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September 2003 to August 2004

Excerpt from:
A Reason, A Season, Or A Lifetime
Rayne T. Marzett

If you aren't ready for love, you could lose it.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

August 2004

Aure by D. A. Wills
Who has hurt you so badly that you feel you can't trust again?

Daydreaming True by LyricC
Eva felt soft self assured hands on her hipbones and shuddered at the thought of what was about to happen next.

If Only She Knew by
Just walking beside her gives me that familiar tingle in the depths of my belly.

Late Night Phone Calls by Slanted Beauty
You see tonight is all about a tour of your inner being . . .

One Time Only by ATrueFemme4U
Tonight was going to be my time to play.

A Simple Answer for A Complicated Love by Rayne T. Marzett
So what do we do about this tattered affair?

July 2004

Come on over here and . . . by TQ1S
Our tongues dance as our hands explore each other's bodies.

I Thought You Knew by Finus1
Satisfied, slowly I ease my body down on top of hers and held her in my arms.

Overtime by Enchanted
I was the only daddy of the house and wasn’t about to lose my rank.

Strawberries And Cream by Arianne
The pain felt so good, I didn’t know whether to moan or cry.

Fate by Celie
For the first time in years, Carla found a woman she knew could easily steal her heart.

The Shaft by Zahara
Mystery knew she would be punished for interrupting and distracting the Queen with her loveliness.

May 2004

Fireworks by PoeticDzires
Stand up, baby. I have something for you.

Ghost or Twin by Celie
Can you handle what I am about to do to you?

Life, Love, and All That Jazz by 1coolazzbichic
Let me just say this, if we do this, that’s it. You are mine.

Spice of Life by SkillsSaysItAll
She manipulated the sugary sweetness that dripped from her like an overturned honey pot.

Tay by Nykki
It felt so good to feel her lips on mine.

It's A Wonderful Ass by The Kymster
Dancing isn’t cheating, right? But what if I know I want more?

April 2004

Girl Talk by PoeticDzires
I got with a woman once . .

Mystery Unwinding by Antoinette M.
She slid her thong to the side and began to touch her clit. I could see the moisture glistening on the lips of her pussy.

Peep Show by Opn2nethng
She leaned back facing the glass window and slid her hand down her stomach and in between her legs.

Sex....Love....Problems by Ms. Ashley
"So, are you the faithful type?"

Three-Drink Minimum by Soft Spoken
How many bomb-ass pussies have you had tonight?

What He Doesn't Know by Rayn
I know if I had the opportunity to do it, I’d make love to you all night.

March 2004

But Now by Precious Jones
we could've been making love instead of accusations

Love At First Sight by Princess
I exhale deeply, enjoying her weight pressing against me . . .

The First Time I Met Love by Cole B.
When our eyes finally met, the moment felt surreal.

Wake Up Call by Jasmine Ryder
Baby, I want you now.

Working Gurl by Rockstar Swagger
She couldn't get enough of taste, touch or feel of this woman.

February 2004

Dance With the Devil by Rayne 2. Marzett
I got a strange feeling at the base of my spine and shivered when I met her gaze.

Dare To Love by Miss_Prissy
Her touch electrifies my senses and my body.

Feenin’ by Princess
Thick nipples, that’s all I’m thinking of right now.

I Know You Want Me by lovebunny
You wonder what I would feel like underneath you.

Lose Control by Ijustwannaluvya
It was so alluring that I couldn’t keep myself away from it.

Phoenix-Skye by Rockstar Swagger
Don't let my good looks fool you.

January 2004

Affair by HpnotiqStud
The first drop of candle wax caused Tamera to moan . . .

A Pawn of Love by Victoria Andréa
she did a sneak attack on my mind and sacked my heart for a 10 yard loss

In The Closet by Opn2nethng
How we going to be together tonight with all them damn people in my house?

Me and Ms. Stone by CLK06
At dinner Ms. Stone had become increasingly flirtatious . . .

Now what did I do? by Slanted Beauty
I have never wanted to kiss her so badly and for so long.

The Student Teacher by Sommer Raine
I would never try to get some ass at work . . .

December 2003

At Your Service by Antoinette M.
I took the sponge, dipped it back in the water and ran it over the slopes of her breasts.

Collision Unleashed by Cashazznjuice
You must be strong and have some great stamina. Are you like that with everything?

Fantasies and Fairy Tales by Qute T
If I didn’t know any better, I would say she was checking me out too.

