__________by FEMnominal a.k.a Phenmenal Femm
Dedicated to : Erika

Once back in time we never were together but not really
We were both immature but mature to know we had been hurt
Afraid to give our all
Afraid to Love one another
Afraid to be happy
So we ran
Ran away from the "Relationship"
Ran From happiness
Ran away from Love
Now instead of being immature about things we can finally be real
Real enough to know we want and will be together
We tell our feelings
Holding nothing back
Sharing our emotions through sexual contact
Feeling my slit awaken from your touch,your kiss
Just wait and see my love will be more tense than an orgasm
Not only will you be able to taste the cream you make
But u will also hear the beating of my heart
Once back in time we were together but not really
That was the past
This is the present
So long ago were we lonley?
But now are we happy?
The past seems so long ago
But our present will make up for lost time

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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