I'm on the road quite a bit at night. All hours of the night, from midnight until very early a.m. It's quite lonely being out here on desolate roads with nothing to keep me company but myself and a sometimes working radio in this "no frills mobile"... It gets me around but I'm lucky when the radio works and the air-conditioning in the summertime. Surprisingly, the heater gives me no trouble in the cold weather. I love my baby, don't get me wrong but I sure wish the radio would work or that I could buy a new radio. But, it's not on my list of priorities right now.

There's this DJ that I LOVE to listen to on the local jazz station while I'm on the road. She has the sexiest damn voice! And good-looking to boot! You know how it is sometimes, those radio personalities have those lovely, sexy voices and when you meet them or see pictures of them you wonder HOW that voice could be coming from this face. But, Jasmyn was exquisite to look at and on top of that, she had the kind of smoky, sexy voice that just made your clit throb and your pussy swell just listening to her. My nights went by pretty quick when I could get my radio to work. I'd be fantasizing on how I could meet this womon and we could sex each other up. Damn, I had it bad for Mz. Jasmyn.

Well, one night I got my wish and had a repair call to fix some equipment at the radio station! HOT DAMN! Some of their communication equipment went down and bless my lucky stars it was our equipment. So, guess who got the call. Li'l old me. One to not pass up on this opportunity, I checked my clothes to make sure I was at least presentable. Doing repair work, you don't want to wear your Sunday finest but ya don't want to look like a complete bum either. Khaki casual but pressed, you know. No wrinkles, rumples, like you have been sleeping in your clothes for two days. I checked my face and most importantly, my breath! Popped a couple of "Altoids" to be assured I wouldn't bowl her over with my breath instead of my charm and wit! LOL I called the station to inform them I was enroute and give my eta. Of course it wasn't Jasmyn that answered the call and I thought to myself, "oh shit", it is possible that I wouldn't get a chance to even SEE her given the proximity of our equipment and where the studio was where she did her radio program. Well, I could only HOPE and PRAY (fervently I might add) that I'd get to meet her and more if I had anything to say in the matter.

I arrived about 30 minutes later and rang for entrance to the facility. It was the radio station's night communications tech who gave me access to the building and the equipment room where the outage was. He seemed like a nice guy, so while he was showing me to the equipment room, I made my plea.

"Hey guy, how's it going?"

"Ok, everything was real smooth until this equipment went down. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden, the shit just crashed!"

"Has it been reported to the local telephone company?"

"Yea, we got a ticket from them and we're waiting for a tester to call back but we wanted a tech here for the equipment just in case it isn't the telco's trouble."

"That's cool! I prefer it that way anyway, sort of have all the bases covered just in case. Hey, do you get to see Jasmyn any? I bet it's a GAS working here and hearing that voice every night."

"I get to see her on occasion... (this kind of gave me less hope of meeting her) but when I have seen her, she's always been very nice. She keeps to herself mostly. Private life is on the "dl", you know"

"I can dig that, being a "personality" and all, I'm sure she wants to keep as much time that she can to herself. Think I might be able to see her or meet her? I have always been curious about how radio programs are run (keeping to myself that it's really her I am curious about) and I don't know when I might get another opportunity like this... I promise I won't get in the way, I'll be as obscure as possible!"

The dude was cool, he kind of gave me a look like, "yea right you're curious about how a radio program is run." But, he said "I'll see what I can do."

Well, it was about an hour later when we got the equipment back up and running and they wanted to monitor it for about another hour. So, that gave us an hour to kill so this was the perfect opportunity for him to give me a tour of the radio station and I'd get to see how things were run. And it was the perfect opportunity to finally meet Jasmyn. My boxers were on their way to another wet night listening to sweet Jasmyn cast her sexy spell on the public. I was already under her spell, she had me hypnotized and ready to obey her every command, her every wish. We were able to see her and the engineer from an adjacent room. Jasmyn looked over and waved at Lewis, the communications tech and went back to what she was doing. He smiled and waved back.

After a few minutes, Jasmyn got up and came toward the room where we were seated watching the goings on. My heart started beating so erratically that I thought I was gonna have a heart attack before I even met her. Damn, I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of her eyes, so I tried to get a grip on my run away emotions before she made it to the room. Suave and debonair, charm and wit went flying out the window never to return. I could only hope that when I opened my mouth, something resembling English would come out! Well, the door opened and in stepped Jasmyn. The love of my life, the air I needed to breath, the food I needed to sustain my life, the goddess I needed to nurture my spirit. I wanted to drop to my knees and bow. To worship at her feet like Queen Nefertiti. She was truly a Nubian Princess. Smooth, dark chocolate skin like the finest Belgian chocolate and I could imagine just taking my fill of all her sweet loveliness. Brown eyes, beautiful hands, long slender fingers and I could picture them giving me ALL kinds of sensual pleasures. Teasing me, entering me, fucking me and making me beg for more. And I was willing to let her enter me where she wanted, when she wanted and for how long she wanted. Breasts and ass and legs and hips...THE BODY OF LIFE. And we hadn't even been introduced yet.

