As the girl stood there with pleading tears in her eyes practically begging my brother not to leave her, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. I wanted to put my arm around her and tell her that he wasn't worth the tears coming out of her eyes. That he was a lying cheating asshole that didn't deserve her in the first place. But of course I didn't. I stood there and watched my big brother Raymond or Ray as I called him break yet another heart. Men like him I couldn't stand, using women for they money time and affection and when one of the three ran out leaving them alone and most of the time broke. I had no respect for how he treated women but he was my brother and I loved him.
As we left the sobbing girls apartment he looked over at me as I started my car
"Oh please don't give me that look" he said
"What look" I said knowing damn well what he was talking about
"That you should be ashamed of yourself look"
"Well you should be, she didn't deserve that Ray"
"How do you know what she deserved, and anyway she'll get over it and anyway like I told you on the phone it was time for me to leave it just wasn't there anymore"
"What you mean the money wasn't there anymore"
"Look Chris, you know I cant be with no broke bitches, you know I gotta have my gear and shit hooked up"
"Then why don't you go get a job?"
"Why would I do that when there are plenty of women out there willing to give me anything I want"
"Your disgusting Ray, that girl was working two jobs to support your ass and as soon as things get tight you leave her, what kind of shit is that?"
"Oh don't go getting all holier than thou on me, they know what's up, and besides I got me a new girl now"
"Another one?"
"Yeah but this one is classy, she got a good job, she's smart, she aint all that with the looks but it don't matter, I can look past that"
"How kind of you" I said sarcastically
"Don't hate lil sis, don't hate" He said as I pulled up to a cute house
"Come in and meet her, I already told her you were coming in"
'Ray you know I don't like to meet your victims, it makes me dislike you less when you dump them if I don't know them"
"Look, I already told her you would come in and meet her, trust me you'll like her"

I grudgingly got out the car and as we walked up to the house I couldn't understand how we turned out so differently. My dad left when we were kids and my mother raised us both to respect all people, especially women. But Ray was a dog, a true dog. He has never been faithful to any woman and feels no remorse when he hurts them. He only cares about what they can give him. In the doorway of the house I planned to be in and out, say hi then bye. But fate had other plans. Ray knocked on the door and the sexiest woman I had seen in a while opened the door. She wasn't beautiful like girls you see on TV but she had sex appeal. At a glance it was easy to say oh she's cute and keep on walking. But when you look as hard as I was looking you notice the cute face, the sexy lips...that dimple in her right cheek. She wasn't gorgeous but she was stunning. And she had a sexy curvy body to go with it.
"Michelle, this is my sister Chris, Chris this is Michelle"

I held my hand out and shook hers, it was soft but firm. Ray looked at me with a smirk on his face, he knew I found her attractive and he loved it. Knowing she was his and knowing I wanted her gave him pleasure, but he was an idiot. We both agreed that each other's girls were off limits. I wouldn't push up on any of his girls and he wouldn't push up on any of mine, but I know that he has tried many times to take a girl of mine. Until now I have never been interested in or even considered taking one of his women, but he better act right or this woman is going to be mine.

Now I wasn't plotting on my own brother, but neither was I going to pass up an opportunity to talk to Michelle alone, so it was a stroke of luck when I ran into her at the supermarket. We struck up a conversation and I looked around for Ray
"Where's Ray?" I asked
"Oh I don't know, he told me he had something to do and he would be back at 4, that was three hours ago."
"Well did he call and tell you he was going to be late?"
"No of course not, why would he do that, that would actually be considerate" She said irritated
Just as she said that her cell phone rang and it was Ray with some bullshit story about he ran out of gas. I didn't believe it and neither did she, but she put the phone back into her purse and invited me over for dinner
"I hate eating alone" She explained
"Sure" I said
She made spaghetti and garlic bread and it was delicious
"That was wonderful" I said wiping my mouth "Who taught you how to cook like that?"
"My mother, she's from the south and she made sure I knew how to cook, but the only thing is this" She said slapping her hips
"My hips, it all goes to my hips and thighs"
"Trust me, there's nothing wrong with your hips and thighs, they are very nice"
"You think so...for real?"
"Yeah I do, for real"
"Well your brother doesn't think so, Raymond thinks I need to loose weight. He wants me to loose my hips and thighs, he wants me to look like them skinny little girls on TV"
"Well Ray doesn't know what he's talking about, you have a nice body a luscious body, you're a woman not a girl, don't change anything" Damn I couldn't believe I said that, now she knows I look at her body.
She was looking at me oddly
"Thank you" she said softly
Just then Ray walked in the door
"Hey baby" He said briefly kissing Michelle on the cheek and headed straight for the kitchen
"What's for dinner?"
"Spaghetti and garlic bread"
"Now you know you don't need to be eating that, it goes straight to your hips and thighs, they already big"
"Well Chris doesn't think my hips are too big"
"Well she aint your man, and I say you need to loose some weight"
"Why does she need to loose weight, she's fine they way she is" I said not believing how insensitive he was being
"Yeah she looks fine, but there is always for improvement"
"Well I think she looks fine just the way she is"
"Whatever" Ray said and took his plate into the living room and turned on wrestling
"I'm sorry, he can be a jerk sometimes"
"Oh don't apologize for him, I'm not gonna put up with his shit for too much longer, I'm gonna leave his ass" She said loud enough for him to hear
"Yeah right" He said from the living room "You aint leaving nobody"
"And why not" Michelle asked
"Because" he said getting up from the couch and coming over to hug her
"Because you are crazy about me and you love this dick too much, that's why"
I looked at her as she melted in his arms.
"Well you keep it up and I will leave your ass" she said very unconvincingly against his chest and he smiled at me over her head because he knew he had her and so did I. I saw the anger of a moment ago turn into pure emotion when he hugged her. She was crazy about him, he had a good women, I just hoped he wouldn't fuck it up.
But, Ray being Ray of course he would.

