CA Lindsey

_____"Gurl... yo' ass is crazy! I can't believe you've got me going in and out of adult stores with you in search of a purrrfect La'Roy for your womyn to strap, your horny ass. Sheryl, it's hot as hell out here! Dayum, can't your womyn buy her own shit?" Vesta aggressively said.
_____"Look Vesta, I've already explained to you a hundred times. I want a La'Roy of my own, not one that my baby has used on other womyn, or that unreal feeling piece of shit she pumps into me. And I don't want her buying something that's gonna have my ass singing soprano, either! Do ya feel me? You know how she thinks, bigger is better," I annoyingly replied. "Plus the dildo she straps, the black dye in it makes my pussy burn and it even smells like rubber!"
_____"But shit Sheryl, its a hundred plus... dayum degrees out here! Can't we shop some other time when it's not so hot? We've been in and out of eight different stores already! My dogs are startin' to bark!" Vesta vocally snapped like a crocodile.
_____"See there, and you call yourself my so-called best friend! All I asked you to do was to go shopping with me, just a lil' favor and what do I get in return? An afternoon with my best friend sounding off loud, bitchin' and whinin' about the weather and your sorry ass feet, here in public... on the fuckin' sidewalks. Dayum! I swear, sometimes you are just too uncouth and downright freakin' embarrassing!" I yelled back at her.
_____"Ooh, ooh... Sheryl! Gurl, look at that shop." Vesta loudly cackled and stopped walking; she then pointed her finger at a shop across the busy street. Between the passing cars, the bicycle riders, motorcycles, vans and big trucks I saw the shop she was referring to. "That adult store is different, it has an Afrocentric flava. Look at all the Rainbow and African flags hanging from the building. I've never seen that place before it must be new. And Sheryl, check out the name of it!" she giggled with excitement.
_____In the display window we could see various sex toys tastefully surrounded with brightly colored kente cloth. The ancestral cloth was also under silver pedestals that elevated mahogany wood carved statues of lesbian couples in explicit sexual positions. From across the street we also noticed three life-size photographs of alluring, nude and erotic looking black females with bodies to die for. The pictures hung boldly suspended by chains from inside the store's ceiling. The candid pictures alone was an eye stopper and definitely inviting to onlookers passing by.
_____"Umph, looks kinda interesting." Vesta mumbled under her breath, as she wiped the beads of sweat that profusely drenched her forehead with a rumpled tissue. "Sheryl, let's check it out. Come on... let's get our asses over there," she anxiously said. "Dayum, if it ain't hot as a mothafucka' out here! But thank God for air-condition," Vesta sighed as she suddenly yanked my arm and practically rammed the two of us dangerously from the sidewalk into a moving taxicab in the snarled street traffic.
_____"Bitch, will you just chill, shit!" I yelled after our near death experience. While catching my breath and regaining composure on the crowded sidewalk, I quickly looked her up and down as if she were crazy, "What are you trying to do, get us killed?" I screamed.
_____We then stared at the shop and purposefully looked at each other and knew indeed, we were on a mission. And that mission was to get to the other side of the street. We dodged and wove our way through the inextricable traffic. With honking horns and car stereo's in competition to out blast its vibrating bass even louder than the next car, the echo's of confused music whaled endlessly throughout the air. Vesta and I endured and encountered catcalls from wannabe playa's both male and females, that hid their roaming greedy eyes behind fake ass designer shades. Not to mention, we got called some discerning names too, names other than what was recorded on our birth certificates. Therefore, we were forced to temporarily lay our sophisticated ultra femme manners aside, as we cursed and flipped our third finger at a few ignorant shit talkin' niggah's driving by. At last, Vesta and I had made our way through the bustling city street and had finally reached the other side in one piece and still alive!
_____Once inside the shop, instantly, we were refreshed by the coolness of central air. Our hot sweaty bodies also welcomed and absorbed every semblance of the boutique's elaborate décor. The plush royal purple carpet made us feel as if we were standing on air. On the surrounding walls were mirrors, which made the already spacious boutique appear even larger. In front of the aisles were street poles with signs naming the category of sexual items found in that particular area, which directed customers to every imaginable item of carnal pleasure. There were individual sections full of various vibrators, dildos, strapons, anal stimulators, clit and nipple toys, and a bondage fantasy aisle.
