House of Malika

M: Hello.
D: You saw me looking? Im sorry...
M: Yes, I felt it across the room.
D: You have amazing eyes.
M: Thank you, so do you.
D: Do they have a name?
M: Yes.
D: May I know?
M: No.
D: Excuse me? Im sorry, I didnt mean to ask a personal question. I was just wondering...
M: I know, hun, it's alright. Do you mind if I not tell you?
D: Yes it's fine. Umm, can I buy you a drink?
M: No.
D: Okay, well would you like to dance?
M: Yes.
::Bodies close/Hips locked/Mind racing/Fingers trace/Breath deep/Heart pumping::
M: Would you like to join me outside?
D: Yeah, oh you smoke, me too. What kind do you use?
M: I don't smoke.
D: Oh well are you going to your car? You want me to walk you to it?
M: Yes.
D: Wow, is this one yours?
M: Yes.
::Leaning on metal/Cold air chills/People in distances/Voices seem faint/A pussy's throbbing::
M: Get on your knees.
D: Excuse me? Wait, I dont know you like that. Didn't I see you come with someone?
M: Shhh, lift my skirt.
::Hands obey::
M: Yes, now get down.
::Knees bend::
M: Taste me.
::Tongue explores::
::Time passes::
D: Wow, your pussy tastes so good. Why did you stop me? You are so sexy. Was I not good? Oh my god, I cant believe I did that here. Wait, where are you going?
::Doors lock::
M: Where are my cigarettes? Hopefully next week, the next chick will be better...

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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