I look at you
Tears in my eyes
You are so damn cute
You complete me
I can be myself around you
The first teardrop falls as you lay me down
A soft exhale escapes me
I want this to happen
I have been waiting
Slowly with an intense gaze
No words are needed
Only soft sounds of release
Can I handle it?
This is all so new for me
Can you?
I am a quick study
My hear beats bass throughout my body
My breathing heavy
Our gaze held
No words are needed
You know just how I want it
You know just how I need it
You know just how I like it
Scratches echo on my skin
Flesh against flesh
Damn baby
You got me oozing for you
Can you see it?
Can you smell it?
I can
Taste me
No games at this level
Just primal lust
Own me
Make me yours
No background music needed
For now a least
You are so damn cute
I love it when your eyelashes flutter when you cum
Catering to my every need
I wonder if me always biting and sucking on your tongue gave you that lisp…
Battle wounds I like to call them
I know just how to get you
Biting on your neck
Pulling your hair
Scream for me baby.
Say my name
Its okay
I won’t tell
It’ll be our little secret
No one else will know how I can make you beg
Pleading with me for a release
How do you get me like this?
You make me so bad
And you know I like it
Pleasure mixing with pain
It all feels good
Drive me
All night
Hold me up
Hold me down
Exhaust me and make me fight sleep
Take me to another level
A level where English makes no sense
Fuck me
And over
And over
Will the guilt come later?
I don’t care
You can screw that away too
Along with every other emotion
Only pleasure
I wish this would never end
I wish you were mine
I know it’s not right
But it feels so good
Hold my hand
I am upset
Look at my face
Look into my eyes
What do you see?
Is it that obvious?
Which do you love more?
Or being inside of me?
Losing yourself in me
Get lost baby
Get lost
The trails of my cum will lead you back home
Back to her
Fucking her
Thinking of me
I invade your thoughts while she invades you
Don’t fight it
Do you see me moaning?
Kiss me
Kiss me right there
Tell me in my ear
You are so damn beautiful
Promise to never forget me
What we had
It will fade
My taste
My smell
All becoming a distant memory
Was it good?

“A Geisha”

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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