Over the course of the next month Michelle called me several times asking me if I knew where Ray was and of course I said I didn't know, but he was with Katrice, a girl he met at a club. Ray was convinced that Michelle wasn't going anywhere, he assured me several times that's she was crazy about him and the dick was too good for her to give up.

But Ray had no idea shit was about to change. That idiot being in such a hurry to see Katrice, made up a lie about going out with his boys and was rushing out the door and forgot his cell phone. Big Mistake.
Michelle was spending yet another night alone and she wondered what she was going to do about Ray, but more importantly she wondered what she was going to do about Christine. She was actually starting to develop feelings for her. Ray was always busy and on the move, he never had time for her, while Chris always made time for her, she was always there for her. She knew that Chris had feelings for her; it was obvious by the way she looked at her, oh she tried to hide it but Michelle caught her looking. Since she was alone again she called Chris to come over and Chris said sure.
Chris came over and made Michelle a great dinner and she was very grateful because she didn't feel like cooking.
"This is good Chris, I might just leave Ray and get with you" Michelle said wanting to see her reaction and almost laughed when Chris almost choked on her food
"Well uh you know my door's always open for you" Chris said averting her eyes so Michelle couldn't see how much the idea really appealed to her. They cleaned up the dishes and sat down to listen to some music and talk when Ray's cell phone rang.
"He was in such a hurry to get out of here he left his phone, hold on a sec let me get that" Michelle said
"Who the fuck is this and why are you answering my man's phone" Said a very loud and rude woman
"Your man?"
"Yeah My man, Raymond James, who are you and why are you answering his phone, that nigga betta not be cheating on me"
"And who is this" Michelle said with a edge to her voice
"This is Katrice, his woman, he didn't get to my house yet I want to know what's taking him so fucking long"
"His woman" Michelle echoed
"Yeah, his woman and who the fuck is this?"
"Well I used to be his woman"
"You his ex, then why you answering his phone, he better not be cheating on me"
"Well he left his phone over my house, he just left to come and see you, how long have you two been together?"
"For months, but his ass betta have some answers when he get here"
"Oh I'm sure he'll think of something" Michelle said and hung up

I noticed the stunned look on her face and asked her if she was ok
"I'm fine, it's not like he deserved me anyway, I was stupid to stay with his ungrateful ass anyway"
"He didn't deserve you Michelle, he didn't know what he had"
"Oh he damn sure didn't, but his ass better plan on moving in with her because when he gets here his shit will be out the door."

I watched as she stalked around the house collecting every item of his and threw it out the front door. I watched her in her fury and I almost felt bad for Ray...almost. I chuckled to myself he's busted and even he can talk his way out of this one. I prepared to leave, I wanted to give her some time alone but she asked me to stay. I looked at her and I saw the blazing anger but I also saw the hurt and the pain. She is a strong woman, but even the strongest of women need someone sometime. I agreed to stay.

