I had been driving along Interstate 40 for 9 hours, on my way from North Carolina to Vegas. I was beyond tires, and the last sign of civilization was about 2 hours away, in the opposite direction.
I knew as soon as I saw the blue lights in my rear view mirror, my day had gone from bad to unimaginably worse. I pulled over to the shoulder of the road which was only identifiable by dirt by the side of the highway. Throwing the cark into park, I forced my head back onto the head rest closed my eyes and let out a long, deep sigh.
The voice itself startled me. I expected to hear a stern male voice. However, this one was softer, husky, with just a hint of femininity.
“Ma’am,” she spoke louder this time capturing my undivided attention, although I never looked up to see her face.
“Yes, officer.”
“Is there a reason why you are raveling through my town doing eighty miles per hour and the posted speed limit is only sixty?”
“I’m so sorry, I’m on my way to Nevada. I’m tired, and I just didn’t realize I was driving so fast.” I could not take my eyes off of her waist, which was attached to an obviously well taken care of body.
“License and registration please.”
“Yes, just a second.” I found both and handed them to her, finally looking up past her waist. To say I was floored is an understatement. About six feet tall, smooth butter pecan skin, black locs highlighted with golden tones.
“Um, here you g-go.” I’m stammering now, which can only mean she got to me. Something in her demeanor told me her powerful personality had very little to do with her occupation.
She returned to her car and I must admit, I couldn’t help watching her ass in my side-view mirror as she walked away. Closing my eyes again and resuming my spot on the headrest, I began daydreaming about the vision that pulled me over. Blame it on delirium from being in a car for so long, or better yet, just blame it on me being overly aroused. Lost in my fantasy, I never saw or heard her approach my car again.
"Ms. Truman, please step out of the vehicle.”
“I don’t understand, what did I do wrong?”
“Ma’am just exit the vehicle,” her voice serious but not threatening.
“Yes, officer,” my voice fading.
“Please step to the passenger side of the car and place your hands on the trunk.” I did just as she instructed, carefully walking around the car, apprehensively placing my hands on the trunk.
“Ms. Truman, I’m not going to waste my time and yours by citing you for speeding. However, you need to learn that speeding through my town is unacceptable.” I felt her behind me, close enough to feel her cool breath on my neck. “I’m going to take the law into my own hands, and handle you myself.” As she spoke, she grabbed my breasts with force, not to inflict pain, but to illicit a sexual response.
I moaned softly.
“Shut up,” she growled into my ear.
Her hand clasped around my neck silencing me. With her other hand, I felt her lift my skirt. Slapping my ass then rubbing away the pleasurable pain. I didn’t dare make a sound, as I knew this would only make things worse. Just as I began to give completely to her will, she began rubbing my clit. I could no longer hold back my desire, I cried out, but wasn’t reprimanded for it this time. Her rhythm began slow, enticing my body to rock with her gentle movements. Just as the pace had steady itself, I felt my pussy widen as she entered me with two, no three fingers.
Pushing my head down to the trunk of the car, fucking me with a gentle dominance I’d never experienced up till this point. My pussy dripping down my leg, as she fucked deeper. She laughed wickedly at her control and my and my body’s submission to her will.
“Ahhh,” I moaned softly as I backed my ass closer to her. I was in utter disbelief that I was being fucked so right, on the side of the road, by a cop.
She quickened her pace, making sure to fill my pussy on every stroke. My knees began to buckle, and she began holding me up, never breaking her pace, only fucking me harder and deeper, until she was holding my weight completely as a I screamed in the most earth-shattering orgasm imaginable.
As she stood me up, and I steadied my pace by once again placing my hands on the trunk of the car, still never turning to meet her gaze, she whispered in my ear. “Next time, I won’t be quite so gentle.” Slapping my ass again, as she casually walked back to her car, pulling off leaving me in a trail of dust.
I made a mental note to myself to make sure to speed the rest of the way to Vegas.

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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