Chloe C

Sarah slinked into the room, turning to slowly survey each lovely lady who was present. She was extraordinarily hot this evening and was determined to find a delicious morsel to occupy her bed. Her dark hair cascaded over one eye and created a hint of mystery. The silky dress she wore revealed each delectable curve of her 47 year old frame as well as rock hard nipples. She glided further into the room. Many heads turned as she slowly entered. She smirked a self-satisfied smile, then licked her lips.
She spied a curvy Latina ahead who seemed headed for the bar. She altered her course to intercept. As she approached she put on her most seductive smile. “Hola, mami…que Linda.”
The Latina returned her smile and struck a seductive pose. “Hello” she breathed. “Do I know you?”
Sarah grinned and said, “Not as well as I’d like. Can I buy you a drink?”
The sultry Latina smiled and said, “Sure. My name is Letty…and you are?”
“Sarah…my name is Sarah.”
The two ordered drinks and made some small talk. Sarah made first contact by simply stroking the back of Letty’s arm. Gooseflesh graced the arm and Letty flashed her a sultry smile. They took their drinks and turned. Sarah slid her arm around Letty’s small waist and guided her to the back room where couches and chairs were semi-privately arranged for women to get to know each other better.
Sarah selected an oversized arm chair and the two of them slid into it sitting thigh to thigh. She reached to take Letty’s drink and placed both drinks on the side table. She turned back toward Letty and gazed at her with a smoldering look. Letty was a little overwhelmed and leaned away from Sarah. Not to be put off, Sarah gently touched Letty’s cheek and guided her into a soft, warm kiss. Letty relaxed and began to kiss Sarah back. The two slowly warmed into more passionate kisses. Sarah expertly guided her tongue into Letty’s hot, wet mouth, feeling her breath quicken. Sarah ran the back of her hand over Letty’s breasts to find tiny, hard pebbles screaming her arousal.
“Can I touch your pussy?” came the shy, tiny voice.
Sarah’s heart skipped beats as she said, “Oh, I really wish you would!” Sarah rose to her knees, straddling Letty and lifted her skirt. “I’m not wearing panties…please, touch me.” She threw her head back and tipped her pelvis toward Letty. Letty shyly ran her hand up Sarah’s leg and felt her sigh. She sniffed the air and smelled the luscious aroma of Sarah’s wet pussy. She timidly placed her hand in Sarah’s pussy and felt it throb. “Don’t tease me now…stroke that pussy…make it purrrrrr!” Letty touched her again and began to stroke her. Sarah began to hump her hand and emitted a low growl. Letty pulled her hand away as if it were burned. Sarah looked quizzically into her eyes. “What the fuck?! Why’d you stop?”
Letty looked sheepish and said, “I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never done this before.”
Sarah sat down heavily beside her. “Would you rather go to my place and do this more privately?” Letty eagerly nodded yes and wiped away the tears from her eyes. Sarah kissed her tenderly, shushing her. She stood up and took Letty by the hand. They made their way out the door.
“I ride a bike,” explained Sarah. “Get on the back and hold me around the waist.” Letty got on the motorcycle and clenched Sarah’s waist. Sarah’s apartment was just a few miles away. Letty enjoyed the feeling of a throbbing machine between her legs and the soft feel of the woman in front of her as they sped toward the apartment.
“Make yourself comfortable,” called Sarah as she disappeared down the hall, turning on lights. She picked up a remote and soft music wafted through the apartment. “Do you want a drink? Maybe, help you relax?” she offered.
“No thanks…listen, about me freaking out back there…”
“Shhh,” breathed Sarah as she folded Letty into her warm embrace and softly kissed her. “We’ll take it more slowly here…you tell me when you’re ready.”
“You see, I am ready…I just freaked out. I didn’t know what to do next,” explained Letty.
“You will when tonight’s over,” sighed Sarah and began to slowly kiss and nibble each new piece of exposed flesh as she undressed Letty. “Let yourself go…let me please you.”
