Michelle Bonluv
(part one)

_____She was always amazed by the beauty of women. Beautiful creatures, all shapes, sizes , and colors; women had intrigued and excited her for as long as she could remember.
_____The brisk night air chilled her skin as she walked rapidly to her white mustang convertible. It was nearly ten o'clock and her buddies, Sasha and Ro would be waiting for her at the club; bitching as usual because she was habitually late.
_____Sherry jumped into her ride and popped in the newest Lil' Kim CD and pumped up the volume as she peeled out of her parking garage. Sherry was a bit of a showoff although she would never admit it. Ro always said she couldn't pull up to a stop light without flossing and looking at the usually less fortunate, less cool, less beautiful drivers pulling up beside her. Sherry's favorite times were when some witless guy pulled up beside her ready to flirt; she'd stick out her tongue seductively, then flip him the finger and throw her white stallion into gear watching him eat her dust as he faded into the distance. But the very best was when she had a particularly beautiful creature sitting beside her with the top down.
_____There was no greater feeling than pulling up beside a car load of horny guys and watching them drool over two beautiful women , and then watch them gag and curse when they noticed that she had her fingers tickling her woman's wet pussy beneath her skirt. The looks on their faces was always unforgettable.
_____Traffic was tight on the West Side Highway, and Sherry found it necessary, but fun to weave in and out of traffic to speed up her arrival at the club. It was always good to get there early so you could see every one coming into the club and have your pick before nights end. On a good night sometimes you got two picks.
_____It had been a while since Sherry had been out on the prowl. A long term relationship recently ended, had wrecked Sherry's practical sensibilities and her Lion was due for walk out of his cage. This was going to be a good night; she could feel it. As she pulled up to the club She noticed a small line gathering at the entrance. "Oh, yeah the honey's better watch out tonight," she thought out loud.
_____ Sherry pulled up in front and double parked. She always liked to sit out front for a few minutes before she parked as if she was contemplating whether she was going inside. She could usually scope out two or three women that were cruising her already. She'd make a mental note of the outfits and the faces before she went in so she could shimmy up behind them on the dance floor later on. No one caught her eye so she swung around the block and found her usual parking space empty.
_____"What's up Money!, ahh shit, everybody better forget it, the Mack Mama is back in da house, Yo where you been Yo?"
_____"I was out of town , ahem! On lock down you know the deal."
_____Elaine laughed and gave her a peace hug, she was the bouncer, big black and bodacious, "strictly ghetto" was the only way to describe her. She was cool and had always been really sweet, Sherry genuinely liked her. Sherry glided right past the line during this exchange with Elaine and appreciated the star treatment which could only help her image. Sherry slipped Elaine a ten dollar bill as she walked past, Elaine said, "You know you aint gots to pay to get in here, shit these bitches should be paying you."
_____"Nah, E, that's for you, buy yourself a drink or something baby, I'll talk to you later."
_____Sherry went directly to the pool lounge where she knew she would find Ro and Sasha. They were both certified poolaholics and spent most of their time in the pool lounge posturing. Sherry always teased them both because they couldn't really dance. Everybody knew that there were two ways to impress women at the clubs. One was swaggering around a pool table slamming those shiny balls into those holes around the table or moving your body to the beat and sweating up a storm. For Sherry nothing worked better than sidling up behind a fine assed woman that she'd been checking for all night, and swaying her body up against her firm round ass.
_____Sherry saw Sasha bent over the table about to sink the eight ball and Ro leaning on the short bar trying to put the moves on a short big tittied Jamaican chick. "Yo, wus up Amigas." Sherry shouted to Sasha over the blasting music.
_____"Well, Well, Well if it ain't Janey come lately, Shit I'd hate to be waitin for yo ass on a cold rainy night, you was suppose to meet us at nine for dinner at Jenny's, what happen to you? It's almost eleven." Sasha said cynically as she slammed the eight ball home.
_____"You know I gots to primp before I come out, if there's nobody around to rush me I'll change clothes ten times before I'm out the door."
_____Sasha grabbed Sherry and gave her a peace hug. "Yo we missed you, I'm glad you came out. Yo, have you seen the honey's in this piece tonight, Yo the mommies is thick to death."
_____"No but I'm about to make my rounds, you know this pool shit is not me, I gots to probe the dance floor, You and Ro can work this pool lounge, this is yall's territory."
_____Sherry looked over to the short bar and saw that Ro was leaning closer in on Jamaica funk and was not even acknowledging her presence. Sherry walked over to them and put her arm on Ro's shoulder and nudged her head in between Ro and Jamaica and said, "Excuse me MISS but do you know you are rapping to a married woman?"
_____"Sherry! What the fuck are you doin, yo! Keesha this is my friend Sherry and she has a fucked up sense of humor, I am not EVEN married, you don't see no ring on my finger do you?, alright." Ro's new friend seemed to find this amusing and there was no harm done.
_____"Damn Ro you ain't give me no love, I know you trying to get your swerve on but ya coulda said 'hi, wus up' or somethin. I haven't seen you in I don't know how long, you callin me on the phone, 'Oh Shea you need to come out , you need to hang wit me blah, blah, blah..' Now I'm here and you don't even speak."
