by Nora Gupton
(for my lee)

Right here is right where I belong.
Gently kissing the quiet before the storm...
watching and feeling
your body reeling
towards it's slow and steady ascent...
upwards to nubian cloud nine bliss,
and I know I was born and breed for this.
Right here is right where I was meant to be.
From here I can see
the epiphany of the beauty
of your strong, smooth thighs,
inhale the exhale of your soft moans and sighs,
and feel the fall, the rise,
and ultimately the depth
of your cocoa dipped, mocha nippled breasts....ahh yes...
From here I can ingest
the whole of this moment
suspended and spent
in your perfect pussy mist
and know that I could do this
slow grind of a most intimate kiss
for an entire lifetime.
You and your lovemaking inspire a whole new rhyme,
a whole new chakra colored vibe
exposing a whole new afro-sensual side
to this thing called life.
From here I can see my future wife
and embrace
this new place
From here I can see
that the clear reflection of me
gleeming in your eyes
holds the comfort of the pleasant surprise
of lovers reunited from a past lifetime...
From here I connect your soul to mine
as your aphrodisiac of a scent
ever so sweetly lingers
on my tongue, my lips, my fingers
drawing me into explore you,
to adore you,
and savor the flavor of your honey pot taste
along with the glow of content on your face.
From right here I feel the familiar of this stable steady pace,
finding comfort in knowing you've been here all along
and that right here
is right where I belong.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

Excerpt From
A Skin of Golden, Earthy Brown

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