The Lovely

I saw her as she walked in the class, with her swagger of studdliness and composure. Even though the semester had started the previous week and classes were already underway, she still had this air of confidence about her, like she didn’t care about being late. I was already hooked.

I sat there in complete shock, looking at this sexy creature take a seat two rows to my left. I hadn’t a clue what the teacher was saying from that point on. I tried my best not to stare but, shit, it was easier said than done. She was casually dressed in blue jeans and a muscle shirt, but it was something about that combination on her that made the outfit seem tailored. I sat there, letting my eyes roam back and forth between her and the teacher. Being the femme I was, I was trying my damndest to perfect this “look but not look” thing my girlfriends and I had been discussing earlier, but the shit just wasn’t working. Before I knew it, class was over and the professor was handing out next week’s assignment.

She got up and approached the teacher to discuss something. I tried to pretend I was packing my bags to leave, but I was really trying to think of a way to approach her. But the teacher was a step ahead of me. She directed her to me to get last week’s assignment because I was the contact person for the week. Before I knew it she was standing behind me.

“Excuse me, I was told to get last week’s assignment from you.” She said to my back. I turned around and had to watch the kool-aid grin I knew I had on my face.
“Yeah, let me look in my notebook and get the actual pages for you. I’m Janet, by the way.” I said extending my hand to her.
“Nice to meet you, Janet. I’m Dee,” she stated taking my hand and, I swear to God, holding it just a little bit longer than usual. I tried not to look too frazzled. I pulled out last week’s assignment and gave her the page numbers. She copied them into a folder labeled NYPD.
“Are you a police officer?” I asked her, rubbing my nail across the insignia on her folder. She looked me in the eye and held my gaze for a moment.
“Yeah, homicide. Why do you ask?”
“Just being nosey,” I said with a smile. “Is it dangerous?” I asked swinging my bag on my shoulder.
“It can be, but it’s cool…Thanks for the assignment, Janet,” she said as we started walking out of the class. I noticed we were walking in the same direction, so I took it a step further.
“Do you have another class?”
“Yeah, lemme see,” she said pulling out her schedule. “Math 4200?” she asked me with a questioning look.
“Oh, we have that together,” I said, trying not to sound too excited. “Are you good with stats and stuff?”
“I do okay, but some of the stuff can get tricky. How about you?”
“I can handle my own on some of the stuff, but other things I find that I need a little help. I’m sure we can partner up with some of the assignments.”
“How is the teacher? Is it a man or a woman?”
“A woman, and she’s cool, but tough. She seems real thorough.”
“Oh, I guess that’s okay.” She said as we continued to walk towards the building. I could tell this was going to be an interesting semester already. We reached the classroom and took our seats just as the teacher began to start for the day.

The semester dragged on as usual, but I did have some interesting company to get me trough it all. It was final time on campus, so everyone was in an uproar. I was a bit upset by the fact that Dee hadn’t made a move on me yet. We’d hinted at it and flirted on damn near every occasion, but still nothing. At this point, I was a bit restless. I decided to approach her about this at our next study meeting.

I was waiting for her to meet me at our usual spot, the campus coffee house. But after about thirty minutes and still no Dee I decided to give her a call. This was unusual for her not to show or even call. I dialed her number from my cell and waited for her to pick up. After about five rings, an out-of-breath Dee answered the phone.

“Hello, hello!”
“Hey, Dee? Are you okay?” I asked a bit worried.
“Janet? Hey. I was hoping that was you.”
“Oh, well I was waiting for you at the spot. Is everything okay?”
“Man, my car stalled on me in that high ass snow downtown and you know it’s hard as hell to catch a cab at this time. So I just decided to walk it as far as I can and then hail a cab latter. But later never came and I ended up walking the whole thing. I’m sorry I kept you waiting. Do you still want me to come cause I can try to get there?” she asked worried.
“Oh, don’t be silly. It’okay. We can meet another time.”
“Well, do you have your car?” she asked me.
“Yeah, why?”
“Do you wanna just come over here and study? I can make us something if you haven’t eaten.” I felt my excitement start to rise.
“Okay, that sounds good.”
“Cool. What do you want to eat, any preference?”
“No, I just want something hot. I’m soo cold.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ma go take a hot shower when we get off the line.” I could picture her taking a hot shower, with me washing her back, amongst other things.
“Well, let me get your address and let you get to your shower.” I said, reaching for a pen.

She gave me her address, as well as directions to her house. From what I could tell it would be a breeze to find. I wrote it all down and we said our goodbyes. I gathered my belongings, got in the car, and headed in her direction.

