by Diamond Marie

I think of you when I'm in bed at night
Your touch, your smell, how you look at me and smile
The softness of your skin to my most valuable possession
Listening to you say my name over and over
As I take you to a level of Ecstasy that you have never experienced
Just breathe for me baby, slow….. and easy
Allow your mind to wrap around what you're experiencing
This be a mission never accomplished by many
I think of you when I'm in bed at night
The want for you to come to me in the darkness of the night
And we live out our wildest fantasies together
Like handcuffing you to the bedrail….
And licking you from your first pair of lips to your second pair of lips
You watching me as I devour you
Me listening as your voice soars past the clouds
Making god proclaim who's voice is that
I think of you when I'm in bed at night
Like watching you as you place light kisses on the inside of my thighs
Just to make me smile
I rub my fingers through your hair
As you place kisses back up my stomach
Circling each of my nipples, paying special attention to both J
Placing the sweetest kiss on my lips before telling me goodnight
I think of you when I'm in bed at night
And when I go to sleep I'm dreaming of the next time….
The next time we can experience ecstasy together…

Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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