Fine Like Wine by Nycnslow
As we walked down the hall, I couldn't keep my hands off you.

How Do You Like Your Eggs? by ATrueFemme4U
I wanted Dani, so I knew I’d have her.

I Love You by Nykki
All I want to do is to love you, cherish you, hold you, kiss you, caress you, and be with you.

My Lady by Precious Jones
She is thunder and lightning inside me, booming and striking . . .

On the Road by Passion8
This was an urge that I had to satisfy and I had to do it in a hurry.

Ride by FemmeFaReal
She walked up behind me and pressed up against my ass.

T-N-T by Finus1
. . . the air between them was filled with pure lust.

Bedtime by Lovebunny
I never get enough of touching you.

November 2003

The Great Outdoors by Naughtydred
Rudi, are you going to help me with this stuff or stand there all day, staring at my titties!?

A Dream Come True by K. Michelle
I’m going to let you go home before I do something we’re not ready for.

Anything For Sunshine by Taneigha
Maybe she was indeed the player her past reflected and I merely another game

Bianca by 1coolazzbichic
This girl had me sprung and I had never even seen her before.

Our Magical Night by Mohannie
Cheryl slid her body on top of mine, and kissed me deeply and passionately.

Friends To Lovers For Life by Cashazznjuice
Before either one of us could comprehend what was happening our lips touched ever so lightly

Lana & Nik by DaddyBear
She looked as if Venus herself had sculpted her from the finest, richest chocolate.

Now What? by Lil Aj
Her body language was encouraging me, but her awkwardness was stopping me.

The Reunion by Symphony64
Our kiss is filled with twenty years of missed passion.

The Young One by Mayhem Incarnate
Servicing the darker needs of my clients over the years taught me to recognize the signs of one whose control is slipping.

October 2003

In a Minute Swept Away by CASHAZZNJUICE
There was no need for explanations. No need for pretense. We both knew exactly what we wanted.

It’s Just Business by D. Alexandria aka Glitter
Ten fucking years of building up my rep just to get blown away cuz I got fucking horny and didn’t follow the rules.

Kiss The Cook by SkyeRose
It was at that moment that I realized that she was the other half of my soul.

No Boundaries at Midnight by Schanell
Umm, you are as sweet as I imagined . . .

Returning Passion by Tita Navarro
I want this night to be a night you will never forget.

Sweetest Revenge by Mocha
“Make love to me NOW!” She begs again.

The First Time by Shy Tomboy
How I've waited for this moment, our lips to meet and our tongues to better acquaint themselves.

The Married Woman by Dee
I have never done anything like this before.

Whirlwind by Afronative
The night was young, the women hot, the music cool and fun was bound to be had by all.

Yo Pussy - The Perfect Drug by Gumbo-YaYa
I was aching to describe to you what it meant to me to be inside yo’ pussy.

September 2003

100 Kisses by Jequiche
I couldn't wait to get her home to tear that ass up.

Alex by Mohannie
The kiss was so tender and gentle; it sent shivers down my spine.

Beneath The Autumn Sky by Taneigha
I reached for the zipper at the top of your pants to unlock the secrecy hiding within them.

Curiosity Stroked The Cat by ~*tj*~
My pussy throbs as I kneel on the cold tile floor panting in anticipation.

She has me cuffed, butt-naked, between two poles in the middle of the bedroom.

My Weakness by Daddybear
"Mac," it's that voice again, "why don't you quit playing hard to get? You know you want it."

P to P by M. Zora
This heaven sent package has brought with it the surprise of new orgasms.

Come over here and give me some pussy.

Selfish Love by SkyeRose
It's honeslty amazing how things happen and it feels like it is an out of body experience.

Stephanie’s Submission by Rayn
Rayn stopped making love to Stephanie long enough to remove the blindfold from her eyes.

The Other Woman by biprincess
“Just the way I like you—gasping for breath,” the husky voice murmured into my ear.

Touch and Go by Shelly (formerly known as Seyla)
continued to press into me until I found myself being walked backwards towards the bedroom.

We Only Live Once by Alexis Hill
My round 36 D’s stood up, and I grabbed at my light brown nipples, making them hard.

Work by Naughtydred
"I bet that is the only reason you showed up here today? To get between my legs, isn’t it?"

Zillah by Siren
“I do love you,” my woman whispers, “just not the way I love her.”

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