__________by Siren

The Stripper in My Soul

Stands poised
Back curled
Shoulders squared
Waist and butt
A wavy quintessential S
Palms supine__________fine
She waits__________center stage
In cleansing light
Chin and breasts salute
The rapture
Her ripped belly commands
Thighs sloping__________cut colonnades
Worthy of serenade
A matador a
In tinsel bright
Before bullish eyes
Silent mocking months and
Flared nostrils
Fists fat with green sprouts
They hoof the floor
For now and
Can barely wait for
The music
To twine them
To wind her
In sheer delight


That Stripper in My Soul

Undulates__________a cobra lost
Inside her creamed glow
Famished don’t-blink__________stares
That lick the air__________to taste
Her high-heeled nerve
Her verve
Her singing curves
The rhythm
Of her red cape
In the teasing twitch
Of her hips
In the sweet talk in
Her walk
In the quick quivers__________in her thighs
In her sassy
I dare you to blink__________wink
Her stop and drop__________wop
Leaving staccato breath
A symphony synchronized
To bring ringed-noses
Stuffed jeers__________greedy peers
Arrogant sneers__________licorice-red leers
To the foot of the__________ring
Where velvety visions
Mandate a warped worship
In skewed air


Miss Stripper in my Soul

Knows what
Others haven’t been told
That the most beautiful
They’ll ever see
Is a woman
To the music
In her soul
That dictates
Her body is art
A thing of
Contrary to who
Judges her
A discredited deed
Knows what
She strips away
Is more than
Is__________a Society’s conviction
A stripped body
Ought to be
A closed-door jurisdiction
Left to be slayed
In a sandy pen
Stiff greenery
Stuck in the soft back of
Eatable art
For which Society sees no other__________part

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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