I saw her on a warm, busy day; she was standing waiting for a taxi, looking regal and splendid. I didn’t quite know what to make of her but I had to admit to being intrigued by this Nubian queen. Now I’m not one to let a pretty girl slip through my fingertips so I had to find a way to say hello. She was leaning slightly one arm extended outward, gesturing to all the passing cabs. Hmm, now this would be the ideal way for me to capture her attention, if I can hail her a cab. I walk towards her direction noticing her full figure, and trying not to stare too hard. Nice shapely legs, thick thighs, curvy hips and nice full breasts. All the things that make me want to scream out in praise and great adulations to the heavens above. She has a serious but yet reserved look about her, as if given the right chance she would let loose and be a hell cat for sure.
As I got closer, I noticed a cab turning the corner. I whistled just like my dad use to do and the cabbie came my way. I walked slightly behind Miss Lady and simply said, “Your carriage awaits, fair lady.” Now she didn’t quite know what to say or do, so I opened the door and told the driver “anywhere the lady pleases.” She still seemed overwhelmed and didn’t want to take the cab. But I insisted and finally she got in but only after saying, “please you must join me.” How could I resist such a wonderful offer, even though I had no where to truly be, damn but she was fine as could be so I hopped in eagerly.
“Thanks for getting the cab. I was struggling to hail one all day.” Her smile was enchanting and her voice just as enthralling. I was trying not to stare but, she looked simply wonderful. I wonder if she has a man. Or a girl? Hmmm only time and a good sly follow up question could be the judge of that.
“No problem. I saw a young Sista’ in the struggle trying to preserve in all this drama and thought it best to help her out.” I winked at her to see if she might be feeling me.
“Well, I’m glad you had my back like that. It has been a day and a half.” She sighed and glance out the window.
“So what do you do?”
“I’m a vice president at an ad firm.”
“Any product I would know off hand?”
“What Can Brown Do For You?”
“UPS? Wow that’s impressive. I’m sitting next to real money up in here.” She laughed and waved me off but I knew she had class and style to her.
“I’m blessed. What about you? I know you don’t just wait around downtown New York, hailing cabs for stranded people.” Her eyes were intense, but her sweet grin allowed me to relax and answer.
“No, can’t say that’s all I do. I work at BMG/J Records as an A&R director. Nothing too earth shattering but it’s all about the music to me.”
“Home of Alicia Keys, Luther and Rod Stewart, must be nice to be around so much talent? How long have you been there?”
“It’s cool. 3 years, I made the move from Def Jam after 6 years. The business is always changing; you just got to change with it. But you know how that is. So where are “we” heading to?”
“To grab a bite to eat up in Harlem, Sylvia’s to be exact. Why don’t you join me?”
“Sounds like a plan. I would be delighted.”
We spent the rest of our ride, just chilling and gradually asking questions here and there. But I was still waiting to ask the most important one.
As we arrived, I opened my door and extended my hand for her to get out. Her skirt seems to fit her like a glove and those legs were too sexy not to stare at. She caught me and gave that smile that made me blush. I paid the driver even though she graciously pleaded to pay herself. We went into the restaurant and had a seat by the window and watched Harlem pass us by. We continued our conversation over drinks as we waited for our food to arrive.
“So how is life outside of the office, for a successful, busy corporate lady with everything like you?” I leaned forward to show my true interest in her answer.
“It’s non-existent. I get out now and then with my friends but I tend to be a homebody. I work so hard that rest is the only true lover I have.” She lifted her glass to her lips, tilted her head to the side before she straightens back up and looked me deep in the eyes.
“Now, the men of this fair city are being denied a chance at your company. That’s not right.” I laughed and she joined in. Then, she narrowed her stare and leaned closer before saying,
“Now, we both know the men of New York aren’t my concern, but the sexy lady in front of me is.” Talk about blushing hard, if I was any lighter, damn I would be cherry red right about now.
“Hmm, since you put it that way. Are you seeing someone or just taking applications?”
“Neither, I believe the interview process just ended. What about you?” Aggressive, she had me on my heels but I’m always up for a challenge.
“I guess we both are in the same boat, so with that being said, I guess this is our first date?”
“It could be the warm up to the real thing. How about we use this as our 'get to know' portion of the program, then move to the 'let’s see if we can make it work' stage?”