Letty’s lacy bra was exposed as her blouse fell away. Sarah bent forward and began to lick her hard nipples through the fabric. Sarah was intent on doing some of the things that excited her as well as her lover. Her fingers gently unsnapped Letty’s skirt and she felt if fall away. “Undress me…stroke my skin as it becomes exposed,” she breathed to Letty. Letty complied and her touches became liquid fire. Sarah again reached for Letty’s face and kissed her hungrily. This time Letty did not pull back, but instead matched her kiss for kiss. A string of Spanish words escaped Letty’s pouting lips. Sarah didn’t know what they meant but they still made her hot.
Letty unsnapped Sarah’s bra and took it off. She reached behind her and unsnapped hers then leaned back just enough until her nipples brushed Sarah’s. Sarah smiled and joined the undulation to achieve maximum friction. Letty sighed, “This feels so good…mmm.” They nipple-stroked each others for several intense minutes.
“Fuck me,” sighed Letty.
“Delighted!” growled Sarah. She gently tackled Letty and laid her back on the couch, placing a knee between her legs. She greedily sucked a nipple between her lips and gave it a good tongue lashing. Letty moaned deeply and bucked her hips against Sarah’s thigh. Sarah’s tongue trailed down Letty’s belly and along the inside of her firm thigh. She used her fingers to splay her and then gently began to lick her wet pussy. My God, she tastes amazingly sweet! Sarah thought. She used all the talent she had to bring her quickly to a gut wrenching orgasm. Letty bucked hard against her mouth, but she held on and kept glued to her pussy. Letty writhed against and humped her mouth. Sarah felt her fucking pace quicken then she stiffened and she felt waves of her orgasm against her mouth.
Sarah slid up to Letty’s face and kissed her deeply, ensuring that she tasted her own sticky, sweet juices. “My turn baby. Just take your time and explore," encouraged Sarah. "Do what you think you like to have done.” Letty, pressed Sarah’s breasts together and sucked in both nipples at once. That sent an electric current directly to her clit. Sarah opened her legs and bucked against Letty as she lay on top of her. Letty began to press back, grinding against Sarah’s pussy. Sarah slid her hands between them and spread her pussy to expose her nubby clit. She arched and humped against Letty ensuring her clit received the attention it needed. Fuck, it felt good but she never got off this way. It just took her to a higher level. “Lick my pussy, baby…I need it now.” Letty slid down and explored Sarah’s pussy with her fingers, stroking here, pinching there. Sarah rubbed her clit up and down against Letty’s fingers. “Put them inside me…but not too far,” she groaned.
Letty slid three fingers inside Sarah and slowly finger-fucked her. Letty was enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents of this experience and all the while was gathering courage to place her tongue against Sarah’s throbbing clit. As if she could read her mind, Sarah growled, “Just do it!” Letty dove between Sarah’s thighs and began to lick her with her tongue the way she’d seen it in porno flicks. Sarah growled, “Put some pressure behind it…just do it like you’re French kissing me!”
Letty applied this new technique and found that it was easier than keeping her tongue extended in long licks. She began to get into it when Sarah reached down and grabbed her head and applied more pressure. Sarah was fucking her face wildly! Letty didn’t think she would be able to breathe but kept the tongue and lip action rubbing against Sarah’s little nub. Sarah began to moan and thrash while begging Letty, “Keep going…almost there.” Sarah suddenly became still and pressed Letty’s face even harder against her pussy. Letty felt hard rocking waves against her tongue and gently licked her some more. Sarah was able to squeeze another tiny orgasm out before she released Letty’s hair.
Sarah softly kissed Letty’s sticky lips. Letty quietly said, “Sarah?”
“Can we do it again?” as her hand trailed across Sarah’s stomach, teasingly stirring the remnants of her sex fire.
Sarah peeked out from under her arm that was tossed casually across her eyes. Want to learn something new or do it the same way? Letty couldn’t imagine anything that could be as arousing as what they just did, but figured why not? “Sure!”
