by FERiginal

I can have fun chilliní and just hanging
There is an art to doing nothing
And this something Iíd love to do with you

Imagine lazy mornings lying in bed and playing toe tag
Balancing on the edge of the bed wanting to be in the same spot
Wrapped around each other not knowing where one begins and the other ends

Taking long, hot showers for two
Soaping and scrubbing
Standing close, rinsing and pretending itís a waterfall

Massaging tired muscles with sweet smelling lotions
Youíll do me and Iíll do you
Then running our hands through each otherís tresses

Sipping herbal tea after a light noontime bite
Sitting on the floor; me between your legs
Sharing the paper, a magazine or two, acting like we have nothing else to do

Cuddling, while watching raindrop dancers along the window panes
Our beating hearts echo loudly in the silence
We joke while laughing and kissing, and whispering each otherís names

There is something to doing nothing
Only the time passes all too quickly
Back to work we have to go

We can have fun chilliní and just hanging
The art of doing nothing
Love to do this nothing again and again with you

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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