_____"Welcome to the Clitlicious Boutique," an attractive brown-eyed, soft butch said as she approached and graciously greeted us at the entrance of the store. She stood approximately 5'9" and looked to weigh about 190 solid pounds. Her almond complexion appeared to have been recently enhanced by the rays of the summer sun. And when she spoke her pearly white teeth flashed behind her kiss-me, thick lips. With a freshly cropped haircut, closely groomed to her scalp, this womyn was absolutely breath taking. She was wearing a multi-colored, loose fitting unisex African print pantsuit. And she had four pierced sparkling gold stud earrings in each ear.
_____" Hello ladies, my name is Jaeyla, I'm the proprietor of this boutique. If there's anything you are in need of, please feel free to ask for help or just look around. Here at the Clitlicious Boutique we are proud to showcase superior items of quality made especially for lesbians of color, to entice our erotic fantasies. We are fully stocked with various sexual items, made especially for us, by us. It is our purpose and desire to help our sisters obtain full and heighten sexual pleasure," she said seductively before walking away and greeting another group of females that had entered the boutique.
_____"Sheryl!" Vesta whispered while tugging at my arm, "Did you see how Jaeyla was looking at me?"
_____"Oh please...! Get a grip, Vesta. She's greeting everyone the same way. Look at her," I pointed to where Jaeyla was standing, "I'm sure she probably has those lines memorized," I sarcastically replied.
_____"No, I tell ya, she was definitely coming on to me. I just know it! Did you see the lingering eye contact she gave me?" Vesta excitedly said as she suddenly turned her head in the direction of a wannabe butch thug standing nearby, who was obviously trying to ear hustle our conversation. We both silently gave the nosey sistah the evil eye and she quickly walked away with an angry defeated look on her face.
_____"Okay, let's start looking for my La'Roy. This shop has so many of them to choose. You know gurl... I've never had to buy a strapon for any of my womyn before. But, I have to admit this is exciting... you know it's like selecting the ultimate dick. Vesta, look at this one. It feels so natural and if my womyn had the real deal, her La'Roy would be this color and texture, too. M'mm just smell it, it has no odor. Plus, it's the right size for me, eight inches, is plenty enuff for me to decently get my shit off. Hey, check out the veins on this sucker. Dayum, my womyn is gonna love strappin' this bad boy."
_____"Shit, the way you talk about "La'Roy's I sometimes think yo' ass want some real life dick!"
_____"Vesta, shut'd up!" I practically screamed and quickly looked around the shop to see if anyone had overheard her. "What are you trying to do, get me ran out of this boutique? What you said ain't funny at all. Besides you know dayum well, I don't be trippin' like that. Just because I enjoy penetration too, doesn't mean I want some shit talkin', sorry ass, no pussy eatin' sweaty brotha' all up in me!"
_____"Calm down, Sheryl, you know I was just kiddin' yo' ass. Shhhhh... Jaeyla's walking towards us. Act like we're still shopping," Vesta nervously said as she snatched the dildo out my hand and pretended to closely exam it.
_____"Oh ladies, I see you've chosen an excellent item. This strapon harness set has a vacuum lock system that assures the dildo will stay securely in place. I'm sure the two of you will find this particular selection extremely satisfying," she said with a pretentious smile.
_____"Jaeyla, the strapon is for my friend Sheryl and her partner." Vesta quickly replied intimating our non-sexual relationship. "We're just good friends, we ain't fuc.., I mean she's not my womyn. I'm not involved with anyone. By the way, my name is Vesta and as you now know, this here is my friend Sheryl."
_____"Tell me, Jaeyla, what's so different about this particular dildo, I mean...there's so many here that look alike and feel pretty much the same." I asked.
_____"Well, perhaps you would like to view the demo video of this item," Jaeyla smiled and then noticeably winked her right eye at Vesta.