Sarah grabbed her hand and pulled her off the couch and headed for the bathroom. She pulled her into the water closet where the toilet and bidet sat. “Straddle the bidet,” Sarah said. She then turned on the water where it began flowing against Letty’s pussy. Sarah climbed on to the bidet facing Letty. She inched her pussy toward Letty’s so that the water would alternately strike her clit, then Letty’s. The two of them began an undulating motion against the water. Letty threw her head back as she fucked the water. Sarah leaned in and sucked a hard nipple into her mouth as Letty continued to hump. Sarah turned the water up so the velocity was enough to make Letty come. Letty humped and bucked as she thrashed into her orgasm. Sarah kissed her as she came down, then softly urged Letty to do the same for her. Sarah often used the bidet as a masturbation tool, so they were old lovers. It knew exactly what to do to bring her to a throbbing climax.
The two women remained on the bidet for several more orgasms then softly kissed each other. Sarah toweled herself off then told Letty to kneel on the bed so she could towel her dry. Letty unsuspectingly knelt on the bed, ass in the air. Sarah gently toweled her off then gently kissed her on her soft round ass. Letty moaned and thrust her ass toward Sarah. Sarah spread Letty’s legs, exposing her soft, furry mound and tiny tight rosebud. Sarah’s pussy salivated over the opportunity. She gently kissed Letty all over her pussy from the back then drew her tongue along the slit from the front to the back, hovering over her asshole. Letty stiffened. Sarah soothed her with gentle hands and went back to making love with her tongue to Letty’s asshole. Letty soon relaxed and began to enjoy the soft, wet sensation.
Sarah paused long enough to tell Letty to rub her clitty and try to come with her. Sarah slid her own hand between her pussy lips while she continued to probe Letty’s asshole. Letty moaned, Sarah applied more pressure and her tongue went inside. Sarah was so excited that she began to rub her clit more quickly, applying more pressure. Letty matched her strokes and leaned back into her tongue. Letty was soon begging Sarah to do it “harder, harder, make me come!” Sarah moaned and the orgasm began to flow over her hand. Letty felt her stiffen and administered the last few strokes she needed to come. Both women bucked and humped until there was no orgasm left.
The two of them lay across the bed, lazily stroking each others skin. They gently kissed each other and wrapped themselves in each other’s arms. Sarah’s eyes slid to the clock. It was 7:00am. They had fucked the night away. They slid tiredly under the covers and spooned. Letty was folded deeply into Sarah’s embrace. They slept a fully satisfied sleep.
Sarah awoke with a pain in her belly. Got to pee! she thought. She slid from the bed and went to the bathroom. When she came back she looked at Letty’s sweetly sleeping form. Letty’s round breast was exposed and one foot was thrown from under the cover. Sarah slid back under the covers and gently cupped Letty’s breast. The nipple drew up immediately. Damn! thought Sarah. I’ve discovered a nymphomaniac…lucky me! Sarah began to gently tongue the nipple and Letty arched into her ministrations. “Ummm” she sighed. “Good morning” she shyly smiled.
Sarah pulled her sexy body against her and said, “I know what I’m having for breakfast…you!” Letty giggled and pretended to protest.
Sarah gently explored her body, repeating that which made her sigh, groan, and moan. She lay on her back and said, “Ride my face baby.” Letty got to her knees and straddled Sarah’s face. She spread her thick pussy lips and began to pulse over Sarah’s eagerly waiting mouth. Sarah reached for her hips and pulled her heavily down over her lips and tongue. Sarah wanted to fully consume Letty, to bring her to ecstasy, to fulfill her completely. This hot desire was reflected in Sarah’s technique. Letty came multiple times and finally slid off to take a break.
“Letty, will you do something for me?”
“Sexually?” asked Letty.
“Yes. My pussy loves licking and stroking attention, but I really get off on having my clit spanked.”
Letty looked at her quizzically. “You’ll have to explain.”
Sarah opened the bedside drawer and withdrew a thin ruler with two coins taped to the end. “I will spread my pussy, and I want you to spank my clit with the coin side of this ruler. You can start out gently but by the time I’m ready to come you’ll be really whacking me with it. Try to concentrate specifically on the clit.”
“Won’t it hurt you?” Letty asked.
“Yes, but then I use crushed ice on it, and that numbs it until you then softly lick me to another orgasm. I’m sore for a couple of days after, but the orgasms are the best I ever had. Please trust me…it really gets me off.”
