Jasmine Ryder

_____Dunna Dunna Da…the instrumental sound of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” streams from my phone. I didn’t even open my eyes.
_____“Hello,” in my sleepy voice.
_____“Hey, Baby”
_____“Hey, you.”
_____“Oh you are sleep. I’m sorry honey. I just woke up and thought about you."
_____“Well, that’s a good thing, its okay baby.”
_____“No, I feel bad; just call me in the morning.”
_____Then, I peeped the clock…3:53 AM. “This is morning. I’m good.” Rubbing my eyes, I opened them to try to get them adjusted to the darkness. “Umm baby its good to hear your voice. What’s going on?”
_____“Nothing, just missing you.”
_____“Thank you, Baby. Me missing you too.” Almost singing it in my baby boo voice.
_____“Come here and make love to me.”
_____“Damn, I wish I could. You know how I hate that I am not there with you.”
_____“I know…but really you are with me always.”
_____“I’m going to be with you soon. I need to settle some things at home and at work but I plan to come to you sooner than you think.”
_____“I know, baby.”
_____“God, I hate times like this.”
_____“Don’t say that. I know you are doing what you can, you have a lot going on and you just can’t walk away.”
_____“I know but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I need us to be together in every sense of the word.”
_____“Umm baby we are together. I can feel you right now. You feel so good. Ummm, I want to taste you.”
_____“Whew, damn baby…sounds delicious.”
_____“Umm…taste delicious.
_____It has been 3 weeks since last I saw her, since last we made love. I am always feenin her. It felt good to know that she was feenin me, especially at 4 o’clock in the morning.
_____“Baby, I want you now.” I could hear her smack her lips. Just that sound alone sent a tingle from my belly button to my love garden’s door.
_____I was now awake as hell and ready to be phone fucked and put back to sleep. My baby got started. She commenced to tell me her early morning fantasy:
_____I want to caress your face and look deeply into your eyes and tell you how I feel without saying a word. You understand exactly what I’m saying. I kiss your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, your ears, your neck, your chin, then your lips and tongue. I stay there for some time because that’s one of my favorite parts of you. I unbutton your shirt and just look at your skin and take into view your breast. Oh my God, they are so big and so beautiful and I love them so much. I take one in my hand and lift it to my mouth as my tongue circles your nipple; I suck it and bite it. I can feel you flinch but I look at your face and know that you are pleased.
_____I take my hands and caress your breast and take your other nipple between my fingers…it is already hard, it couldn’t wait for my touch. I take my hand and reach to your waist and I position myself over you and start smelling you. Umm, your skin smells so good. I smell you down to your stomach and across your navel. Then, I begin to kiss you, ever so slightly, down to the crease just before your legs begin. I feel your body jump and pulsate for me, but I won’t be tempted to rush the moment. I take my breast and put inside your pussy and move it in and out. I take my breast and all the wetness you leave on it and put into your mouth and watch you lick and suck your sweetness….ummmm, this set me off.
_____Damn, at this point I am about to jump out of my skin. I am so wet and throbbing. I put my hand and half of my arm between my legs and roll over on my side holding on for dear life.
_____I begin to kiss your inner thighs, every inch of them. Damn baby, I can smell your wetness, you are so ready for me. I part your lower lips with my tongue and your clit jumps out to greet me. I take it into my mouth, vowing to myself that I would not let it go until I felt your fountain of juices flowing all over me….ummm baby I want to drink from you and swallow your sweet wine.
_____I feel you pulling away and twisting because you just can’t take it any more, but I am not going to stop until I’m finished. You are so wet that my tongue slips as I make it down to your opening. I insert two fingers first and massage your insides. You are moaning and breathing so hard I swear you are about to explode. I tell you to hold it, hold it just a little while longer baby. As I take my fingers out, I put my tongue inside you and I begin to tongue fuck you…in and out, up and down, all around, in and out, in and out. You are going crazy.
_____“Baby, you are killing me. I can’t take it, I can’t take it.”
_____“Hold on baby not yet, hold on for me.”
_____“I don’t know if I can…I think I’m about to pass out.”
_____I have to take both my hands to keep your legs apart, but I won’t let up. I keep sucking you and licking you and going crazy in your pussy. You are soooo wet…I want to drink you dry.
_____“Oh, baby damn!! Please let me cum baby, please baby…ummm, oh shit.”
_____You cum so hard, I have never heard you scream so loudly before. You are shaking and gyrating like a loose firecracker. All of your juices exploding all over me. Ummmm baby, this is a beautiful thing.
_____“Oh damn baby that was too real. I am shaking like a leaf.”
_____“I love you baby.”
_____“I love you.”
_____“Sweet dreams.”
_____“Oh yeah, and you can feel free to wake me out of them at anytime.”
_____Giggle. “Really?”
_____“Yes, really.”
_____“Night baby.”
_____“Morning baby.”
_____“Oh yeah, I’m sorry.”
_____“Oh baby never be sorry. I’m just gonna be wired for sound for about another hour.”
_____“Aw, boo.”
_____“Thank you, baby. That was a beautiful thing.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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