by InsatiableK

I want you to kiss me long, sensuously, and suck on my tongue until I gag.
I want you to caress my body until I scream out in marvelous pain.
Make my clit jump and cervix throb until my love elixir drips down my thighs.
I want you to fuck me with my dick. Hard and fast and when I scream, Its yours, I want you to slow it down.
I want you to slap me with my leather whip until I turn redder than a beet.
I want you to give me all that you have and more, hell just kiss my feet.
I want to be able to quench my thirst with droplets of sweat from your forehead.
I want to leave my teeth print on your neck and my nail marks down your back.
I want you to make me come so hard I faint.
I want you to love me until my body stops shaking.
The end result, I want you to see the sensitive side of me.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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