Cole B.

_____September 29th, 6 years ago. I will never forget that day, because that was the day I met love. The weather was still fluctuating between the seasons, so it was slightly warm and damp from the rain the night before. I awoke at 9:00am and started my day waiting for your arrival. I spent all morning cleaning and cooking; everything just had to be perfect. You called me later that afternoon and told me that you had just gotten off your plane. You were getting ready to step into a cab and would be over in about 45 minutes. I said aiight nonchalantly, not wanting to give away my eagerness.
_____I hurried into the shower and after, quickly sprayed my body down with the best perfume I had. Although my hair was already done in individual braids, I spent 20 minutes alone trying to make sure that they sat perfectly. As far as clothing went, I didn't want to get too fancy with it, so I went for the homie-lover-friend look. I put on a pair of gray sweatpants, and a tight white t-shirt lined with pink and gray, that had the words SEXY written over my chest. I'd just stepped out the shower so my breasts were still a little wet, and my nipples pierced through my t-shirt like daggers.
_____Shortly after, I peeked through my curtains and saw a cab pull up. Assuming it was you, I did some last minute tidying up. Two minutes later my doorbell rang. I took one last glance in my mirror then made my way to the front door. I wanted to make this moment for us the least bit awkward as I could, even though my insides were trembling. I opened the door slightly, leaving only a teeny tiny crack in the door. Then I made a dumb joke so that we both could laugh to peel off some of the pressure.
_____I stood upright and opened the door completely. You looked just like all the pictures that you'd sent me. This was our first memory, so I had to make a mental note of everything. Your hair was curled straight down and fell down to your shoulders. You were wearing a red jersey with the number 33, some black sweatpants and a pair of black and red Jordan's to match. A huge black duffle bag was slung over your right shoulder.
_____When our eyes finally met, the moment felt surreal. I saw my future standing right in front of me, and at that point no more words were spoken between us. I will never forget the look on your face--your lips slightly falling open and eyes in a daze. It was a relief to see you look at me that way, so there was nothing for you to feel embarrassed about.
_____Just standing there looking at you sent chills down my eyes were kind of hazy too and I was nervously yet sensually biting my bottom lip. You took off your bag and let it drop to the floor without letting your eyes leave mine. You took one foot and stepped over the door seal and grabbed me around my waist. Pressing your body firmly against mine, you let me feel your form, making your presence known. I could feel my erect nipples gliding over the material of your jersey, and my breath was heavy against your neck. You brought your face close to mine, and traced my face and neck with your lips and forehead, breathing deeply as if you were inhaling my soul.
_____As you turned your head slightly to the side, you kissed me softly on the side of my neck, then let your lips make there way up from my neck to my lips. Never letting your lips leave my body you gently let your lips rest on top of mine without moving, cupping my face and ears with your soft hands. Slowly we both gave a little until our mouths were enveloped in a full kiss. Our tongues teasingly played with each other, as we tasted our lips...our love.
_____As we kissed, my hands slowly made there way under your shirt and under your wife-beater, letting my slightly cool fingers dance over your waist and stomach. For me the pressure and sensation of loving you was becoming too much to bear and I assume you felt the same.
_____And why shouldn't we have felt that way? We were deprived of feeling each other's love because of distance, but no longer was distance standing in our way. Aggressively but gently, you started to walk me backward into my apartment, never missing a beat...never letting go. We finally closed the front door, but opened the door to our hearts.
_____And the rest was history.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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