__________by S. Rene' Mills

My eyes are closed.
Mouth slightly parted.
Then tranquil warmth, a lover's breath toying with my earlobe.
K-Ci 'Stays', as Jodeci plays but the sweet, sultry tunes go unnoticed.
Lips graze mine, and unhurriedly, I begin to kiss familiarity.
Eyes now open.
Adjusting to the darkness slightly illuminated by the streetlight.
I gain my focus, and you appear.
Touching me… there.
Tracing my intimacy with your fingertips.
Eyes closed.
Amidst the chaos running through my mind,
I rationalize the thoughts you, tasting me… there.
Immediately I find myself wanting to dissolve, dissipate or merely disappear
within you.
Or, moreover, just let your tongue vanish inside of me.
My eyes are open now. Really open.
The dawn peering through my window shade forces me to realize my realism.
Left with disheveled panty lines, sticky fingers, and the harsh reality…
That it was me.
It was always me.
Touching, me tracing, me caressing.
Me. I was the only one that was truly…

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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