by Alynnte

If u were here….
All manner of restraint would disappear......
I would not stop myself from pulling you to me and kissing you like I know I should not – or should I?
You and I are friends. Baby, you got it all – beauty, sensuality, poise, class.
Not to mention how sexy you are. You’re my best friends’ -
but how can I treat you as such when I know how bad I wanna fuck you?
I have to constantly snap out of it when I find you invading my imagination.
I picture you lying flat on your back moaning and gasping as I suck on your clit
while you fuck my tongue harder and harder.
I hear you scream as you cum so hard it brings you to tears
you have to cover your face in shame as you recover from the intensity.
I lie next to you and pull your hands away to kiss each finger before kissing you softly.
What can I say or do? Nothing – nothing because, you’re not here.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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