_____Filled with anticipation, I gathered my luggage from baggage claim and headed outside. I didn't see her initially as I walked out the door. Feeling a little disappointed, I sat on top of my suitcase and waited. I hoped she hadn't forgotten to pick me up. I had been looking at the ground in disappointment. I raised my eyes to find that she was parked at the curb looking straight at me. Instantly I smiled a wide smile.
_____"Hey do you need a ride?" She asked.
_____"In more ways than one," I said leaning into the window of her car.
_____As we rode to my hotel, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I wanted to have her right there in the car on the freeway. I was so aroused I sat on my hands the whole way there to keep from groping her. When we got to my room I went straight for the balcony. I missed Chicago so much while I was gone I wanted to get a good view of the city. She came out to the balcony with me after tipping the bellboy for bringing up my luggage. He was a gay boy too so he knew what was up. "Mmmm, have fun honey," he said after thanking her for the tip.
_____She gave him a little smirk and said, "Man you don't know nothing bout the kind of fun I'm bout 2 have." He gave her a "go head Miss Thang" look and left.
_____When she came out onto the balcony I wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear, "I missed you so much."
_____"I miss you too." She whispered back.
_____We kissed and with that kiss I knew that I wouldn't be leaving my hotel room that evening. The way she was kissing my neck made my pussy scream. It throbbed harder and harder with each beat of my heart, begging to be pleased. She ran her hands down my back and when she got to my ass she squeezed it so hard I thought I might cum right then.
_____"Ooooo." I let out an unexpected moan one that I was trying to hold back. I wasn't ready to let her know she was running this pussy without even touching it.
_____"Mmmm Hmmm, yeah," she said with a strong hint of cockiness and turned me on even more.
_____I pulled myself back from her embrace and looked at her mischievously. I walked to the balcony wall and leaned over, inviting her wetness with the plumpness of my ass. Of course as you know great minds think alike, so she knew what was up. She walked up behind me and pressed up against my ass. The feeling of her dildo made my eyes that were closed in anticipation open immediately.
_____"Oh so you're strapped huh?" I said smiling. She just gave me a devilish look and raised one eyebrow. "Well in that case "
_____I didn't finish my sentence I just took her by the hand and led her back inside leavin the door to the balcony open. I sat on the bed and began to take off my shoes. She leaned against the dresser and watched me. "You stay right there." I commanded as a continued to get undressed.
_____I took off my shirt and pants to reveal a red lace bra and panties. The kind of panties that would make an old man have a heart attack, the kind of panties that were just for showing off a fat ass. And they did just that as the red lace sat perfectly on the top of my ass stopping in the small of my back.
_____I walked over to her and stood directly in her face. Our faces were so close I could feel the warmth of her breath on my top lip. I stared intently into her eyes for about a minute, then slowly I bent down and began to untie her shoes. After I removed her shoes I looked up at her to confirm my thoughts. And my thoughts were confirmed. She was looking at my ass from above and I liked it. I loosened her belt, took off her pants and boxer briefs and was greeted face to face by the thickness of her dildo. I looked up at her once again and licked my top lip as I took the dildo in my hand. Then I let it slide into my mouth. I started off shallow with it and let it go deeper and deeper each time. Then I pushed the dildo in my mouth knowing its was rubbing her clit on the other side. She grabbed a big clump of my hair and I knew she was about to cum so I started to do it faster. But to my dismay she pushed me away. She wouldn't let me make her cum. I stood up and gave her a disappointed look.
_____"Baby not yet," she said to me as she grabbed my ass pulling me closer to her and kissing me very deeply. She was digging her fingernails in my ass and squeezing it real hard. She knew that my ass is very sensitive and I would be ready for her to come inside. I was so ready.
_____I grinned thinking about what she had said to me at the airport earlier, so I said the same thing as a let the dyck slide inside me. "You need a ride?" I moaned at the feeling of it being all the way inside me. I left it inside me as I began to grind. I could feel the head of the dyck rubbing my spot deep inside me while I was grindin on her clit.
