I expertly maneuvered through the downtown DC rush hour traffic on a rainy Friday afternoon. For the first time ever, I was nervous about seeing Lena. It would be our first time alone together since I came out to her two months ago. As I pulled up to the building, I immediately recognized her from the purple umbrella she carried. She waved goodbye to a co-worker and walked toward my car. Lena is fine as hell, she’s the color of a cashew, stands about 5’6 and is 147 lbs of fuck-me gorgeous. Her body, um-um, don’t even get me started. I’ve always been attracted to older women, Lena is 42 but from her looks no one would guess she’s more than 30. She’s a divorcee with two grown sons still living at home.
We’ve known each other about 3 years, we worked side by side when I was still in the military. She wasn’t mad when I came out, but said she already knew. When I asked her how she said some of my mannerisms gave me away. I wasn’t surprised, a lot of people ask me if I’m a ball player because of my athletic build, I’m 5’7 and weigh 152 lbs. I’m far from being butch, but when it comes to women I am the aggressive one.
Lena passed me her briefcase before sitting down and folding up her umbrella. I put it in the backseat.
“Hey little girl.”
“Wassup ma!”
“Nothing much. Thanks for picking me up today, I did not want to catch the bus in this shit.”
“No problem, I know you would’ve done the same for me. Anybody fuck with you today?”
“Chile, you know they did. I have an interview at Headquarters next week that I haven’t told them about. I can’t wait to get the hell out of there.”
“Cool, you know I’ll be praying for you.” I pulled into traffic and inched my way towards the beltway.
“Appreciate it, you’re so sweet. What’s going on with the weather, you hear anything?”
“No change, we got a couple of thunderstorms headed this way and there’s a flood watch. Why, you got plans?”
“Nunya. The fellas left for Spring Break about an hour ago. I guess I need to call and check on them.”
“You need to let them be men.”
“Shut the fuck up.” She took out her cell phone and dialed anyway.
I was bouncing to Crime Mob’s “Knuck if you Buck” when Lena hung up and changed to the local jazz station.
“Ey, how you know I wasn’t listening to that!” I said before I changed it back.
“J, you know I don’t wanna hear that shit.” She changed it back, I went for the dial when she pushed my hand away.
“Respect your elders.” She said.
I gave her an incredulous look.
“What elders - with that potty-mouth of yours?”
“So who you got coming over tonight? I know you ‘bout to get buck wild since you got the house to yourself for a change.”
“Fuck you, J.”
She had one more time to say that before I’d have to pull the car over and do just that. Lena dozed off just as I got on the highway. DC locals slow down if the fucking paint strips are dirty so I was surprised as hell when traffic was moving at a decent pace with the rain and all.
She woke up just as I was pulling into her driveway. I grabbed her briefcase from the back and held on to it.
“J, you know traffic is fucked up going your way, you might as well come in for a while.”
“You cookin’?” I asked.
“Hell naw!” She hollered as she got out. I knew better. I did want to eat but food wasn’t on my mind at the moment.
I followed her up the steps and stole the opportunity to admire her from behind. She stopped to retrieve her mail. Her ass was at eye level. I wanted to kneel down and give thanks to every Greek god I could thing off.
Once we were inside I went straight to Lena’s bedroom after following the house rule of removing my shoes. She stopped in the kitchen to toss the junk mail. I heard her cuss one of her sons for one reason or another.
I put her suitcase near the closet before deciding to be very bold - I sat down on her bed. She came in and threw me a curious look before walking into her closet. Typically I would sit in the living room so I wondered if she would try to kick me out soon. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv.
“J, it’s lighting - turn that damn tv off!” She yelled from the closet.
“Ahite, shit.”
I leaned in the closet door frame and stared as she took off her jacket and blouse. I was surprised that she was so comfortable changing in front of me. I didn’t have to undress her mentally anymore, as she was doing it for me. My fantasy dwindled as she slipped on an oversized tee and sweats.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Don’t ask a question you already know the answer to.”
She blushed and pushed past me and walked into the kitchen - I followed. “Do you want something to eat?” she asked as she opened the fridge.
“Can I be honest?”
“Don’t answer a question with a question. I’m gonna order a pizza.” When she turned to grab the phone I was right behind her. I backed her into the door and pressed my body against hers. I looked into her eyes as I licked my lips seductively. I traced her lips with my tongue as they parted. She put her arms around my neck as our tongues met almost immediately. I slid my hands under her shirt and caressed her breasts. Her nipples were hardened at this point and begged to be sucked. Before I could lift her shirt over her head the phone rang. She pushed be away hesitantly before rushing to answer it.
“Hello? OK, you guys made it in all right. Have you checked into your hotel yet?”
I went back to Lena’s bedroom and removed my shirt. I listened to her give the usual motherly advice to the boys and end the conversation. When she came in I was clad in my sports bra and jeans. She walked over to me and I pulled her down on the bed beside me. We stared into each others eyes and knew exactly what the other was thinking. I kissed her while I slipped my hand into her panties. I kissed a trail from her neck to her chest. She moaned softly as I massaged her clit. Her pussy was soaked and that turned the thermometer way up.
I pulled her up and helped her remove her shirt. I grabbed one of her breasts and pinched her nipple as I bit softly on the other one. Lena moaned softly and pushed my head into her breast as she arched upward. I slid my hand into her panties and again felt the intense wetness of her pussy. Her clit was large and that was a huge turn on. I kissed her again as I massaged her slowly. She grabbed my hand as I pushed two fingers inside her. I made a beckoning motion inside her while I massaged her clit with my thumb.
“Ssssss, J that feels so good, ooh shiiitt.” Lena gasped as I felt her warm sweetness flow onto my hand.
I pulled my hand from her and licked it clean as she watched. The taste of Lena’s cum was like blood to a shark, I wanted . . . needed, more. I wanted to eat her pussy so bad. I positioned myself on top of her an whispered in her ear as I kissed her neck.
“Baby, I want to taste you so bad.”
She responded by positioning herself on top of me. We kissed passionately as I grabbed her ass while she rubbed her pussy on my leg. I slipped my thumbs into the sides of her pants and pulled them down and off. I pulled Lena upwards so she could lower her pussy onto my face. I wrapped my arms around her waist and stuck my tongued inside her. She gasped and pushed down harder. I then pulled her clit between my lips and started sucking it like a baby suckles its mother. I moved her back and forth as I sucked her sweetness.
“Oh, J, ssss oh J, baby . . . godamn baby, oh yeessss.”
I felt myself nearing the point of no return as Lena moaned. I fingered her asshole and tongue-fucked her. I held her tighter as she rode my tongue. Before long her moans made me explode but I didn’t stop until I got my prize. I turned Lena over without letting go of her. I sat her up as I kneeled on the floor. I clasped my hands behind her back and began a tornado motion on her clit. She put her hands on my head and rode my tongue with an intensity I have never experienced before.
“I’m cuming, J - ssssssssss oooohhh shyyyyttt, oohhh shhyyyytttt, oooooohhhh shyyyyttt!”
I lapped every drop of Lena’s sweetness before it could run down her thighs. She collapsed onto the bed and placed her hands over her face.
I laid next to her and pulled her onto my chest. I massaged her back as we listenedd to the rain pelting the windows.
“Godamn you J.” She said breathlessly.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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