She caught my attention as soon as she walked into the room of my seven pm jazz class. My eyes followed her from the door to the back of the room and stayed on her when she found a spot on the floor and started to stretch. The entire time, I was mentally thanking GOD that I was assigned to teach the young adult class instead of getting stuck with a room full of screaming three to six year olds for the fourth year in a row. I loved my job, and eventhough I was the youngest teacher in the dance school, I really wanted to get a class with people my age, mostly my friends. And I was hoping to get really friendly with the new girl. She was about 5' 3", nice build, caramel skin, warm brown eyes and long brown and black locks held in a ponytail above her head. Her skin tight dance outfit accented every curve from her round breasts to her thin waist, and down to the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. I became more attracted to her with every passing second.

I realized I was staring when she looked up at me and smiled. I became embarrased and looked away immediately, trying to figure out what to say, what to do, so as not to look as dumb as I felt for gettin caught. I grabbed the attendance sheet and pen from the chair next to where I was standing and sat down. "Aight ya'll. When I call your name, say here" I said loudly while my eyes quickly scanned the list to find a name I didn't recognize that would surely belong to the beautiful new gil. But I found several new names and looked up to see several new faces. I called the names one by one, each time looking up hoping the new girl would respond. When I'd read the last name, she still hadn't answered. I looked down at the sheet, thinking I had made a mistake and when I looked back up, she was standing in front of me.

"Umm, I'm new, so I don't think my name was on your list." She said in a voice so soft I could have melted in my chair.

"Ok, no problem." I said, trying to play it cool. "Tell me your name and I'll just write it in and get a reprint of the sheet.""It's Nicole Johnson. But you can write it in as Nikki, cuz that's what everyone calls me anyway."

I loved how she said Nikki when she told me her name. The way she kinda flicked her tongue, fully exposing the silver ring through it. It seemed almost nasty.

"Welcome Nikki, I'm Ty and I'll be your Jazz teacher. Have you ever taken Jazz before?" Yea, I knew it was time to start class, but I loved her voice and I needed to hear her speak again.

"No, I haven't actually. This is my first time, so please be gentle" We both let out a kinda nervous laugh. The entire time I was tryin to erase all the dirty thoughts from my head.

"Don't worry Nikki. I won't bite." Unless yo want me too. Oh shit, did I say that out loud?? No? K, good. "We're gonna get started now, but we can talk more after class if you'd like." I said, tryin to make it sound like an innocent invitaition and hoping she'd accept.

"Sure, I'd like that Ty" she said, wrapping her lips around my name and drawing it out slightly at the end. Damn, I wonder how she would sound screaming my name at the top of her lungs while I.... ooh, bad thoughts. Had to get them out of my head.

I went ahead and started the class, beginning with floor stretches and moving on to basic jazz steps. I tried not to look in Nikki's direction too often because I knew I'd be distracted. I did steal a few glances at her during the hour though, and I noticed that she looked a little unfamiliar with the movements. Though she seemed pretty agile and had an athletic build, she looked out of place in the class. I figured it was because she was new and maybe felt a little uneasy as a result of it. At one point, I noticed she was having trouble with a step, so I went up behind her and held her arms to adjust her body into the right position. Her skin was soft to my touch and I had to resist letting my hands linger on her body. I'm pretty sure no one thought my contact with Nikki was out of order, not even Nikki herself.

When the class was over, all of the other students were leaving and I started getting dressed to go home. Nikki went to the back of the room to get her things and then came over to where i was sitting.

"You did pretty well for your first day." I said "What kind of dance have you taken before?"

"Actually..." she started, but hesitated until the last person walked out the door. "I have a little confession. I'm not really in this class. I don't even dance. I play ball for the team that practices downstairs in the gym. I've seen you around and I just had to meet you. This was the only way I could think of to get your attention. I'm really sorry I lied to you, but I've been admiring you for a while and I didn't know how to approach you. Please don't be mad at me."

I looked her in the eyes, but waited before I spoke. As I thought back, I remembered seeing her play once in a tournament. She'd seemed so hard and aggressive on the court, and now she was quiet and feminine. She looked so different wearing skin tight clothes and with her hair pulled back, it was like two different people. I was impressed that she'd gone through so much just to get me to notice her. Shit, as good as she looked, I would have done the same thing if the tables were turned."So is your name even Nikki?" I said with a smile to let her know I wasn't mad.

"Yea, that part was true. I mean....I'm sorry, I've never done anything like this before."
She was turning me on and by now the dirty thoughts were flooding my head again. At this point, I didn't care if she was a dancer, a ball player or a freakin porn star. She had me open, and the fact that she wanted me excited me even more.

"I'll tell you what. If you let me take you out for a bite to eat, I'll fogive you." I said, laying on the charm."Sounds like a plan Ty. Just lemme finish getting dressed. I'll only be a minute."

"Aight, I'm gonna lock up and I'll meet you downstairs in a few." I said, and we walked out the room towards opposite directions. I resisted the urge to look back at her, and I went to the office to return the studio keys. Five minutes later, she came downstairs and we headed out to my car. I opened the passenger door for her and closed it when she got in. I got in the driver's side, started the car and we drove off. It was about 8:30 that saturday night so I figured anywhere we went to eat would be crowded. Besides, I wasn't all that hungry, at least not for food anyway.

