__________by Pheonix Phire

My thesis is unstated
Dated at the time of my birth.
and still i know not
of the mysteries i search for.
vast quantities of pain and hurt
have over flowed the cup
from which i drink and eat
and still..
where is my savior?

clocks tick the now, now
of times
Taught through open books
of blank pages.
written only apon open minds
and reflecting eyes.
lost in a sea of deaf
and stubborn ears.
i sang my song.
you did not hear.

Dried blood stained
the sheets of yesterday
and seeped somehow
Into my happiness
to darken the door post
of blue skies that cry
the sullen tears of my mistress,
that waters the lush greenery
of the scene that now lays before me.
she closed her eyes.
And somehow i knew
the story did not end here.
There was still more to come.
more to tell.

Great winds moved across
the lands that connects us;
my heart to hers.
and kisses showered away my tears.
How did we get here?
i wondered
as i walked the roads
i now knew
would lead me home.
Soft music rustled the leafs
of trees that grew in my life time,
and fruit fell to rest at my feet.
i lay.
sullen and confused
not knowing the fate of my night
and her words rang suddenly in my mind
causing the sudden rush of tears
that i'd fought so hard to hide.
They could hide no longer.
My egaer soul, swam through the salty sadness
and searched for a new reality.
One where her hands held mine.
and her kisses were yet still sweet.

I'm calling to you.
Reaching past time, i touched
the newness that was sure to come
and lighten the load of heavy.
I'm here for you
waiting paciently, i sat
calling my heart back to me.
Bitter sweet.
Love tried to speak
but pain has made me deaf
to her words.
Love spoke anyway..
"I have not gone from you.
Still i am here..
Loving you.
Wanting you.
But this is too much
and you deserve more
then i can bare to give
right now"
I listened to love.
Against my will
i heard the message dipped in honey,
and stored it in my belly.
I'll wait for you.
While trying to find the mysteries
of this that is called life.
I'm searching for you
in the horizon.
I am born again.
I am made anew.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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