_____"Oooo I missed you so much," I moaned getting faster and faster. While I was riding her she reached up and unsnapped my bra so she could watch my titties bounce while I bounced on tha dyck.
_____"Damn girl you riding this shit," she said.
_____I looked down at her and said, "But baby I want you to get it from tha back cause I can't hit my spot like you can."
_____I turned over and put my face on the pillow and pushed my ass up in the air for her to take a ride. She didn't take no prisoners. She went straight for that spot deep in my pussy with the first stroke. It felt so good I had to scream I couldn't help myself. She was fuckin me like it was the last time she was ever gonna get some pussy and I loved every minute of it. Each time I begged for her to fuck me harder and deeper she did just that. I can't count how many times I came for her versus the one time she wouldn't cum for me.
_____Before I knew it she turned me over pushed both of my legs back and was at it again. "Damn" was all I could say. She was fuckin me so good I was out of breath from moaning and screaming and calling her name over and over again.
_____"Ooo baby I'm bout to cum again" I moaned .and right before I came she stopped fucking me, slid down and put her tongue right into the opening of my pussy flicking my g-spot. I thought I would die. I arched my back so high up off the bed she had to get on her knees to move with me.
_____"Baby I can't take it. I can't take it please baby I can't take it," I begged. Then she stopped eating my pussy crawled up to my face and kissed me. Letting me taste the juices of my pussy that lingered on her lips.
_____After she kissed me she looked at me and said, "O you can take it. You gone take it too. So jus shut up yo ass up and get fucked."
_____"Ooo shit," I said, "get this pussy baby."
_____She started to finger me real fast and deep. "Not yet," she said.
_____She practically had me beggin her to fuck me and when she thought it was enough she turned me over and gave me the dyck. I hadn't ever in my life been fucked so aggressively and I loved the shit out of it. I was bent over but I raised my body threw my head back and laid it on her shoulder as she was fuckin me and moaned in her ear. She reached around and grabbed my breasts squeezing them and used them for leverage to fuck me even deeper. I came again and this time I came so hard tears rolled out of my eyes. I sobbed quietly as she continued to fuck me.
_____"What's wrong?" She asked.
_____"Nothing baby. Nothing's wrong," I said. "You're just fuckin me so damn good that's all."
_____She stopped turned me around and looked at me. I guess seeing the emotion in me was enough to make her let her guard down enough to let me make her cum. I could see it in her eyes. "Take this thing off," I said. "I want to feel you."
_____She did and then she laid on her back. I straddled her body and bent over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. I began sucking on her neck and as I did that I slid my hands into the small of her back pressing her body harder into mind as I began to grind my wet pussy on hers. It felt so good. I loved the way she was fucking me but this was better. Better because I could feel her. I could feel her body, her skin against mine, her body heat, her wetness. She felt so good.
_____I let my tongue slid down to her navel after moving my body off of hers. I was taking my time because to be honest I was nervous about the whole situation. She was breathing very hard by this time so I could tell that she was about to cum when I stopped grindin on her. So I was like what the hell I may as well seize the moment. With that thought, I slide right and began sucking her clit encountering the sweetest taste that I had ever tasted in my life.
_____I started sucking her clit with aggression from the started because I wanted her to cum. I wanted to taste her juices as they flowed from her body. I wanted to make that connection with her sexually and emotionally. I kept my speed steady never slowing down only sucking faster and faster to achieve that goal. I felt a strong throb from her pussy on my chin and the beginnings of a moan that was so uncharacteristically not her come from her mouth.
_____And then . . . "Excuse me. Miss, wake up please. You flight has arrived."
_____I looked around stunned. That dream was too damn real to have felt the way it did. O, well, I thought to myself as I stepped off the plane and headed to baggage claim. I have got to make that dream my reality!

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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