by Chayse N. Ryan

Been on my mind something fierce the last seven days
Thoughts of your naked body pressed against mine
Captivated by your whispers
Tangled in your body – legs intertwined
Your perspiration mixing with my fascination, my infatuation
So much better than masturbation

My body, your body, our body
Draped in nakedness – body soothed by the silkiness of your voice
Your words move me, warm me, and free me
I want a moment of just you and me

I want a moment of just you and me devoid of sound made by others
Quiet enough to hear you take in a breath, feel it fill your chest, feel its
warmth as it leaves the deepest part of you
Feel the intensity and depth of your eyes on me

I want a moment wrapped in nothing yet filled with desire, tension and want
Share a pillow – linger in stillness in your brown eyes
Hear the sleepy sounds you make
See your beautiful face as you wake
Listen to you say my name over and over again
Feel your body so close I'd swear your heartbeat was mine
Say there is nowhere else you'd rather be than holed up on a rainy day with
only me

Say that you'll make love to me until you can make no more
And then we fuck on the kitchen floor

I want a moment just us two, enjoying the other – however or whatever that be
Alone to explore and do whatever we feel – free from the judging eyes of others

Free from the hands of time
Free to talk, free to share, free to laugh to fuck or even stare
A pure moment…just you and me and the time to be…free

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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