__________by Toni Wild

She kisses me so sweetly,
Placing her lips gently on mine.
Her touch caresses my soul,
Her body massages my eyes.
She was the most beautiful sight,
Even beautiful to the blind.
She made my body shiver,
And she stimulated my mind.
She kissed my lips to make me love her,
Kissed my spot to make me unwind.
I didn’t wanna have sex, but,
Damn, she got me wet between my thighs.
I couldn’t resist the way she made me feel,
So I gave in with a sigh.
She made my body feel good,
As she stuck her tongue deep inside.
The pleasure got to be too much,
So I let out a great cry.
I did more than just cum,
As our bodies intertwined.
I felt my soul connect to hers,
As she connected to mine.
She whispered in my ear,
That most famous line.
She said, “I love you, boo,”
And I knew she wasn’t lyin’.
A tear rolled down her cheek,
And I took that as a sign.
We laid together and dreamed of forever,
After we made love for the first time.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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