I grabbed a blanket and a pillow and headed for the couch.
" don't have to sleep on the couch ya know" Michelle said coming from her room in nothing but an oversized shirt and panties on. I swallowed and willed my pulse to slow down.
"I uh think it would be better for me to crash on the couch" I said
"Please Christine, I don't...I don't want to sleep alone tonight" She said in an almost frail voice.
"OK' I said and got up off the couch and followed her into the bedroom. We got in the bed and I made sure to stay on my side but she moved against me and put her head on my shoulder.
"Thank You" She whispered
"Anytime" I said resisting the temptation to kiss her on the top of her head. I took a deep breath and wrapped my arms around her and smiled when she snuggled deeper into my arms. I held her for the rest of the night.

The next morning she had changed positions and we were lying in the spoon position with her in front of me with my arm over her. She felt so good. I've imagined waking up with her next to me many nights but nothing compared to the real thing. I held her closer and smiled as she reached behind her and pulled my arm tighter over her hand held it there.
"Morning" I said
"Good morning"
"Did you sleep good?"
"Actually I slept like a baby, I haven't slept that good in a long time, thanks for holding me last night, I really needed that"
"Do you like me?"
"Like you, of course I like you, you're a great person" I said trying to dodge the question
"No, I mean do you like me in a romantic way"
"In a romantic way, well I uhhh, well why do you ask?"
"Well one night Raymond was going on about how he thought we were spending too much time together. He told me that he knew you liked me and were trying to take me from him"
I just sat there in shock and anger. Ray was a fucking idiot. I can't believe he told her that. What could I say? Should I deny it or come out with the truth?
"Well I uh..." I started, but she cut me off
"We had a big argument over how much time you and I were spending together, he thought I was starting to develop feelings for you"
"Well I um, I uh..."
"But he was right..."
"Right about what?" I asked, my heart starting to speed up
"I do have feelings for you, I know Raymond is your brother but lets face it, he wasn't a very good boyfriend to put it mildly"
"I know...I know he was an asshole...he didn't deserve you"
"No he didn't, I know I'm not as...beautiful as some of the women's he's been with before..."
"No, you're... your beautiful he's just shallow and wouldn't know a good woman if..."
"So u do like me!" Michelle said triumphantly with a smile on her face
"Yes...I do like you"
"Hmmm, well how much do you like me" Michelle said with a sexy smile on her face
"How much?" Christine echoed dumbly
"Yeah how much do like me"
"Well I like you a lot" Christine said nervously
"A lot huh, well do you like me enough to..." Michelle trailed off teasing Christine and enjoying herself thoroughly, it' been a while since someone has paid so much attention to her and actually treated her like she deserved to be treated. Every since she met Christine she has been the opposite of her brother, thoughtful, sweet, considerate and she knew that Christine really wanted her. Raymond just got on top of her and when he was done he climbed off and rolls over and goes to sleep. Christine has showed more feeling and consideration for her than Ray had during their whole relationship. She treated her better than Ray ever did. She loved sleeping with Christine, she held her all night, and she was so gentle with her, held her like she actually liked having her in her arms, like she was something precious. She had been alone long enough. She had relationships with guys before but they were basically like Ray, taking her for granted and thinking nothing of it. Christine was different; she really cared about her and showed it. She loved the effect she had on her, she could tell Christine wanted her it was obvious and she loved the feeling of power
And now she was sitting here teasing her and loved it.
" you like me enough to...kiss me"
Christine swallowed and swore her heart stopped. Finally! She was gonna get the chance to kiss her.
"Hell yeah I like you enough to kiss you"
" you like me enough to kiss me with morning breath?" Michelle laughed as she looked at Christine's face.
"Well that's a good question, I don't kiss anybody with morning breath"
"I see, well..."
"But for you I can bend the rules" Christine said and kissed Michelle square on her lips. Michelle's eyes widened and closed slowly as Christine pressed her lips harder against hers. Michelle was enjoying the kiss but she wanted more. She leaned closer to Christine and grabbed her head and pushed her tongue in her mouth. It was Christine's turn to be surprised but she got over it and pulled Michelle closer as they shared a very passionate kiss.

