by Yanni

Looking into such eyes all I am is mesmerized
Can you imagine me? Little old ME being hypnotized?
Never have I known a feeling such as this
I'm used to things being the other way around
Afterall, who wouldn't be hypnotized with all of my assets?
Here I am. Hypnotized
And the funny thing is those eyes never told me HI!
Captivated with such sweet smooth skin, that "I'm just me" swagger,
and casual conversation has me beyond cloud nine
I'm on a high I never want to come off of
If the feeling was mutual I would be jumping for joy
because I honestly have never EVER felt this way before, but
It's not and I'm not
Those eyes that I could stare into for hours could look through me
and be hypnotized by another
Who knew this would happen to me?
Who knew this could happen to me?
I guess I'm not as hard as I thought I was
I need to stay away from those eyes
Those eyes that have me mesmerized without so much as a hi
Because I'm in a trance
I'm addicted and yearn to be in a presence
of someone that doesn't even know I exist
Someone who has little old me, HYPNOTIZED

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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