Sarah hands her the switch and pulls her roughly to her. She is already stoked in anticipation of the strong discipline that she will receive. Sarah kisses Letty harshly, biting and scratching her soft skin. “Bite my nipples…hard” Sarah commands. Letty complies but is not sure about this entire turn of events. “Harder, Bitch!” Sarah snarls. Letty bites and sucks as hard as she dares. Sarah growls in a satisfied string of profanity. “Now!” Sarah has stretched onto her back and spread her legs wide. Her fingers obscenely spread her pussy lips as wide as possible while ensuring that her clit is fully exposed.
Letty takes the switch and strikes her. “Unggg, yeah..again” groans Sarah. Letty pulls back and again lets it go. “Fuck yeah…faster now.”
Letty begins to enjoy the power she’s received through the switch and strikes again, and again, enjoying the erotic sounds made by Sarah as she receives each blow. Letty begins to get into it and starts to talk her through it. “You want to come? Not until I say you come, Bitch.” She snarls.
Sarah opens her eyes and smiles, “Fuck you.”
Letty strikes her nub again and watches as all the muscles connected to create the orgasm begin to vibrate. “Tell me I’m in charge and I’ll let you come.” Growls Letty.
“No!” Strike. “Ngnnnngg!”
“Tell me Bitch!”
“No!” Strike! Strike! Strike! “Fuck me,” screams Sarah as the orgasm grips her entire body.
Letty waits until Sarah’s orgasm subsides and then leads her to the bathroom. Sarah lies back in the tub with crushed ice packed around her pussy. Letty leans over the tub and hungrily kisses her, twisting her nipples. They continue this interlude until Sarah is satisfied that her pussy is numb. Letty leads her back to the bed, spreads her legs and hungrily laps at her ice cold pussy. Sarah thrashes around between the pleasure and pain of the reawakening numbed nerves in her clit. Letty sucks her clit between her teeth and begins to strum it with her tongue. Waves of orgasm wrack Sarah’s body as the nerves awaken with a jolt. Letty gently covers the ravaged pussy with tender kisses until the orgasms completely subside.
The two tenderly kiss but this is not enough for the tigress awakened in Letty. She tells Sarah that she really enjoyed the things she did to her asshole and wants to do more of the same. Sarah is quite beaten and needs a more quiet activity. She tells Letty to go into the closet and get her strap. Letty doesn’t know what that is! She quickly discovers it though and brings it back to the bed. Sarah straps it onto her hips and tells Letty to lubricate it. Letty squats over her and puts the dick into her pussy. Letty begins to hump it and strokes her breasts. She looks into Sarah’s eyes and says, “Fuck me hard.” Sarah gets to her knees and doggy style begins to fuck Letty’s wet pussy. Letty is wildly pushing back onto the dick when Sarah stops her. Sarah withdraws the dick and begins to ease it into her ass. Letty looks around with a glazed look in her eye and says, “Oh ,yeah.”
Sarah pushes it in slowly until Letty has taken it all then begins to quicken the strokes. “Finger your pussy,” Sarah orders. Letty takes very few strokes until she comes and leans hard back onto the dick until the orgasm subsides.
Letty forces herself away from Sarah and eases off the dick. Sarah lies back down and Letty curls into her arms. “I need to go,” sighs Letty.
“I know,” says Sarah. “Can I see you again?”
Letty’s heart skips a beat, “I’d really like that.” She scribbles her name and number on a note pad next to Sarah’s phone. She goes into the bathroom and washes up. Sarah gets up from the bed, pulls on an animal print silk robe. They kiss tenderly and walk to the door. After several more kisses and promises to call, Letty leaves.
Sarah goes into the bedroom and strips the bed, gathers all the evidence of this sexcapade and tosses it down the laundry chute. She showers, does her hair and packs her bag. She takes a look around the room ensuring that she has all of her personal effects. She takes out her cell phone and presses speed dial. “Hi sweetie! It’s Mommy! My plane leaves in an hour and I’ll be home before midnight.”
Sarah sadly lifts her bag and leaves the corporate apartment. This was her last bit of fun before she leaves this town and goes back to a loveless, sexless marriage. She crumples Letty’s number and drops it down the chute.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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