_____"Yesssss! We would love to see it applied worn and used," Vesta blurted out.
_____"Vesta, take my hand," Jaeyla softly said while looking directly into Vesta's flirtatious eyes. I suddenly then felt like an outsider, as I observed the body language and chemistry exchanged between the two of them. "Do you want to know how that La'Roy, you're looking at, feels strapped on me?" Jaeyla coyly asked as she gently took Vesta's hand and started sensually rubbing it, then she guided Vesta's hand below her waist to the bulge in her pants. I couldn't believe what I was seeing right there in the boutique. Jaeyla had my best friend feeling up on her, as if no one else was around. "Perhaps you'd like to rub your fine body next to mine, I want you to feel the naturalness of it," she erotically said.
_____"Hold up! Look Jaeyla, if hands on, is part of this boutiques customers satisfaction policy then perhaps we should leave right now! I don't appreciate you trying to seduce Vesta in public," I angrily said.
_____"Oh Sheryl, why don't you just be quiet and go over there." Vesta pointed to a counter across the shop where the oils, condoms, lubricates of various colors and flavors, body heating lotions were displayed. I could see that Jaeyla had worked her magic on my friend and Vesta was enjoying the personal attention she was receiving and probably was getting horny as hell in the midst of her stupidity.
_____"I'm sorry ladies, Sheryl, you're absolutely right. I am behaving in an unprofessional manner. Please forgive me. And Vesta, I really didn't mean to disrespect you. It's just when you walked into the boutique my heart all at once dropped. I see womyn everyday coming in and out of this shop, but I've never seen anyone as alluring and gorgeous as you."
_____"I've had enough of this! Jaeyla I'll take this 8" ultra skin cock. Could you please have someone ring it up for me?" I said while tightly gripping my new La'Roy in my hand.
_____"Sheryl, I'm sorry, but all of the items on this shelf are sample displays. I have a two-week, back order on this popular strapon. I can call your order in first thing Monday morning," she said.
_____"Well, you do just that and I'll see you in two-weeks!" I replied with an attitude. "Vesta, are you coming with me?" I asked while looking her straight in the eyes. Although, I already knew her obvious answer to my question before she even opened her mouth.
_____"No... I think I'll hang around a lil' longer. But hold up Sheryl," she then reached into her cluttered purse and pulled out a subway token and handed it to me. "You be sure to be careful crossing the street, ya hear?" she said with a smirk on her face.
_____At that moment, I was mad as hell. I felt like pounding my right fist upside Vesta's head for being so dayum gullible. I also was upset and angry about having to leave the boutique without my La'Roy. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice calling my name from a short distance, I turned around and saw my womyn walking towards the three of us.
_____"Hey sweetie, what are you doing up in here?" she asked with a trusting smile.
_____"I might ask you the same question. But, the reason I'm here was to surprise you with a new strapon," I replied and waited for her explanation as to why she was there.
_____"How are you doing Vesta and Jaeyla? By the way, Jaeyla there was a message today on my answering machine that my order was in. My name is Diamond Johnson, remember?" my womyn asked while wrapping her arms around my waist.
_____"Yes, Ms. Johnson, it's in the back, I'll go and get it," Jaeyla said with a huge grin on her face. "Sheryl, I think you'll be pleasantly pleased to see what your partner has ordered for the two of you." Jaeyla then turned and walked quickly towards the back of the boutique.
_____When Jaeyla returned she was holding a neatly wrapped brown package. "Here's your new La'Roy, Sheryl I'm sure you'll be happy to know it's the exact same one that you wanted to order."
_____"And baby," my womyn said while looking directly into my eyes and laughing, "I didn't even super size it," she then hugged and kissed me and intimately whispered in my ear, "Baby, let's go home and get properly acquainted with our new La'Roy."
_____After saying goodbye, we left Vesta and Jaeyla standing in the corner of the boutique still making googley eyes at each other. My womyn and me quickly exited the boutique holding hands and smiling. I was sure that later on, Vesta would find herself once again sweltering in a heat wave with her heart racing in anticipation of an exhilarating climatic journey to the other side. I imagined Vesta and Jaeyla alone together just like my womyn and me enjoying La'Roy.
_____ No doubt, Vesta's entire body will be out of control and saturated in dripping hot salty perspiration, again. And the exciting sounds of sensual heavy rhythmic breathing will surround her, along with irrepressible moans of pleasure will be heard throughout the privacy of a sizzling room. Unmistakably, no... I'm most definitely sure, whenever that time comes Vesta's ass won't be bitchin' and whinin' about that kind of heat. But then again, neither will I.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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