Brian and I stood when she entered (I was clocking "dat ass" when she came into the room and made my assessment as she walked toward us) and when she was in front of us, Brian introduced us.

"Jasmyn, this is O'chi, she's the equipment technician that took the trouble call when the network crashed. O'chi, this is Jasmyn Reece."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jasmyn. I've enjoyed your radio program a many a night out here on the road when it's nothing but me and my shadow for company!" Meeting Jasmyn, her body language was very open and friendly. She is very warm and down-to-earth. I took this as a good sign. Maybe a sista has a chance!

"It's nice meeting you too O'chi. I'm glad I can bring a little pleasure to your nights out on the road. I think you have a lovely name also. Tell me, how long have you been working these crazy hours? How long have you been repairing communications equipment?"

"Thank you. Well, I've been on nights 15 years and I've been a repair tech 17 years. I was "bumped" to nights because I was low on the seniority list 2 years ago and I have never been happier. These are the perfect hours for me. I am not a day person at all. So, how long have you been working this crazy shift?"

"Only a few years for me. And I find that I like this shift also. But, I find it kind of lonely too. All my friends work days and I find it hard to meet someone who can deal with the hours I work."

Well, my gaydar is "dinging" something awful. And the way she said "pleasure" earlier and she's talking about how she can't meet anyone who can deal with her hours... is she telling me, damn, we work the same hours, maybe we can hook up... Or was it wishful thinking and I was putting meaning where there was none? I was trying to read what her eyes may have been telling me but, her expression was shuttered. I was giving her "I'M AVAILABLE AND I WANT YOU" with my eyes. Whether she picked up on it, I could only hope. And if she picked up on it, it was my most heartfelt wish that she act. If I ever prayed to a deity I was praying that night and never had I wanted a prayer to be answered than this one. As "Sylvester" once sung, "Sell My Soul", I would've sold it in a NY minute.

As we were standing there chatting, my pager went off! DAMN, DAMN, and triple DAMN. Another trouble call. I took my pager off to see what the trouble was and where. To my dismay, this call was about an hour and a half away and I needed to be there like yesterday. It was a MAJOR outage. I had to take my leave of this beautiful Black Goddess. While we were standing there, Brian informed us, he had some work to do, so that left Jasmyn and I alone for a time before I had to run myself.

"Well Jasmyn, it's certainly been a pleasure talking to you and I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me and explain to me what it is you do. I really enjoyed spending time with you..." I was trying to think of something clever to say, anything, just wanted to spend a little more time with her. But, I really needed to make a phone call to call the customer to give them my arrival time. At that moment my pager went off again.

"Do you need to call someone, O'chi? If so, there's a telephone right here that you can use."

"Thank you, I do need to call this customer." Jasmyn turned to walk out of the room to give me privacy. I called to her to tell her she didn't have to leave. I made my call and hung up.

"I really need to be going."

"Well, O'chi it has been a pleasure for me also talking to you."

Jasmyn didn't say anymore. I sort of just stood there waiting for her to just give me some kind of sign that she was interested or something... anything.
Since I had such a long journey ahead of me, I asked if there was a restroom that I could use. Jasmyn gave me directions to where it was located and I headed in that direction, leaving my jacket and briefcase in the room where we were talking. I took care of my business and headed back to the room to pick up my jacket and tools. Jasmyn had returned to the studio, doing her radio thing. I put my jacket on, gathered my briefcase and turned to leave. Jasmyn turned, smiled and waved goodbye. I smiled back, heartbroken and waved goodbye to her also. I lost my chance to hook up with the sexiest voice in local radio history!

On the drive to my next job, I reached into my pocket for my "Altoids", 'cause once again I didn't want to offend anyone with my breath. Took out the tin and low and behold, there's a note within. I open it and it's from Jasmyn!!!!

"I recognize Wintergreen Altoids" when I smell them! I really appreciate you caring so much that you'd chew nearly the whole tin just so you wouldn't kill me! I really, really enjoyed spending time with you also and I want to see you again. This is my home number and address, maybe when you get off, you'd like to stop by for breakfast and..."

So, it wasn't my charm and wit after all, it was my Wintergreen Altoids!


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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