"You have a taste for anything in particular?" I asked"Yea Ty. You" She replied seductively, rubbing my thigh.

I was a little surprised by how forward she was being, but I was even more turned on. At the next red light, I leaned over and we kissed hungrily until the light turned green. We did this at every light we came to, even at stop signs. At one point during the ride, I slid my hand down her sweatpants and felt how wet she was. She sucked on her thumb and moaned softly as my fingers stroked her hard clit. She used her other hand to guide two of my fingers inside of her. She grinded her hips into the seat and slid up and down on my fingers. Her moans became louder and deeper and I could feel my clit getting hard inside my pants. I was pretty good at driving with one hand, but it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on the road with her getting off int he seat next to me. I was relieved when I finally stopped the car in front of my house. I slipped my fingers out of her and jumped out of the car. I ran around, opened the door for her and led her up the walkway. As soon as we got into the house and closed the door behind us, I led her straight to the bedroom. We kissed and pulled off our clothes on the way so that by the time we got to the bed, we were both butt naked. I laid down on top of her, kissing her passionately and grinding my hips into hers. She felt so good underneath me, her bare skin warm against mine. My fingers found their way back inside her, making her purr like a horny kitten. I pumped them in and out of her dripping slit and she dug her nails deep into my back. The sensation was so intense, I thought I would come at any moment. She thrusted her hips back and forth and tried to get my fingers as deep inside her as possible.

"Oh shit Ty. Don't stop. Please. It feels so good" She moaned as I kissed my way down to her neck. I felt the spot that sent chills down her spine and made her back arch. She started fucking my fingers wildly and her moans became screams of pleasure.

"Oh shit Ty. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Ah baby, don't stop" Her voice sounded even better than I'd thought screamin my name. I felt her getting closer to cumming, so I slid my face down between her legs and dragged my tongue back and forth across her clit. I sucked and fucked her as hard as I could until she came in my mouth and all over my hand. I drank every drop of her juices and licked them off my fingers, then slid back on top of her. I held her body in my arms and kissed her, letting her taste her sweetness on my lips"Oh Ty. that was amazing." She said, her body still trembling.

"It's not over yet Nikki." I got up and walked over to my dresser. "Lay on your stomach for me" She did what I asked as I grabbed my 11 inch strap on from the top drawer and fastened it around my waist. I stood there for a minute, looking at Nikki face down ass up and started jerking my dick. Guess u could say I had a bad case of penis envy. I walked over and straddled Nikki's ass, spreading her legs out under me. I guided the head of my dick into her slit and slowly slid it halfway in. She let out a long moan and tried to lift her hips up to get me in further, but I wouldn't give it all to her just yet. I put both hands on her waist and slid in and out slowly, only giving her about 5 or 6 inches.

"Come on Ty. Fuck me harder. Please baby." she begged.
"You want me to go deeper Nikki?' I asked

"Oh fuck yea"
"You want it hard baby? You like this shit rough?" As if I didn't know what her answer would be.

"Yes baby. Please. Turn me the fuck out."
I slid the entire eleven inches into her very slowly. She let out a long "Oooooh shit Ty" and bit down on the pillow under her face. I slid in and out slowly, gettin off on the way her pussy swallowed all of my thick black dick.

"You sure u want it hard baby? You might not be able to walk in the morning"
"I want it Ty. Please. Give it to me."

I started fucking her faster and harder, slamming my dick into her.
"What's my name Nikki?"

"Tyyy!!" She screamed
"I said what's my muthafuckin name?"

"Tyyyy!!!!" She screamed louder.
I slapped her ass hard on the left, then right side. "Who the fuck do u beong to?"

"You baby!! Ah shit, Ty. You!! You!!"
"That's right. And don't you ever fuckin lie to me again, about anything, u hear me?" I felt myself cumming, so I grabbed a handfull of her locs and fucked her harder. "Shit is good ain't it? You gonna cum hard for me?"

"Oh yea Ty. I'm cummin for you. Make me cum baby."
"No. Don't come until I tell you to aight? You do what the fuck I say"

"Please baby. Please let me come. It feels so fuckin good."
I felt the orgasm building inside my body and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it back much longer. "You wanna come baby?"

"Oh god yes. Please"

I reached one hand between her legs and the other between mine and stroked both our clits in the same rhythm. We came together and our juices flowed into a creamy puddle on top of my sheets. We screamed out in pleasure and both of our bodies trembled together. I had never come that hard before in my life. I was so exhausted, I couldn't move a muscle for five or six minutes. So I just ay there on top of her back with my dick still inside her. When I gathered the strength to move my hips, I slowly pulled all eleven inches out of her, sending another wave of orgasm through her body.

"Oh Ty." She moaned, totally drained. I rolled my body off of her and held her in my arms. I kissed her on her forehead and gently stroked her hair as she fell asleep. Damn, I thought. I love my job.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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