__________by Kittykattdark

I don't know how to explain, About this twitch in my hip,
A women walks by and something inside me just wants to take a sip.

My legs start to cross, My sistahood is calling, The essence of incense
burning, the desire for my flow is yearning.

These feelings that I feel, Make me feel, More like a woman, The soft touch,
The sweet smell. The curve in that hip, The sway when she moves, That dimple
in that upper thigh, Oh yes I'm ready to get my groove.

The sexy rise of a leg up the side of my body, The soft but sharp moans of
your voice, It's you that I want beside me.

As my fingers glide down, Your body starts to shake, Your mind takes you on
this fantasy date.

The square on your back, with your legs spread widely apart.
anticipating the touch of that never ending throb.

The clench of your hands grabbing me, The arch in your back is telling me, A
sweet song you will soon sing, Alone with a backup melody.

Let yourself go, I'm here to catch you, Don't hold back, Just let it flow.
Release yourself to me, relax your body, exhale, about this twitch in my hip. A woman walked by DAMN Boo... I'm here whole heartedly.

Bodies in a frenzy, Juices are running rich, We soon will have that problem
resolved of that unbearable sexual tension and twitch.

I don't know how to explain, I just know how I feel, When I have a women in
my arms, it's like a full course and well deserved meal.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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