by InsatiableK

As I sit and wait for you, my mind drifts off to days of old. Iím so deep in thought that I canít feel the leather sinking into my skin. My dick is hard and I have no deep, wet hole to put it in. I touch it every now and again keeping it hard for you, as if it would ever get soft. The music I have playing is tantalizing, stimulatingÖ.been too long since I was last inside of you.

I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop, I want to tie you down so that you canít move or run away from me. I want your lips on my shaft, licking and sucking until you canít take it in that spot but want it in another. I want to spank your ass as I stroke your insides, slow then fast and slow again until I feel your body shake.

Where are you?

I want you in that red negligee you wear so well, I want you waiting with open arms for me to lower myself onto you. I want to bite you and leave all types and shapes of marks all over your body so that all who glance or look at you will know that you belong to someone.

I want to suck and lick your wet spot, tease your clit until you scream. Iím going to prolong this night because you need to be punished, you donít know your place, and I need to remind you whose boss. No kissing tonight just straight fucking. I wonít hurt you no, that is not my style. I just want you to ride and be ridden until I get tired.

Just so you know, I feel as if Iíve slept for days so it wonít be over until the sun comes up. Donít think for one moment Iím going to let you fall asleep on me. Not tonight. I will bathe you, rub you down, and commence to fall into you when I sense that you are ready. So hurry home lover, my dick is hard, my strap tight, and Iím hungry. This is a hunger and ache that food canít quench.

Whenever you walk into the door I'm going to show you how straps are used and the pleasure they induce. Hurry up lover, the leather is tightening, and my clit is throbbing.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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