__________by Synik

There are a few things I want to get off my chest
And after these words, I’ll let my love do the rest
Ever since I met you, I’ve been feeling so good inside
It’s been a long time since someone’s made me smile this wide
Just thinking about you makes me want to show all my teeth
And being around you, forget it…my whole body gets “Weak”
What can I say, I’m “Addicted” to loving you
I can’t help it though ‘cause you’re just so damn lovable
All week, I be feenin’ for a taste of that “Brown Sugar”
Wanting to show you what it really means to be my lil sugar boogah
But you make me wait for one of those days when I’m off duty
Before you’ll “Come Over” and let me get to “Feelin’ On Ya Booty”
It would be nice to come home to you after a hard day’s work
Feed each other grapes in the bathtub while sipping on Sizzurp
“Kissing You” makes me want to slide those thighs in “Between The Sheets”
And get a little freaky while I’m sucking on them sweets
I like how you “Put it On Me” when I let you get on top
But I like it even better when you spread your legs so I can “Rock
The Boat”
“Oh Yeah”…you know I’m gon’ gloat
‘Cause you be “Frontin” like I don’t be holding shit down
But we both know how it is when ain’t nobody around
I’ve had you “On Bended Knee,” down on all fours, legs around my waist
Got you ready to “Bump and Grind” before I even open the door to my place
I sit on the couch, next thing I know, you’re in my lap
Talkin’ ‘bout ‘Come on, Big Daddi, go get that strap’
Yea, I be holding it down, if I do say so myself
But don’t worry baby, you can share some of this wealth
I can’t deny that you gets down for the crown
And Oh Lord, Help me Jesus, when you go downtown
Just wanna grab the back of your head and hold it in place
Have you suck on my shit while I ride your face
But enough talk about all that “Sexual Healing”
This expression is suppose to be about romance and feelings
Baby, I just want you to know that I truly “Adore” you
I don’t have a lot of stuff but there’s still many things I can do “For You,
I Will” dedicate my heart and “Promise” each day to “Love You Better”
Continue writing poetic expressions and long ass love letters
I don’t mind doing these things because “You’re My Lady”
The “Love of My Life” who’ll eventually have my baby
Yea, we might get mad and get into verbal altercations
But I know that neither one of us is trying to leave this situation
Baby, you told me that we’re together ‘til death do us part
So I hope that means you know how to treat a nigga’s heart
‘Cause “I Don’t Wanna Know” the true meaning of being “Dangerously in Love”
I ain’t even talking about Ike and Tina…I’m talking about OJ and his glove
Spazzin’ over dumb shit
Wantin’ to kill a bitch
Nah BabiGurl, that’s not what we’re about
At least, that’s not how this nigga’s going out
For that kind of drama, I’d be dealing with these trick ass birds
I’m trying to tell you how I love you, but can’t find the words
I could spit words at this page until this piece is dumb ass long
Write rhyme after rhyme and come up with song after song
Trying my best to express “Emotional” feelings and such
But no poem could ever explain “Why I Love You So Much.”

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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