__________by Soule Purpose

imagine slow kiss
contours of ebony skin
wrapped with ebony sins
the type that turns your
sign into a Scorpio
slow she dipped emotional

She doesn't exist
I wish
I could be sprung
tongues flung
with the sounds of a love jones tone
written in stone
of how much she loves me
floats the red key
where intimacy reveals secrecies

She doesn't exist
the way the sun and the moon lit
create butterflies
resulting into a deep soul cry
where happiness equals tears for years
of a heartbreak of never getting over it

She doesn't exist
to fit
she clashes
she never lasted
through irate love doses
a mystification of different poses
dried the truth

She doesn't exist
because if she did
my sub would consciously
rise to the surface
instead consume
and multiply these curses
of the continuum of painful surges

She doesn't exist
because too many women
don't love self
left behind their souls
composed of half-truths
and imprecise realities
that they can't even truly see

She doesn't exist
because the woman I search
God has yet to create
to sit and mentally debate
if these emotions bring purity
to feel the sensitivity of internal
to walk paths of a life line surgical
heart removal

She doesn't exist
my lack to persist
to simply wait
as she appears through bright light
an envious sight to seize
the newness of a slight breeze
upon my cheek

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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