“Sounds fair, so let’s start with the obvious, what’s your name? I can’t believe we’ve come this far, talked about this much and still have not exchanged names.” I waited for her reply as she chuckled.
“Dominique Austin and you are?” She extended her hand and did a faux introduction.
“Patrice Newsome pleased to finally make your acquaintance. Nice name, I like it.”
“Thank you, same to you. Delicate and sweet is how Patrice sounds to me. But yet I’m sure you all tomboyish right?”
“Not at all, was a fan of Barbie, the black version of course, and Easy Bake ovens. I did play basketball, softball and enjoyed track. But I also dabbed in other areas.”
“Hmm, interesting, I guess that’s why one can never assume anything but I’m glad you made a move today. I would have missed out on such a special treat.”
“Same here, same here.”
We continued our ‘interview’ session as we discussed religion, political affiliations and lost loves. I hated for lunch to end but she needed to get back to the office and I needed to get over to MTV to push a few upcoming videos. I don’t call it work because I love music that much.
“Well, I’ve enjoy myself, but work does call.” She reached for the bill and I covered her hand to keep her from looking at it.
“Let’s say this is my treat, you can leave the tip.” I winked and flashed a smile.
“No, I simply couldn’t let you do that. You paid for the cab ride and I’m paying for lunch. Besides you’ve got dinner, right?” She raised an eyebrow and had me all in one motion.
“Umm, yeah, I’ve got dinner and dessert if you’re up to it. Give me a date, time and place if you like.”
“Since we’ve developed such a wonderful relationship, why not make it tonight, unless you have plans already.” She slowly turned up her hand to caress mine.
I was flustered but knew there was no backing down. I had to put up or shut up and I had no intentions of folding.
“No plans for the night but to cook you a wonderful dinner and enjoy your company even more. How about 8:00 and I’ll put my address on the back of my card.” I reached into my coat pocket for my business card holder and commenced to writing my info.
After I settled the bill and lead her outside, I once again hailed her a cab. We were going in opposite direction but I hated letting her go. “I’ll see you tonight, bring your appetite.” I flashed my award winning smile.
“Should I bring anything else? Dessert maybe?” She raised her eyebrow and I knew what she really meant. I just smiled and opened the taxi door for her, watching every wonderful inch of her get into the cab.
“Later, Ms. Lady.”
“See you tonight, have a good afternoon.” She waved as the cab pulled away.
The rest of my day went by rather nicely. I was still trying to think of something simple but outstanding to make that would impress Dominique. I went to the florist and bought some flowers to liven up my apartment. Once I got home, I took a long hot shower; I decide to make Chicken Fettuccine with broccoli. As dinner was getting ready my phone ranged.
“Hi you, I’m running a little late. I should be there by 8:30, I’m sorry for my delay.” Her voice sound like music to my ears even though she sounded slightly stressed.
“Take your time and get here safely. Is everything okay?”
“A last minute mistake on a copy that has to go to press in the morning, but nothing I can’t handle. Don’t worry I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
“Okay, see you when I see you.”
“Okay, later lady.”
I finished getting ready, which for me doesn’t take long. I figured I could go casual with a pair of black dress slacks, a cream silk shirt and Tim loafers. All in all I had to admit I looked damn good as I pulled my long braids into a pony tail.
Around 9:00 my doorman called to inform me that my guest had arrived. As I waited for her to reach my doorway, I became nervous, why I’m not sure. We had shared intimate conversation earlier today so why be shy now? While I pondered all of that my doorbell rung and the most incredible woman was standing on the other side of the door waiting for me.
Let me just say, I couldn’t find the right words even if given the opportunity to describe how great she looked. She was splendid in a short simple black dress that allowed you to get lost in her curves but yet left you guessing about all that was covered. Her hair was swept up into a bun. Those curvaceous legs were stunning with CFM black pumps to match. If she wore makeup I couldn’t tell, that’s how nice it was. Her lips were indeed kissable and my smile must have told her of my pleasure.
“Wow, you are truly worth the wait. Come on in.” I couldn’t stop smiling.
“Thank you. I’m sorry for being so late.” She handed me a box from a local bakery as she entered. “I brought dessert to make up for it. I hope you like Chocolate cake?”
