_____"Psssst, come here for a minute."
_____"Just come here, I got something for you."
_____"Oh really! And what might that be?"
_____"If you come over here youíll find out soon enough."
_____"Hold on one sec; let me go put these bags down."
_____Traci had just come in from shopping, it was apparent from the number of bags she had that she had just returned from the mall.
_____Tina watched as Traci walked toward the rear of the house towards their bedroom. Her ass was nice and firm with just a lilí added plumpness for good measure. Tina hoped Traci had been to her favorite store, Victoriaís Secret.
_____When Traci appeared from out of the room she walked over to where Tina sat and straddled herself across her lap. "So what is it that you have for me?"
_____"Me of courseÖwhat you were expecting something else?" Tina ran the palms of her hands down her loverís back and slide them down until she was cupping Traciís ass; slowly she started squeezing and caressing it. "Iíve been thinking about you all day."
_____"Is that a fact? And just what were you thinking?"
_____Letting her hands travel up Traciís body, Tina slowly slid her shirt up over her head and tossed it to the floor. Since she wasnít wearing a bra her breasts were immediately exposed. "Iíve been thinking I couldnít wait for you to get home so I could get my hands, lips, and tongue all over you."
_____Traci could feel Tinaís warm breath on her skin; she was starting to feel the moisture grow between her own legs. Traci leaned in and gently began raining light kisses on her loverís face. Tina wanted Traci so bad at that moment but she wanted this to be one of their long lovemaking sessions, so she refrained from just tearing into her. She pulled Traciís face close to hers and they kissed a long passionate kiss. Breaking away she began her own personal assault on Traciís neck, taking special care to work her spot. She worked her way down taking one of Traciís breasts in her mouth, working the nipple with her tongue, and caressing the other between her fingers.
_____Traci let out a low deep moan. She was getting wet, and Tina knew; she wanted desperately to feel her wetness on her fingers. "Stand-up and let me take those pants off."
_____Traci did as she was instructed, except she didnít let Tina take off her pants. Pushing Tina back against the chair she looked at the surprised look on her loverís face. "No, just sit there and watch." Tina almost couldnít believe her eyes; she did as she was told and sat back to watch the show. _____Traci flicked a couple of switches on the radio and Baby Do Those Things by Dave Hollister came flooding through the speakers. She started off in a slow grind, caressing her own breasts and swaying to the rhythm of the music. Slowly she began undoing her pants, revealing the silky material underneath them. Stepping a little closer to Tina she raised one foot up on the chair between her legs. "Take it off." Tina obeyed taking off one shoe, then the other. Deliberately Traci slid her foot between Tinaís thighs caressing her for a moment. When Tina started to reach for her foot she pulled it away and pushed her back in the seat. "Uh, uh do as your told, donít touch."
_____Tina liked to be in control but didnít have any problem letting Traci be the one in control right now. Obediently she sat back and fixed her eyes on the lovely creature before her.
_____Traci found it amusing that Tina loved to watch her dance for her; but couldnít manage to keep her hands off of her long enough to let her finish. "Babe, you gonna behave this time?" Tina nodded her head in agreement. "Sure you will." Traci knew Tina was one of those people that just love to touch and she couldnít help herself no matter how hard she tried.
_____Sensing how turned on Tina was becoming Traci decided to turn up the heat a bit. With a click of the remote the CD changed; Janetís sultry ďWould you mindĒ came pouring through the speakers. Backing away just out of arms reach Traci sang along with the song, her hands mimicking the actions Janet sang about all the while never taking her eyes away from Tinaís.
__________Baby would you mind touching me ever so slowly
__________Youíre making me quiver
__________Baby would you mind undressing me
__________Making me feel sexy while in the moment
_____Traci began pulling the hip hugging jeans down; underneath she wore a red thong. Turning around she exposed her ass to Tina who sat silently in the chair barely breathing she was so taken by the show that was for her eyes only. When her jeans reached her thighs, Traci wiggled a little and her jeans fell to the floor exposing her well-toned legs. Stepping out of them she kicked them out of the way. Hugging & caressing herself as if she were dancing with someone she began grinding towards the floor. Grabbing her ankles she raised her ass up in the air giving Tina a full view. She heard Tina let out a small gasp, as if she were finally taking a breath.
_____Traci took a couple of steps closer to the chair; she leaned over taking Tinaís hands & resting them on the arms of the chair. Her small but full breasts hung down teasing Tina. She watched Tinaís eyes as they traveled over her naked body and licked her lips. Leaning a little bit closer she planted a loving kiss on her forehead. "Patience, my Love."
__________Baby would you mind kissing me all over my body
__________You missed a spot there
__________Baby would you mind tasting me
__________Itís making me all juicy
__________Feeling your lips on mine
_____Tina was soaking wet, she spread her legs open; the friction of her jeans and watching her lover dancing, grinding and touching herself was driving her insane. She wanted Traci so bad she could smell and taste her. She licked her lips and gripped the arms of the chair a little tighter. She was determined to let her finish dancing.
