__________by Lovelybrown

Okay. True enough

You got that soft thang going on

That stud thing going on

Twisted with your vibrant Femininity

Under cover lady

Though I suppose your boys donít know

But it intrigues me

Makes me want to see if I can break you down

Or rather take you back to your essence

NahÖthe kid donít be stressing

Under normal circumstances

but you have me


See I know that you are usually the one that is

Providing, laying and slaying and putting it down

But I wanna be down and do you

Iím saying

Iím that new millennium femme or rather

call me a lesbian

Because I come across so skillfully that you would

think I was a professional thespian

In your play

By the way

Can I get loose with you?

and can you...

Can you just give up a little of that control?

That is traditionally never suppose to be let go

I am digging the stud but the femme in you I still

wanna get to know

But hold on baby

Donít get all tense and uptight

Because Iíll still call you pappa at the end of the night

No need to feel that your stud hood is being taken

Because of your place I'm not mistaken

And contrary to popular beliefs Iím not trying to possesses you and capture your spirit

Can you get with it?

See the ying and yang in me are aching

And something inside of you needs to be reawakened

And once we interact your body will be shaking

As I sit here with anticipation

Taking in that masculine energy

You have this unique gift of making me feel like such a lady

You got that soft thang going on

That stud thing going on

But I want to know what else is hidden under your boxers and Burberry cologne.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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