a sensation of infatuation?
Is it a fad or a phase?
Hell nah world….
I am intrigued in many ways.
I am enjoying while exploring
This odyssey of wonder,
Damn a switch of a hip,
Has left my mind in such ponder.
I keep thinking, while my thoughts are sinking
Deeper every day
Please help me! Please guide me!
I ask the Lord as I pray
I am criticized when I verbalize
How I feel about my thoughts,
Realizing that I am loosing;
To a battle never fought.
Ostracized because I am mesmerized
By the smell of a feminine scent,
So I rationalize, and put my feelings aside
And deny what is eminent.
I am wide open and still hoping
To find the answer to it all,
This game…I am loosing, so very confusing
But I am knocking down the wall:
The wall of desire, damn I am on fire.
This is a mystery to me…
I am attracted …yes attracted…
To a being that is similar to me.
This is so real, the way I feel
About both worlds, so beautiful;
I will not deny it, and I cannot hide it
What I am feeling in my soul.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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