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Web and Print Resources

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Bay Area Women Of Color in SMBD Photo Project

Articles on Kuma
S/M: Sexual Deviance or Sexual Freedom? by Samiya A. Bashir
Living Out Politically Incorrect Fantasies by Viola Johnson

Fiction on Kuma
Punishment or Pleasure by kyra{F}
Bond Lust by debra diana blue
Pierced by D.W.
Cotton Gloves by Joli Agnew
They Think They Know Me by Qwriter

Organizations / Events
Black Expression Alternative Tastes aka (Black BEAT) Black BEAT is an independent, non-profit, social organization founded by African American members of the D/s, BDSM and Leather community. All races, ethnicities, and sexual preferences are welcome and encouraged to join us for our conference.
DESIRE DESIRE is a weekend retreat for leather women. Our goal is to create an environment where we can learn, experience new things and fulfill our wildest desires.
SF Citadel Citadel is leather space / community center in the heart of San Francisco. It's an educational center featuring classes and events for both the experienced and the curious newcomer--everyone is welcome.
Bay Area Women Of Color in SMBD Photo Project Expanding the aesthetic and cultural perception of the BDSM community by promoting artistically tasteful photographic images of Women of Color in BDSM
Dark Connections BDSM for people of color. Includes well researched links/reference pages, bdsm dictionary, history, personals, etc.
F.I.S.T. Home Page F.I.S.T. stands for Females Investigating Sexual Terrain. Includes a very, very good links page to other S/M information.
Lesbian Sex Mafia Though based in NY, the website has a List Of Other SM Women's Groups. LSM has also issued a statement about the difference between SM and Abuse
The Frugal Domme Lots of info including, Etiquette Tips and advice for New Doms/Subs.
The Beginner's Guide to Dominance and SubmissionHas explanations, definitions, and more
The Newbie PackSeveral articles about dom/sub in general and basic safety information.
The Nine Degrees Of SubmissionShows the different kinds of submissives (you don't have to be into humiliation or be a 'slave'
Castle RealmResource center that has special sections dedicated to Doms and subs.
Web Groups
Dark Connections This is the official discussion group for Use this area to chat with other Dark Connections members and upload photos.
Mahogany Pleasures of Darkness The mission of Mahogany Pleasures of Darkness is to provide an entry point, and forum for African American, and other people of color, who are Dominants, Submissives, and Switches to meet and exchange ideas.

Print Resources/Books
The New Bottoming Book The Topping Book : Or, Getting Good at Being Bad Consensual Sadomasochism : How to Talk About It and How to Do It Safely
The Compleat Spanker The Ultimate Guide to Strap-On Sex Bondage on a Budget
A Hand in the Bush : The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting Kinkycrafts : 99 Do-It-Yourself S/m Toys for the Kinky Handyperson SM 101: A Realistic Introduction
The Second Coming : A Leatherdyke Reader Coming to Power : Writings and Graphics on Lesbian S/M Learning the Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun S/m Lovemaking
Leatherwomen Leatherwomen III : The Clash of the Cultures Dhampir : Child of the Blood

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