__________by Sweet Angel

I love you..
this deep love is unextinguishable
my thirst for you is unquenchable
my hunger for you is voracious
there is no ending.. no beginning..
there is just this love for you that exists inside of me
that overwhelms my soul, spirit and mind
takes me to another level of consciousness
keeps me looking for another day
when i can see your face
hold your hand
feel the warmth of your breath
hear your laughter
write you another poem
cry a joyful tear
dance a sexy routine in your arms
on top of you
under the covers
between the sheets
up against the wall
in the back seat of your car
inside of you
beneath you
all over
you.. and me.. together..

maybe this love is too much for you..I'll wait..

my free spirit is skipping, swinging her arms..
patiently awaiting the day
you stand across from me
and say i do.. always.. love you..
and want you
always near me
in my bed
at my table
paying those bills
doing dirty laundry
tucking the kids in at night

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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