When I pulled up to the house, I noticed a light shining through the window. It was a cute cottage style house that seemed like it came out of a storybook. I took a deep breath and got out of the car. I could tell this would be an interesting night.

I rung the doorbell and she opened the door a few minutes later. She was casually dressed in a pair of jogging pants and a Haynes t-shirt with a sports bra on. She looked comfortable and warm. We smiled at each other.

“Hey, did you find it okay?” She asked stepping to the side to let me through.
“Yeah, you give good directions. Is that a cop thing?” I asked her, taking off my coat. She took it from me and placed it in the hall closet.
“I don’t know,” she said with a smirk. I admired her place and told her I thought it was nice. She smiled. She directed the way through her house and I followed closely behind her.
“You can have a seat in the den. I took the liberty of making us some hot chocolate.” She said handing me a mug from the coffee table. I sat down on the cushy sofa and she followed suit. “The food’s not ready yet, but it should be by the time we finish.”
“Damn, Dee, what are you making?” I asked her surprised any meal would take that long. “I mean, what are you making some kind of gourmet meal?” I asked her joking.
“No, just some homemade soup I’m putting the finishing touches on. I started it two days ago and now it’s simmering.”
“Wow, homemade soup? Well, alrighty then. I ain’t mad at ya.” She smiled.
“So, what’s on the books?” she asked me getting comfy.
“Well, I was wondering why you haven’t made a move on me yet, and we also have to review chapter nine in stats.” I said all in one breath.
“What?” she said staring at me. I held her gaze and took a deep breath. Maybe this would be harder than I thought.
“Well, I was just wondering why you haven’t made a move on me yet. I mean, we’ve been hinting and flirting all semester and I know we’re feeling each other, but still nothing. What’s the deal?”
“Well, I didn’t want to rush things with you. I didn’t know where you were with all of that.”
“What, you don’t find me attractive or something? I’m not your type?”
“Shit, babygirl, you damn sure my type and I’m definitely feeling you, but I just wasn’t sure is all. You hadn’t said anything either, so I was just chillin.”
“Oh. So what you saying?”
“I’m saying this.” She said as she leaned in and gave me the sweetest, most gentle kiss I’d ever experienced. Chills shot through my body like waves and I felt myself take a breath. I couldn’t believe the effect this woman had on me.

“Oh, okay.” I said in between another passionate kiss. I couldn’t take this much pleasure all at once like this. I felt like my lips were on fire and my body was resonating to its own drum. I had to have this woman. I’d suffered long enough with this teasing she’d been doing the whole semester.

We continued to kiss in this manner and I felt her hands starting to wrap around my waist. She moved closer to me, causing our breasts to become pressed together. She felt the hardness of my nipples and kinda gasped in between kisses. I could feel her hands sliding up my shirt and to my nipples. When she reached them I almost passed out from the softness of her hands against my skin. I was on fire and she was my remedy.

By now, she’d lain completely on top of me and I’d parted my legs to allow her to press herself between me even more. She felt so good, I was about to scream. In fact, I think I did let out a moan or two. She was starting to grind her pelvis into me and making even my insides want to come out and play.

She leaned up and took both of our shirts off and then she peeled my pants off after sliding off socks and shoes. She then traced kisses from my toes to the top of my legs and them my belly button and then to my breasts, where she finally sucked my nipples into her mouth. I cried out as she continued to squeeze and suck my nipples and breast. She lightly bit my nipples with her teeth, smiling at my reaction. She was enjoying my pleasure as much as I was.

I was playing with her cornrows as she started making her way down my stomach with her mouth. I grew increasingly wetter with each kiss.

“Umm, I see someone is enjoying this,” she whispered to me in the sexiest tone I’d ever heard. She parted my legs even further with her hands and planted baby kisses on the insides of my thighs. I could feel her breath lingering between my legs as she inhaled my scent. I felt her breath get closer and closer as she lowered her mouth onto me and gave me a soft peck. I shuddered at the first contact.

She kissed me again in my lower regions and my body shook with electricity. I couldn’t take this teasing any longer. I pushed my pelvis up to her face just as she was going in for the kill. She slid her tongue in me and sent me flying. In and out, in and out, in and out, with a rhythmic motion. I matched her moves with my own and we started the dance of passion. Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, I felt her lips wrap around my clit and began to suck. I cried out.

She held on to me with her mouth as I went over the edge, hips bucking and rocking out of control. I was cumming like never before and she was there, lapping up my juices as they freely flowed from me to her.

I would like to say that we stopped there, but I’d be lying. In fact, we’d just gotten started on the beginnings of a ten-year relationship where I’m still receiving the best loving a girl could ask for. I guess good things do cum to those who wait.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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