by Verbal Elationz

Lyrically I Be
Emphatically hooked to Thee
Getting more and more connected with fidelity
Lyrically I Be
Staring into the eyes of angelic profanity
Such blasphemy that she be in tune with the naturally naturality of me
Lyrically I Be
Urgently awaiting elationcy from this sexy muthafucka
who invades my psyche and takes over my wet dream
Lyrically I Be
Unable verbally to realistically recount reality's perfection in her rhythmic testimony
Lyrically I Be
So entirely awe stricken by skin that looks to be
Honey Roasted Peanut Butter dipped in White Chocolate, such beauty
Lyrically I Be
A lady who recognizes luxury that rarely gets to gradually shine so brightly
Lyrically I Be
Really impressed at how she turned me out to me
She is the epitome of verbal elationcy
Sending orgasmic spasms through my body
As she poetically fucks me mentally
As I'm feeling it in my belly
I realize that she is the lyricist and a lyricist unlike any other
Lyrically she be able to make me lyrically be in awe of this muthafucka.

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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