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August 2005

A Letter From Me by Honey
I’m in the midst of taking a hot bath and of course my thoughts are of you.

India’s Voyage by Poetic One
The nights of masturbating in the bathtub was hardly a substitute for what she desired.

Operation Underground by PridePatriot
Looks and mannerisms left little doubt in Jacinda’s mind that SSGT Jones was family…attractive family at that.

July 2005

Forgive Me by Synik
“What the fuck is your problem? I told you to leave me alone.”

New Position by Rayne 2 Marzett
I leaned back in my chair and took a break to think of a way to combine my needs with my wants.

One Mic by D. Alexandria aka Glitter
I had to think what was more important to me: Risking my career by allowing myself to be happy and be with the woman I loved, or turn my back on her and ultimately myself.

May 2005

Memories by Soft Studd
I got caught up in my own lie and now I was paying for it.

One Love by Canadiangurl
If I can’t find love then love must find me.

Sweet Hellos And Goodbyes by Jai L.
Don't start something that we can't finish!

April 2005

Late For Work by musicfrommyheart
Tell me again that you don't want me.

The Answer by Symphony64
I only wish I could resist you.

What’s Left Behind by Lvher22
I felt scared as I turned around and faced her for the first time . . .

March 2005

A Lesson In Respect by FemmeUNeed
You’d better wipe that smile off your face boi.

Fate Rules All by SkyeRose
I never realized how unhappy I was until true happiness came my way.

New Beginnings by Celie719
It took me all these years to be who I am and to stop pretending.

February 2005

Late Night Creep by SkillSaysItAll
She grabbed a hold of my flailing arms, and pulled me in tight to her chest.

The Seduction by Celie719
I felt her warm breath blow inside my ear causing my familiar to pulsate and quicken.

Time Inside by FemmeUNeed
She was so gentle, rubbing my back, caressing my hair. I felt safe for the first time in days.

January 2005

Come Closer by Rayne Marzett
Feel the power that radiates from my palms and into your soul.

Dear Mrs. ____ by SkillsSaysItAll
I ain't never had a problem keeping my girl happy, or yours either.

Happy Anniversary by True_Virgo
Looking into her eyes, I saw the fear, the trial, the tribulations and the happiness of our year together.

December 2004

Now What by Angel Jordan
Her body language was encouraging me, but her awkwardness was stopping me.
(3 Parts)

One Sexy Summer by Rainbow_Besos
How long did it take you to decide that you wanted to fuck me?

Her Mama's House by Coydelight
If we let her get away with this, she’ll never accept us.

November 2004

How We Met by Sunshine
I could feel her eyes burning through my very soul

Open Love by Alba Deldeseo
I am feeling bold tonight; maybe it’s just the liquor taking charge.

Therapy Is In Session by Celie719
I'm sick of trying to explain to you about how I feel and you are simply not getting it.

Thrill of the Hunt by Rayne 2 Marzett
I think to fully enjoy this urge I must stalk and take down new prey.

To Play Or To Stay by XceptionalL
“So, I guess we’re going to make someone jealous now?”

Who's is it? by Shanel Hickman
I could feel her lips on me already.

October 2004

Anxious by Miss Trina
Are you sure you want it?

Femme Fatale by Onyx
What, you’ve never been approached by a woman?

Her PrettyCat by TQ1S
I kneeled down at the foot of the bed, positioning myself for a perfect view between her legs.

She Is Always by Eve
We have been given the gift of eternal love and it doesn’t need to be questioned or analyzed, but lived.

Taped by Naughtydred
I focused the lens towards the bed and put the camera on pause.

Willing Receptacle by kyra{F}
She was everything I didn't even know I wanted.

September 2004

About Face by Chance
To tell you the truth, I have no clue if she is family or not . . . I was going to have her either way.

Addiction by Rayne T. Marzette
I wish there was some sort of support group for what this woman puts me through.

Her by Eve
I want to know if you are as good as she said you are.

One Helluva Night by Blaaze
365 days. 8,760 hours, and 31,536,000 seconds is the amount of time that I’d been waiting to make love to my woman.

Punishment or Pleasure by kyra{F}
My owner had just told me she wanted me to put on my "dominant cap" and whip a girl . . .

The Warm Touch by V. King
The sweet smell of her juices reach her as she takes in a deep breath.

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