Michelle moaned and pulled away and looked at Christine like she wanted to tear her clothes off.
"Damn woman" Michelle said, "You kissed me like..."
"Like what" Christine said looking intently at her
"Like I've been waiting to do that since I met you, like I've been hoping I would get the chance, like it a dream come true?"
Michelle sat there stunned; no one had ever talked to her like that before
Christine looked at Michelle's stunned face and felt like a fool, she shouldn't have said that.
"I'm sorry...I" Christine started to apologize but Michelle put her finger over her lips
"Shhh don't apologize for saying how you feel, I...nobody's ever spoken to me like that...thank you" Michelle said sincerely

"I knew it" A voice said from the doorway, both of their heads turned and saw Raymond standing over the bed
"I knew she wanted you, the second my back is turned she gets in bed with you"
"Ray it's not what you think, we didn't..." Christine started to explain
"No don't explain anything to him Chris" Michelle said getting up out of the bed.
"You've got some fucking nerve coming in here talking shit, in case you didn't notice your things are in the front yard, I want you out of my house and I don't want to ever see you again."
"But baby..."
"Don't but baby me, you go back over to that chicken heads house where you were last night and you might as well move in with her because your trifling ass aint living here no more"
"I can explain..."
"Aint nothing to explain Raymond, you've been cheating on me and you got busted."
"So you go and sleep with my sister, I told you she wanted you, she couldn't wait to steal you from me"
"No, that's where your wrong Raymond, she didn't steal me from you, if you would have been taking care of your business instead of being out fucking chicken heads then you wouldn't have lost me. So don't blame Christine for your fucking up, she has been better to me in one night then you've been during our whole relationship. Now I hope you and your girlfriend are very happy together because I know me and mines will be." Michelle said taking Christine's hand.
"Hon, please give me another chance, I'll treat you better I swear."
"Raymond, please don't make me insult you, now before I get really upset with you please leave. You've taken up enough of my time as it is. I have a lot more important things to do besides standing here talking to you and listening to your bullshit"
"Better things like what" Ray said
"Like brushing my teeth so I can give Christine a real kiss" Michelle said smiling at a grinning Christine
"Yo that's fucked up Chris, you're supposed to be my sister"
"Don't hate big brother, don't hate. If you would have been here for her instead of trying to be a mack then she wouldn't be leaving you, you fucked up Ray, you don't even know what you had, you had the best thing that ever happened to you and you didn't even realize it. I didn't do anything but be here for her when you left Ray that's all. So if you want to blame somebody blame yourself."
"Fuck that, you my sister, my blood, you aint supposed to let no pussy come between us."
"I'm still your sister Ray, but when I come home at night, I wont be coming home to you, I have a life to live too and I am choosing who I want to live it with"
"So it's like that, your picking up my leftovers"
"Damn Ray don't be ignorant, what's old to you is the most precious thing in the world to me, you fucked up Ray blame yourself."
"Raymond you need to be happy for your sister, she's found someone that she cares about and who cares about her, now I don't know if you can ever settle down and be happy with someone but Christine and I are going to be together, now if you cant accept that then I don't know what to tell you. But when she comes home she'll be coming home to me and nobody else, you need to learn from her"
"Man fuck that, you know u need the dick, I don't even know why you fronting, you know I gave it to you good. You on this lesbian shit now but your gonna miss this dick and when you do you give me a call."
"Trust me Ray, she will be well satisfied" Christine said
"Don't give me that shit, you aint a man you cant fuck her like I can."
"That's true Raymond she isn't a man, and that's fine with me, I don't know why you think I cant live without dick, it's not that important to me, what's important to me is being treated right and that's something she can do that you cant, dick or no dick"
"Ok Michelle, you think you don't need me, but when you start needing the dick call me and I'll come and give it to you the way you need it."
"Ok Raymond, you wait for me to call you...but in the meantime, get out"
Ray turned to leave
"And I'll take this" Michelle said taking the house key out of his hand "You wont be needing it anymore"
"You'll be back" He said walking out the door
"Ok Ray, I'll be wait for me to call you ok?" Michelle said
"Well look at who is little miss possessive" Christine said grabbing her hips and pulling Michelle towards her.
"Well I am possessive about anything that's mine"
"Yes mine, your mine, I don't know if I told you or not"
"Hmmm well you neglected to mention that"
"Well I'm mentioning it now, I'm not letting you go, you're the best thing that ever happened to me and I don't intend to take that for granted"
"I'm glad to hear that, so what do we do now?" Christine said knowing what she wanted to do, Michelle's body felt so good against hers and she was getting excited.
"Well Ray kept talking about how you can't do it like he can..."
"Well I happen to think you can do it better than he can"
"Uh to test that theory?" Christine said kissing her on her neck and was pleased to hear Michelle moan
"Hell yeah" Michelle said before kissing Christine with all the passion she felt for her and Christine was more than happy to receive it all. Morning breath and all

As for Ray, he's still convinced that Michelle needs dick in her life and she will eventually come running back to him. But he had no idea that Christine invested in a strap on and Michelle was getting all the dick she could ever want...from the woman she loved.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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