Part 1

_____Caroline Hill was exhausted, mentally and physically. She walked into her comfortable home and thankfully sat down. Her head hurt and she resisted closing her eyes, because when she closed her eyes all the memories come rushing back. She got up and went over to the medicine cabinet and took two Tylenol and willed her headache to go away. However she knew it wouldn't. She was still in pain, but she didn't want to take the painkillers the doctor gave her. She went to her bedroom and drifted into a nightmare-ridden sleep.

Danielle Scott sat by her sisters hospital bed and silently begged her sister to wake up. Her sister Cameron was lying in the hospital bed motionless, in a coma. The doctors weren't sure if she was going to come out of it. She had serious head trauma and it didn't look to good. She kissed her sister on the forehead and walked out of the room and went over to where her mother Helen and younger sister Amani were sitting. Her mother's eyes were red from crying and her sister was trying to be brave and strong for her mother but Danielle could see the tears in her sister's eyes. She walked over to them, kneeled down on the floor and hugged them both.
_____"My Baby," Her mother sobbed.
_____"Shhh Ma, it's gonna be ok, she's gonna wake up," Amani said trying to console her mother.
_____It broke Danielle's heart to hear her mother crying for her daughter.
_____"What happened?" Danielle asked.
_____"That woman crashed into her," Helen said.
_____"What woman," Danielle asked confused, Helen tried to answer but only more sobs came out.
_____"Amani, you tell me what happened," Danielle said as her mother went back into the hospital room to sit next to her daughters bed.
_____"That bitch Caroline Hill,"Amani spat out, she was obviously furious.
_____"What happened?"
_____Amani took a deep breath to calm herself so she could tell her sister what happened. "Cameron was on her way home from Trey's house, so when she told me she was on her way home, I told her to be careful, and she said she would. It was getting late and I was worried about her because Trey only lived a half hour away and it had been over an hour and she wasn't home. I was getting ready to call Trey's house when the phone rang, I thought it was her, but it was the Hospital saying she had been in a car accident and could we get to the Hospital as soon as possible."

Amani obviously wanted to say more but she had burst into tears. Danielle wrapped her in her arms and held her while she cried.
_____"She was driving through an intersection when that bitch came out of now where and hit her on the drivers side of her car,"Amani said through her tears. And started crying again.
_____Danielle held her tight and fought the urge to scream and curse. But she knew she had to be strong for her mother and sister.
_____Their father had left when they were kids, their mother raised all three of them by herself. They were all really close. Their love for each other was abundant and unconditional. If someone had a problem with one sister, they had a problem with all three. They argued occasionally, but their love for each other was never doubted or questioned. Danielle was the oldest at 24, Amani was the youngest at 18 and Cameron was the middle child at 20. When Danielle left home after graduation it was hard for all the sisters, they were so used to always being together that when Danielle left it was a shock to all of them. They remained very close and whenever she came home it was a special time for the whole family. This was devastating to the family and she knew she had to do something, but what? She felt helpless. She couldn't stand to see her mother and sister hurting this way.
_____"So where is Caroline now?" Danielle asked her weeping sister.
_____"Home I guess, that Bitch put Cameron in a coma and she walked away with scrapes and bruises. It's not fair Danielle."
_____"I know hon, I know."
_____"See, right now I'm ready to go over to her house and fuck her up."
_____"Don't talk like that, your upset, I need you to be strong for Ma, she needs us right now, we have to stick together if were going to get through this."
_____"I know, but I'm so damn angry Danielle, I cant believe this happened, Just today we were talking about taking a trip to Florida, I hate that Bitch,"Amani said with pure hatred in her voice.
_____"Well, what did the police say."
_____"They said it was an accident and they couldn't determine who causedit, so they let her go! They didn't arrest her and put her in jail or anything!" Amani said outraged.
_____Danielle could see that Amani was getting herself worked up and she tried to calm her down. They were at the hospital for the rest of the night and all day the next day. They finally went home to sleep, shower and come back to the hospital. Danielle took a leave of absence from her job, and moved back home. She needed to be home with her family and she lived too far to commute.
to be continued

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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