_____Traci on the other hand had every intention of pushing Tina to the limit. She eased in-between Tinaís legs turning around she sat down in her loverís crouch grinding her ass up against her. Leaning back she could feel Tinaís harden nipples against her back. She reached up and caressed Tinaís face; tilting her head to the side she gave her a little tongue, the air between them was filled with pure lust.
<__________ĎCause Iím gonna
__________Bathe you, play with you, rub you, caress you
__________Tell you how much I missed you
__________I just wanna
__________Touch you, tease you, lick you, please you
__________Love you, hold you, make love to you
__________And Iím gonna
__________Kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you
__________Feel you deep inside me ooh
__________I just wanna
__________Kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you
__________Feel you, make you cum too
_____Breaking the kiss Traci positioned herself so that she was face-to-face with Tina. Her thong was soaked with her own juices and her pussy was throbbing. She stood up in the chair, with her feet on either side of Tina her mid-section was dangerously close to Tinaís face. Every nerve in Tina was on fire; her loverís scent was wafting through her nostrils. Tinaís lap was wet where Traci had been sitting. Tina wished her tongue were the thong Traci was wearing; it was soaked from her nectar.
_____Traci broke her Tina's thought for a brief second when she inserted her thumbs in the waist of her thong and started to pull it down. She stopped when she got mid-way; looking down at Tina, and adding her own version of Janet.

__________Baby would you mind helping me
__________Let my juices run free
__________I want to feel you deep in my passion
_____That was all the encouragement Tina needed; she reached up and grabbed the material, which was really nothing more than a string and pulled it down. The sensation from the string being removed from her ass made Traci flinch. Tina let her fingers trail down Traciís legs making her muscles twitch. Tina had had enough she didnít even bother to wait for Traci to step out of her thong; she grabbed her cheeks and brought her towards her waiting tongue.
_____Traci let out a, "Ooooh shhhhiit, Baby." She had to use the back of the chair to brace herself.
_____Tina continued to caress and massage Traciís ass, while she licked and sucked her pussy lips. Traci was on fire, her juices started trickling down her thighs like tear drops. Tina began licking her thighs trying to catch every drop. Though Traci had strong legs she couldnít keep her knees from buckling; she began to ease down and Tina repositioned herself so that when Traci was on her knees she was right underneath her beautiful pussy. Reaching up she played with Traciís breasts; squeezing her nipples between her fingers. Traci lowered herself fully over Tina and began riding Tinaís tongue matching her tongue movementsí stroke for stroke. Tina was in heaven; she was lickiní and suckiní her babyís pussy like it might be her last meal.
_____Tina was damn near drowning in her nectar but she didnít care; she had been feaniní for this all day. She was still fully dressed and needed to be free of her restricting garments. Somehow they ended up on the floor her face still buried between Traciís legs; Traci had her hands buried in Tinaís locs not wanting to let her up for air. Tina broke free of her grip grabbing her wrists and pinning them back behind her head. Laying her body over her she began sucking on Traciís neck and making a trail down to her breasts. Traci was moaning and groaning she wanted, no she needed to feel her lover skin to skin. "Baby let me help you take off your clothes."
_____Tina let her hands go free; she sat up still straddling Traci. Traci sat up and flipped Tina over so that she was now straddling Tina. Reaching down she started to undo the buttons on Tinaís shirt, suddenly she just ripped the shirt open, buttons flew everywhere. She grabbed her tank top and ripped it open as well. She undid the belt on her pants and unzipped them. Moving down Tinaís legs she yanked her pants down and off of her. Tina removed what was left of her shirt and tank.
_____She began working her way back up Tinaís body with her tongue and lips. Tina laid there with her eyes closed enjoying the feel of her tongue and lips against her skin. Traci stopped at Tinaís belly and played with her belly ring for a minute, tugging on it slightly. She nibbled on her sides and sucked her breasts for all they were worth. Sucking them deeper inside her mouth and twirling her nipples around gently. Tina grabbed the back of her head holding her there until she couldnít take it any more. They shared a long soul searching kiss. Traci began grinding up against Tina, her juices wetting Tina.
_____Tina made Traci sit up and slid a finger deep inside of her dripping hole making her gasp. She felt Traci tense up for just a quick second then she began to slowly ride Tinaís finger. Traci was not easily satisfied; she loved sex and could go on for hours. Tina knew she was going to have to put in hard work tonight. Traci felt so good wrapped around her finger, she slid another digit inside of her, going deeper each time with long easy strokes. Traci arched her back and threw her head back. Tina lifted her knees up so that she could rest against her legs to keep her from falling back over onto the floor. This way she was able to finger fuck her and play with tits at the same time without having to hold her in place. Traci was a squirmer; she moved around a lot.
_____Leaning down coming face-to-face with her lover Traci kissed Tina deeply. She loved the feel of her tongue in her mouth; just kissing Tina made Traci grow weak with passion. She wanted to feel Tinaís lips, tongue and hands all over her body. She pulled herself away from Tinaís hand and stretched her body over hers, just enjoying the feel of skin to skin. Tina ran her hands up and down her backside, starting at the nape of her neck, trailing down her back and across her buttocks and the top of her thighs. Tina was teasing and driving Traci crazy and she knew it. Tina rolled over and then turned Traci on her stomach, she started grinding up against her ass. When she stuck her tongue in Traciís ear she could feel her tense up a bit, her ears were very sensitive and she planned on using that to her advantage tonight. She stroked the outer part of her ears then worked her way inside sending shivers throughout Traciís body. "Baby, please stop, pleeeaase, shhhh I canít take it anymore."
