_____The sun was so bright, she could have sworn it was sitting on her bed. Nikki's mind was going in circles. She tried to remember what happened last night or was it that she did remember and tried to forget. Nikki sat up in bed and retraced the events of the night before....
_____ She had called Carla after she decided she had enough with Dwayne. He had the nerve to answer a page and use her phone to call some girl, she knew it was a girl because he had to leave the room and then leave altogether in a hurry.
_____ Nikki needed to get out and knew that Carla wasn't doing anything-never was. "Wanna got to a movie?" She asked Carla.
_____ "Sure, which one?"
_____ "It doesn't matter."
_____ "Better yet, why don't we just rent some and pig out," Carla suggested.
_____ "Sounds good to me." Nikki answered, "I'll be over in a few."
_____ They drove to the video store and stopped to pick up snacks. Carla put the popcorn in while Nikki put in the move, she had prepared two glasses of Chardonnay and a vegetable tray. "Make yourself comfortable,"she told Nikki.
_____ "I always do."
_____ They talked about what happened with Dwayne and Carla told her she put too much trust in men. "That's why I don't have one, they are only good for one thing, and really I can go without that."
_____ "How can you say that, don't you get horny just like everyone else?"
_____ "Yeah, that's true but I don't have to rely on them to satisfy me."
_____ "Whatever," Nikki said.
_____ The movie started and Carla noticed that Nikki wasn't watching. "What's going on in that mind of yours?"
_____ "Nothing, just thinking about Dwayne and what I am going to do about him."
_____ "Don't sweat that stuff girl, you have me."
_____ "I have you but I need him."
_____ "And why is that?"
_____ "You know"
_____ "No, I don't know, tell me."
_____ "I mean I need him to keep me satisfied sexually."
_____ "And you don't think that can happen with anyone else?"
_____ "No, I don't, I mean I don't think so."
_____ "So, you are saying, you don't know."
_____ "I don't know."
_____ "I can show you."
_____ "Show me, what are you talking about?"
_____ "Just drink your Chardonnay and I'll show you in a minute." Carla left the room and returned wearing a silky robe. Nikki had gotten comfortable on the floor and Carla sat beside her. "Ready?"
_____ Nikki sat up, startled "Ready for what?"
_____ "For me to show you that you can be satisfied without Dwayne.”
_____ "I guess.”
_____ With that, Carla kissed Nikki hard on the mouth. As she kissed her, Nikki showed no sign of resistance. Carla unbuttoned her top and caressed her breast. Nikki exhaled, and Carla knew she was enjoying it. Nikki's clothes came off easy as Carla assured her it was OK. She laid back and stretched across the floor as if she was releasing years of tension.
_____ Carla knelt between her legs and smoothed her skin. She started at her neck and worked down. Paying close attention to the sensitive areas of her body: the sides of her breasts, her nipples, the round of her stomach and the insides of her thighs. Nikki opened herself up to Carla not knowing what was going to happen, but willing to let it.
_____ Carla traced the hairline on Nikki’s pussy with her finger then followed with her tongue. Nikki tensed up but for only a second. Carla’s, tongue seemed to warm as it touched Nikki. She licked the insides of her pussy lips and then around her clit. Taking it in her mouth and sucking gently. Nikki felt the intense pleasure move up through her body, she touched herself all over, squeezing her own nipples added to the excitement of the moment. Her own hands felt foreign to her as she caressed herself. Carla continued as she lifted Nikki’s hips to meet her mouth. She licked with anticipation of pleasing and being pleased. After she thought Nikki was on the verge of exploding, she came up for air. "Want to try?”
_____ "Me?” Nikki asked
_____ They moved in sequence as Carla climbed up and over, touching and kissing in the process. Nikki held on to Carla’s shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Thank you,” she whispered.
_____ "Don’t thank me yet,” Carla assured her.
_____ Nikki kissed her deep and hard. She put her fingers inside Carla’s pussy and felt Carla’s muscles take hold. Nikki slid easily between her legs and the sweet smell filled her nostrils and set her nerves singing. She placed two fingers inside again and fucked her that way. Carla moved with the rhythm that came from her being and touched Nikki’s hand to let her know she was doing good. Nikki removed her fingers and sucked on them. Ummm, that’s good, she thought. Nikki then placed her tongue where she thought would satisfy Carla, being unsure but sure, she sucked on her clit gently.
_____ "Harder,” Carla pleaded.
_____ It only took the word for Nikki to comply. She licked and sucked until she knew Carla was about to explode. Stopping only long enough to climb up and around, Nikki placed herself over Carla so that they both could experience the magic that was happening. Carla grabbed Nikki’s hips and pressed them down over her face, Nikki buried her tongue in Carla’s dripping pussy as they both rocked to an unheard beat and convulsed together.
_____ Nikki rolled over. The sun was so bright, she could have sworn it was on her bed. She had remembered what happened the night before. Nikki picked up the phone. "Carla, want to rent some movies tonight?


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