by Peaches Softness

My clit hardens when our fingers touch. My heart pounds when our fingers clutch each other. The ride home is an excruciating one. I desire you but being with you is forbidden. You are woman and I am woman from two different sides of the world with different belief systems. I feel my vaginal walls thicken with hot blood as my river starts to flow. You rub my palm with your middle finger circling very slowly causing my clit to throb. I close my eyes and envision your tongue on it, circling it like your finger is circling my palm, very slowly, round and round. My lips fall open and I try to call your name but Iím at a loss for words. The sensations and shivers running through me induce my nipples to tighten, pushing against my blouse wanting to be sucked and bitten by you.
What is this feeling? Iíve never felt this way when a man touched my hand. My clit never throbbed and I didnít feel such exquisite pain and desire from just a mere touch. What is it about you? This first glimpse of intimacy with a woman and I the bold strong woman who enjoyed your finger rubbing my palm quickly pulled my hand away. The air in the car was very thick and I could smell my wetness and a hint of jasmine perfume. I was not prepared for what happened next. I needed release. I closed my eyes and tried to remain calm and distant but something about the nearness of you made me want to become one with you.
When your fingers entered my wet throbbing nest, I closed my eyes and sank my teeth into your neck. Your cool lips soothed my burning flesh when you kissed me over and over again. My hips rose to meet yours. You claimed me that night and now you are gone. You left me wanting, needing, and craving you, your touch, kiss, and nearness. I miss you. Who would have thought that the most passionate experience of my life started with a mere touch from another woman?

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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