_____Tina kissed her lightly on each ear before making her way down to her neck. She nibbled on her shoulders and ran her tongue up and down her back. Traciís moans were becoming louder and louder, she was grabbing at the carpet, she was also growing wetter and wetter. Tina wanted to make her beg for more; she enjoyed making Traci beg and want her. Hell, her own desire to be inside of Traci was growing by the second.
_____She spread Traciís legs and inserted her fingers; Oh God she thought she would cum right then Traci was so hot and wet. Traci raised her ass up so that she could receive Tinaís fingers. Tina replaced her fingers with her tongue, licking and sucking all of Traciís juices. Traci spotted Tinaís bag of goodies next to the chair; she knew what was coming next and could hardly contain herself.
_____Knowing Traci had seen the bag next to the chair Tina instructed Traci to crawl over to the chair. She did has she was instructed, Traci rummaged through her bag of tricks until she found all the items she was searching for. She straps up but doesnít enter Traci; instead she just takes the head and rubs it up against Traciís aching clit. Tina whispers in her ear, "You want that donít you."
_____"Ummmm, yes baby please stop teasing me you know I want it."
_____"Yeah I know you do; just how bad do you want it?" _____"Real bad, please baby let me have it. Fuck me baby, pleeeease!" Traci is damn near tears; sheís aching for Tina to be inside of her. She tries her best to back up on to Tinaís waiting cock, but Tina wonít let her; not just yet. She continues to tease and stroke her with the head, entering her a little, then pulling out. Each time Traci let out a moan in protest. She feels a sticky substance oozing down the crack of her ass and Tinaís hand massaging her swollen clit.
_____Without any other warning Tina inserts a finger into her ass. "Awwww Baby, Damn! Yes!" She starts finger fucking her; Traci is squealing with delight, her juices to starting to flow freely now. Tina knows itís time; she guides her cock towards the entrance to Traciís steaming hot hole. She is so wet she glides right in without any resistanceÖ "Oooooohhhh Baby Yessssssss, thatís it, awwwww shiiiiiitt! Yesss Fuck Me!"
_____Tina starts off slowly, sliding in and out with slow steady paces; at first Traci matches her thrust, then she speeds up a bit. Tina has no choice but to speed things up a bit; she starts giving Traci what sheís been wanting. She begins hitting her with long deep thrust going deeper and deeper with each thrust. She can feel Traciís muscles contracting around her cock, pulling her in deeper and deeper.
_____Traci is moaning and screaming, "Donít stop, fuck me harder, yes ooh that shit feels so good!" She is so loud Tina thinks the neighbors down the street might hear them. "Baby I wanna ride you, can I ride your cock, pleeease?"
_____"Sure thing sweetness whatever you want is alright with me." Tina gently eased out of Traci and lay on her back. Traci straddled Tina in a 69 position. She started massaging her clit; she liked the fact that Tina wore a strap that left her clit completely uncovered. Tina was soaking wet; she couldnít resist the urge to taste her. She didnít want to be selfish and be the one having all the fun. She ran her fingers up and down the inside of Tinaís thighs setting her nerves on fire. She was really sensitive in that area. "Ooooh baby, donít go there, not yet. Let me finish satisfying you first." Traci knew what that meant and she was okay with that.
_____She lowered her torso so that her pussy was right over Tinaís face; she felt her tongue graze her lips. Grabbing Traciís ass she pulled her down closer so that she could get her tongue deep inside her. Although Tina had asked her not to, she couldnít help herself Traci played with Tinaís clit easing her fingers in and out of her. She lowered her head and began sucking on her clit. They were both moaning and sucking; Traci felt Tina tense up for a moment. She knew she was on the brink but didnít want to let go just yet. "Come here baby, I want to feel your lips on mine." _____Traci turned her body so that they were face-to-face again. Tina reached up and pulled Traci closer to her, kissing her lightly on the lips. "I love you."
_____Traci said, "I love you too, babe" and eased herself back onto Tinaís cock. Tina holds on to Traciís hips and guides her while she rides her. Sheís sliding up and down her cock taking her in at full length.
_____Tina can see and feel her juices running down her cock; sheís only seconds away from letting go. "Thatís it baby ride me, take it all, work it."
_____"Oh God yes, right there, right there!" Tina thrusts up into Traci and hits her spot, she feels Traci start to pull away she holds her hips down. Her body starts to shake and shiver; she starts riding Tina faster and harder her breasts jiggling in the air. Tina is meeting her downward thrusts with upward ones. "Awwww shiiiiiiiiit, thatís it Oh God Iím cuuuuummmmm--"
_____ Tina can feel her own orgasm start to mount. Traciís muscles seem like they are grabbing Tinaís cock and pulling it in; a few more thrusts and they both explode simultaneously and collapse in each otherís arms.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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