_____"Oh please, Miss Honey, I know you ain't giving me grief. When you the one talking to a woman, can't nobody find you, can't nobody say shit to ya, so don't even try it!" They both laughed and embraced, it had been a long time since they had hung out and hound dogged together.
_____Sherry had missed the close aggressive comradery during her months of absence from the lesbian club scene. "Listen I'm sorry sweetheart I just haven't seen my girl in along time and I had to mess wit her a little bit, let me buy you guys a drink." Miss Jamaica smiled when Sherry flashed her smile and blushed at the offer.
_____"No, that's alright I'm buying the drinks over here, Miss suave," Ro gave Sherry the look knowing all too well Sherry's ability to swoop in on a chick with just a quick smile and some charming wit. Ro didn't have anything to worry about tonight, since Keesha was cute, but not quite Sherry's type. Sherry was not settling for anything less than a dime tonight.
_____"Well fine, have it your way, I'm having a double Hennessy straight up. So what time did you guys get here?"
_____"Well we waited for your ass at Jenny's till about ten o'clock and then we broke out, and came over here, I knew your ass was gonna be late anyway."
_____As Ro spoke Sherry's eye's wandered around the room. The pool lounge never seemed to hold her interest for very long and Sherry usually left Ro and Sasha after a few drinks and a game of pool just to satisfy them. As Sherry looked around the lounge she knew tonight wasn't going to be any different. Sherry shot the breeze with Ro and Keesha for a few minutes, finished her drink, and excused herself. Sasha was racking up for another game, when Sherry let her know she was going upstairs to see if any thing interesting was going on.
_____The Dance floor was packed with bodies swaying to pounding club music. Sherry made her way through the crowd and let the music take her; it had really been a long time since she'd went out and enjoyed herself. As soon as she got to the middle of the floor she could hear one of her favorite songs being mixed into the song being played. Just as Sherry began to throw her hands up she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist from behind. Sherry turned around and saw that it was Sharon.
_____ Sharon had been on her trail for months after Sherry had taken her home one lonely night shortly after her break up with Nilda. That was one night that Sherry didn't want to remember, and Sharon couldn't seem to forget. Sherry hadn't been back to the club or out dancing since that night. Sherry welcomed the unexpected dance partner and took this opportunity to get her freak on. "Oh, baby!" Sharon shouted over the music into Sherry"s ear, "where the hell have you been keeping your fine assed self, I called you, and I paged you but you never return my calls, wus up with that boo?"
_____Sherry pulled her close pretending that she didn't hear what she said, and ran her hands down the length of her body and squeezed her ass as she pulled her into her own pelvis. Sharon was a very beautiful Spanish mommy with long dark hair, full hips, and an ample round bosom. Sherry shook and swayed to the music holding Sharon close all the while. She made sure to hold her ass firm and grind her pubic bone into the girls hip every chance she could get.
_____"You are so damned nasty Sherry, but you're still a big tease."
_____"I didn't tease you that night did I?"
_____"Oh yes you did, cause it was only one night . . ."
_____Sherry let the girl's voice drown into the music and enjoyed the swell of sweaty female bodies moving in rhythm all around her. They danced for another song and Sherry told her she was tired and offered her a drink. "Do you want me to go and get the drinks?" Sharon asked as she clung to Sherry's waist.
_____"Check it out boo I think I see my friend coming up the stairs, here take this and get me a bottled water I'll be back and we can sit and talk about old times." Sherry shouted as she handed her a twenty. Sherry did not want to get stuck with Sharon all night and had no intention of getting her action cut off this early in the evening. Sherry was relieved to see Sasha come upstairs and pushed her way through the crowd and grabbed Sasha's arm. "Yo! I am soo glad you came up, you saved me from that chick Sharon."
_____"What's wrong with Sharon she's fine, shit I been tryin to get wit her for months, but all she ever wants to talk about is" Where's Sherry".., she's really interested in you, she was grilling me for info about you and Nilda, she was tryin to get all in your business, she is diggin you Money !,you must be crazy not to want to get with her again."
_____"I'm not feelin her, I told you that after I took her home that night, I don't know maybe it was just too soon after Nilda. But I'm definitely not trying to get stuck with that ball and chain tonight yo."
_____"You' re so picky, and at the same time you're so lucky, you could probably have any chick in here, Shit Sherry you used to run through these chicks like water, you're a fucking legend in this piece."
_____ Sherry found this description of her amusing, because although she had a healthy ego, she no longer liked to think of herself as a playa. "Yeah but tonight I want something new; is that a crime?" Sherry asked.
_____"Nah I guess not Money, actually its a good thing," Sasha sighed , "I'm just glad you're here and trying to bounce back after that crazy shit with Nilda, I was starting to get really worried about you sista," Sasha stared seriously at Sherry for a moment and grabbed her and hugged her earnestly. Sherry was touched by her concern and warmly welcomed her friendly embrace. "Now lets go to the other side and check out the reggae room, tonight it's your world squirrel!!! Let's do this."

to be continued . . .

Copyright © 1998. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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