by Sewl

nothing missing in my spec
except the feel of your skin against mine
today as these hands stroke nine
nine minutes ago
I wanted to announce to all and any
who should or could listen
that your lips were the sweetest thang
and I got a sugar crave
makes me want to linger in soft places
to see you move baby
see how you move me baby
trust my speak and not the questions
think with your heart and your mind
we could do things
become receptive to  life essentials
my love is like nothing you can point to
aim your spirit at my soul and let me anoint you
have little time for flakes and discount friends
want to give you something priceless
will you let me in
fear can wreck my persistence
and create death in distance
make you selfish and your heart not listen
but I
I can plane, train or auto you
create glistens and moist places to enlighten
combinations of things that make you
and the ingredients are simply
GOD's plan to encourage

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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