There she was. The woman of my dreams. Standing there, oblivious to me and all my gawking. Yes, I was actually gawking over the beauty of this specimen of a person. Every now and again I would sneak a peak at the rhythm with which she swayed that seemed to trance me. Or the way her fingers moved as she wiped the sweat from her brow. Her beautiful brow. It was 80 degrees outside and the sun was beating down on God's children like we stole somethin'. It was the perfect day to catch a waterfall and just chill. Anyway, there she was. God-like and perfect. All brown and glistening with specks of gold and yellow and red. All I could think of was her hands touching me. Her breathe warming my skin as we lay motionless and peaceful. It was indeed a day dream cuz sista girl was not even looking my way. Maybe she has a lover, maybe she's not interested in girls with locs or maybe, just maybe she's not even gay! I was determined to atleast get a "hello" from this woman. I owed it to my sanity, for I would surely go crazy without a spoken word. I would HAVE to hear her voice. Her voice. Deep and throaty. Svelt and smooth as silk. I caught a glance of one dimple on her right cheek. A single mark beauty that seemed to pierce deep into her flesh. And teeth that were as white as snow. I was in love. Infatuation is a motherfucker, right? Yea, its deep. I would walk over to her and accidentally bump her. Maybe she'd say "excuse me, miss". Maybe she's offer to buy me coffee. Maybe she'd say "hey, have I seen you before?" and maybe I'd like and say "Yes.......would you like to have dinner?" My fantasy was totally consuming me when I saw her walk away. Away. Away from her destiny (or mine). Away from matrimony trying to save her. That would be me. I fumbled with my purse and picked my heart up off the ground and followed her about a block away. We were at Union Station and people were everywhere. I even recognized a co-worker having lunch with her husband, but nothing would deter me from getting to know atleast her name. Her. She. Me. We. Us in a passionate embrace as she loved me till I was weak with bliss. Heaven like I've never known before. She IS a God. I worship her. Her back, her, neck, her tongue, her shoulder, her legs, her eyes, her nose......well, you get the point. I am overwhelmed by her. Why the fuck won't she look at me? I'm walking around the mall like a damn bat out of hell and she's not even aware. Am I wasting my time? I'm chasing the wind as she blows away from me. I see her walk out of the mall. "Damn!" She's gone. I almost give up when I realize I have to get my real life. I have work tomorrow, and I have dinner to prepare and I have......a life. Well, it was good while it lasted. I walk up a flight of stares instead of taking the escalator just because I'm working off some frustration from this Angel that just walked out of my life. My life. Now a desolate place without her. A haven that hath no glory. She was my life for about 20 minutes and now I return to my REAL life. Before I know it, a hand touches my neck and I think, "oh, cool, now a guy wants to hit on me?" Why do they do that? It's so very annoying. And I turn to see who it is and it is her. If my heart beat any faster I would be in cardiac arrest. I was floored. And stunned. And shocked did this happen? Oh, I see she let me chase her. Let me want her till I could take no more. She knew all the time! Exactly what I like. A chase. Pursuit. Anyway, she speaks. And just as I thought. Her voice. Milky and not as deep as I thought, but, definitely smooth. Sexy-ass-motherfucker. "I saw you following me," she says. "Oh?" I say, as if I'm not aware that I was following her, right? "Oh, yea, I was admiring your.....your.....your shoes!" as convincing as I could. Well, it was quite clear that I could not have been admiring her shoes because they were timberlands and what the fuck do you admire about timberlands? Yea. "My shoes?" she laughs. "Um, yeah, I've always wanted a pair" I say. "Okay, would you like to have some coffee?" she says. "Oh, It's really late, I've really got to get home, its.....getting.....late" What the fuck are you saying???? I'm such a fucking jerk sometimes. I've spent half an hour figuring out if I want to wear white or cream when I marry this girl and now that she proposes coffee I chicken out? I'm such a fucking jerk!

One Year Later

"Baby! Why tha fuck you put my shoes on the porch? It's been raining and now they're all soaked!!!" I whine. Always whining she says. She has ruined me. Made me rotten to the core like a sweet apple turned sour. I am hers and she is mine. After so long, I still relish the way she holds me. The way she kisses my neck, my back, my sleep. I die for her. Each time she enters me, I live again. "Your shoes were funky as a motherfucker!" she laughs. "What you got goin' on in those toes of yours?" she whispers. "I heard what you said!!!" I say. I still can't believe we've survived this long. After so much turmoil in the beginning of this thing. It was a struggle. The baggage, the love, the wondering-if-this-is-right, the decisions, the choices. As I think back to that day in the mall, I still chuckle to myself. Chasing her ass like she was a damn God. And today, I am her angel. Her lover. Her wife. Her world. And I thank God for her. For my intuition to pursue her. My willingness to let her in. And the love she gives is so refreshing, even when I'm being the bitch that I know I am. I know that God has allowed this and I smile. I am grateful for this. I am happier than I've ever been. We can share laughs, tears, joys, highs and lows and still......remain. Who knew? That I'd experience butterflies every single time she'd enter my mind. Everytime she'd touch me. Everytime we kiss. Everytime angels speak to me and tell me that she is me and I am her. And I will cherish this love for years to come. And I will take care of her heart as she has taken care of my body, my mind, my spirit. "You coming?" I hear her speak in the distance. "Yeah, let me get my OTHER shoes, the ones that aren't WET!" I'm being facetious and she throws me a glance that says "whatever, nigga". We've come a long way. A journey filled with tears and hate and anger and amazement and in the end a journey that was well worth it all. This relationship replaces all the emptiness I've ever experienced and somehow I can't remember when I was ever without......her. I can't grasp even a hint of despair that I once felt without.....her. She is tangible and she is mine......she is my sexyassmotherfucker.......


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