__________by Senia Moore & Tammy Rhodes

when god gave me you he gave me sunshine.
he dipped you into gold and your beauty shines on me.
when god made you he left in you his heart.
he made you in the image of one loved and who would
love me.
you are the brightest thing in my life.
you enter my soul at light breaking speeds, and steal
away with my heart.
you are my love, my one, my only, when god made you,
he made you for me.

(chorus) When I met you I wanted to kiss your soul
When I met you I wanted to make you whole
When I met you these feelings I could not hide
Because I loved you before I could admit it inside

you got me caught up inside your love.
content, easliy loving everything about you.
you got me dreaming of things you dream of.
i would walk the earth in search of things to please
my love i wanna fly with you, listen to rain and find
i wanna listen to your heartbeat, and live within you.
ma im loving you, just yearing for you, cant you see?
so im singing this song, a song i wrote for you.


i feel the tears of the past, and the trails of
everyday fly away, when i talk to you.
you got me wanting to be better than i am.
i wake up every morning to simply the thought of you.
you are more than beautiful, you stunt my eyes.
im almost blinded by the sight of you.
your in my memory from now until eternal light shines.
if i say i love you even if you hear it, i know you
feel it too.
im just saying, i couldnt live without you.


Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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