__________by Senia Moore

Baby are you ready for my love?
The way your body feels it fits me like a glove.
I can bring it to you anyway you want.
I can lick you from your toes, get pretty sexual.
Your skin is glowing like a light inside my mind.
I wanna show you how I can love you, fast or slow.
Donít be scared girl, you know im gonna love you whole.
But baby what I really wanna know, can I get up inside?
I wanna feel you on top of me,
grinding me.
Come on girl get up here and ride.
Or I can turn you on your stomach and flow deep like an ocean.
Whatever it takes baby, you want my love donít ya?
Get ready ma, open just for me.
Cause I got something you will like, once I get up inside.
Being inside of you is like swimming in liquids of pure relaxation.
Im turning your love inside outÖÖ.
Got your toes curling, you about to get a miracle.
About to see heaven before your heart stops.
For now until I test you, im gonna caress you.
Have you singin my name lyrical.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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