As we settled down for dinner I couldn’t help to steal a glance of her every now and then. She was enjoying the view of Manhattan from my balcony as I finished setting everything on the table. I love the picture of her looking elegant, sexy and simply gorgeous. While the sounds of Zhane “Sweet Taste of Love” filled the room, I gestured to her to come join me for dinner. We had a wonderful time talking, eating and flirting endlessly. She commented on the mix cd that was playing and we remembered where we were when we heard each song. By time Mint Condition’s “Forever in Your Eyes” came on, I knew I didn’t want her to leave tonight.
“Let’s go sit in the living room. You want some cake now?” I extended my hand and watched as she slowly rose from her chair, walking in front of me towards the couch.
“This evening has been wonderful. Thank you for a great time, from dinner, to the music and of course the divine conversation…it has been nice.” Her kind words and smile was thanks enough but the soft kiss she planted on my lips was even better.
We kissed for what seemed like hours but I was sure only minutes. I started to explore parts of her body, caressing her lower back urging her closer. I was stroking her thigh but respecting the invisible line of not going too far. She in turn was holding my face with her hands, letting her tongue trace the outline of my lips before it darted into my mouth. As the moaning started to get louder, she paused and stared into my eyes.
“I’m not trying to move to quickly here, I believe there’s something special taking place between us.” She continued to touch my face, eventually cupping my chin before she planted another kiss.
“Mmmm, I’m sure we are both on the same page here. I don’t want you to leave but I respect and agree with you about taking it slow.” I sighed because the words were right even if I wanted to do the opposite and ravage her body all night long.
“I don’t want to go. Are you willing to be the last face I see tonight and the first one I see in the morning?”
“I’ll be where ever you want me to be.” I kissed her hand and stroked her cheek as she closed her eyes taking in my words and feeling my touch.
“Right now you’re in the perfect spot. She leaned into me as I cradled her in my arms allowing us to lie back on the couch and let the music take us away.
“You brighten up the moon and stars at night. You keep me seeing rainbows in the sky. You bring new meaning to my life. I believe in miracles baby I’m forever yours.” As Mariah sang “Yours” I slowly walked her towards the master bedroom, whispering how much those words summed up how I was feeling.
I gave her a night shirt and a tooth brush so she could get ready for bed. As she entered the bathroom I started changing as well. I let my braids down and put on my silk pajamas, I was so proud that I put surround sound throughout the apartment. Music was filling up the bedroom and kept the mood mellow as well as sensuous. They say timing is everything because she opened the bathroom door just as Nona Gaye’s “The Things That I Would Do For Love” came on and she looked sexy as hell in the doorway.
She had let her hair down, which was curly and full, inviting me to mess it up. She walked slowly towards me stopping at the foot of the bed, placing her hands on my feet, stroking them before she started moving onto the bed. I watched as she worked her way up to me, catching a glimpse of her full bosom as she got closer. Before I knew it we were face to face and started kissing once again. She traces my erect nipple as she licked my earlobe.
“I want you but tonight I want you to know what could be yours and will be yours when we both feel the time is right.” Her words had me getting wetter just with the promise of what was yet o come.
As Sarah Vaughan filled the air singing “The Nearness of You” I continued to hold her tighter, kissing anywhere I saw flesh.
We both seemed oblivious to our ‘let’s wait awhile’ pact as we were petting and stroking each other to the brink of ecstasy. I started unbuttoning her shirt, slowly teasing her nipples into submission, as I leaned forward to kiss her delectable chocolate mounds, I paused in the moment. “Baby, I’m feeling this completely but will respect you by stopping.” My voice was faint but my intentions honorable. I released her fullness from my hands as she sighed resting her head on my heaving chest, stroking me slowly.
“Thank you, even though I’m lusting for you in the worst way, stopping is the best thing.” She rose up to meet my eyes and showed me that sexy ass smile of hers.
“I’m glad you’re more interested in my mind and not just my body.” As she continued feeling on my chest I wanted to tell her how my little devil was on my shoulder telling me to jump her bones immediately.
“Come on , let’s get under the covers, we both need some sleep.” I smiled as we got under the sheets, I could only shake my head and think about the possibilities that are yet to be. Once we were nestled in , she kissed me sweetly on my lips as Maxwell’s “Fortunate” serenaded us off to sleep and into the beginning of a wonderful lifetime.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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