Interviews With Kuma Authors and Poets

Rayne Marzett
Author of "A Reason, A Season, Or A Lifetime"

Author of "The Limo Driver," "Looking," and "The Beach"

Lady Scorpian
Author of "She Is," "Bella Morte," and "Seduced"

Ms. Ashley
Author of "Mind Fuck," "Cum Sweetness," and "Just When She Thought"

Michelle Bonluv
Author of "The Gift"

Author of "Suits Me," "Mersey," and "Strawberries"

Author of "Orgasm," "Rhythm of Lust," "Hard Head . . . "

Rebecca Strait
Author of "The Gaze," "Ode To Grace," "The Beautiful One" and more.

Author of "Birthday Wish," "Sinthia," "Nights Like This" and more.

Insatiable K
Author of "First Date," "Too Cold," "Seduction" and many more.

Najaah Childs
Author "Love Is Pain," "Applied Studology," "Straight Fucking" and many more.

Author of "Sexymotherfucker," "Enigma," "5:11 AM," and many more.

The author of "Playing With Toi," "Lips," "Kim," and "The Spin."

Lil AJ
Author of "Blood Ties," "Sin'cerely Horny," "Stud Frontin'," "Distant Lover," and more.

The author of "Midnight Letter To Fran," "A Breakdown of Sorts," and "Unspoken"

The author of "The Kind Of Butch I Am" and "Lifeguard"

T. E. Vaughner
The author of "Before and After," "I Want A Woman With Muscle,"
and "Pathetic" among others.

Soul Trinity
The Author of "Sensual Sista," "You Send Me,"and "Cloud9" among others.

The Author of "Complications," "Turn your Lights Down Low," "Me," "Cum On Over To My Spot" and many more.

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